Hey. I'm Jean Grae. Rapper, producer, writer, director, comedian, editor, private dancer to the stars, dog groomer, groom groomer.

You can go watch the 1st episode of my new sitcom "Life With Jeannie" here jeangrae.tv.com and also catch up on everything else I'm doing. Which is EVERYTHING. Books, shows, building castles. Blah, blah. Such everything. Wow. My latest music releases are on jeangrae.bandcamp.com BUY ALL OF THAT SHIT.



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Jean_Grae111 karma

DOWNVOTE? I GOT 4 DOWNVOTES!???! I'll kill them.

Jean_Grae41 karma

Should I drop something from the #jeannie EP right now so you guys can pre-order? I'm not telling anyone on Twitter. Just you guys.

Jean_Grae33 karma

Downvote again. I'll come to your house. And not in a bring cookies kind of way.

Regardingnothing16 karma

Hi Jean, Love your music and I hope to see you in concert some day!

  • Who are some of your favorite artists in hip hop right now?
  • Are you happy with the level of exposure you have or do you feel like you want your name to be bigger?
  • Do you plan to continue releasing your music independently?

Jean_Grae22 karma

Quelle Chris. Definitely. He's amazing and creative and just fucking awesome.

Eh, I think people are catching on.

Yup. Pretty much. Unless I get 100% creative control over projects. Fully. I mean, marketing, branding, everything. I need that to be less homicidal.

Matshazi10 karma

I find myself listening to God's Gift all the time!

My question is what are the lyrics before you say "who you call your man, who you callin your fam"??

And "Don't give a F as long as you ____?

The lyrics websites don't seem to know it!

Jean_Grae12 karma

Oh wow. First, thanks! Second... I haven't heard that song in a LOOOONG time. I honestly have no idea. Wamp, Jean. Waaaaamp.

rachelnatalie9 karma

Hi Jean :) Who is your favourite visual artist (painter, illustrator, etc), if you have one?

Jean_Grae21 karma

Frida Kahlo. Ralph Steadman. Thank you for asking that. That was nice.

DukeElliot7 karma

Where do you see yourself in a hundred years ?

Jean_Grae27 karma

Being unfrozen and being totally disappointed that no one has any damn flying cars yet. I see that happening. Dammit.

chooter6 karma

what is your fave thing to do to relax?

Jean_Grae17 karma

Ooh. Mostly sleep. lol. But Cooking. Cooking really relaxes me. I love it. I love it like cooked food... wait.

TriangleMan4 karma

What dishes are your favorite to make?

Jean_Grae5 karma

Everything. Really. Thai to Italian. I just really like cooking. For myself, for people. It's important.

kayotv6 karma

How many other alias due you have?

Jean_Grae11 karma

How many do YOU HAVE KAYO??? lmao.

Jean_Grae5 karma

okies.. I should get out of here (for now) maybe I'll come back later. Thanks, guys! this was fun!

Don't forget. jeangraetv.com to watch the 1st episode of Life With Jeannie, to get The State of Eh book and audiobook and jeangrae.bandcamp.com to get all my newest releases, including "jeannie." which drops tomorrow but you can preorder now!!!


Thanks for making dope music! Been a fan since I heard you on The Herbalisers The Blend! WHAT?WHAT? Also, loved you on Taco Day with Mr Len! You're an amazing story teller!

  • Who is your favorite producer?
  • What are your top 3 artists of all time regardless of genre?
  • What inspires you when you write lyrics?
  • How was it working with MF Doom? (Viktor Vaughn)

Anyone you feel like answering is appreciated! Keep on doing what you're doing!

Jean_Grae10 karma

Fav producer? Me.

Too hard of a question.

Everything. Environment, conversations, relationships, lunch. lol.

I never worked with him. I'm Jean Grae. That's Apani B Fly. Different people.

heavym3 karma

Hey Jean, I first heard you on the Herbaliser track, Mission Improbable... wow, that was a long time ago..

just wanted to say that I am a big fan..

do you ever come to toronto?

Jean_Grae4 karma

When they invite me, yes. Haven't been in a long time.

bordeauxblues3 karma

I got to meet and chat with you, and the glorious Mr. Len, when you two played in Stockholm last summer. And, if I'm not mistaken, you stayed here for close to a week or so, no? What exactly did you do here? Other than eat the burgers you asked for at the hotel, that is.

Jean_Grae9 karma

Oh, man. I gotta tell you. It was a really, REALLY relaxing time being there. I didn't do much of ANYTHING. Which is something I rarely get to say. I've been to Stockholm before, so I didn't miss the city, but next time I'll get my ass up out of my lovely hotel.

freelectron3 karma

First just gotta say totally love you and what you do - Kill Screen was my favorite hiphop track of 2012 and the best music video I've seen in a while. Also "Life w Jeannie" is high lair ee us--been trying to turn folks on to it!

My question is about men and feminism. I learned about you via Talib Kweli, who went through a controversy about whether or not he was truly a feminist or an ally to women's liberation surrounding the way he called out Rick Ross for those clearly rapeyass lyrics. What was your take on Crunk Feminist Collective's criticism of Kweli [http://www.crunkfeministcollective.com/2013/04/05/five-ways-talib-kweli-can-become-a-better-ally-to-women-in-hip-hop/]?

How do you advise men to be serious, committed and outspoken advocates for women's rights--particularly in the area of cultural production?

Jean_Grae21 karma

To not be rapey or be dicks.

Slakter2 karma

Would you say that capitalism is bound to be overthrown by the proletariat, and would post-capitalist society demand a dictatorship of the proletariat to maintain their control over the means of production from the bourgeoisie?

Jean_Grae4 karma


coffeepunk2 karma

What do you listen to / watch / read if you need a pick-me-up? Also - the chorus of "Before the Summer Broke" - the lyrics in that part of the song really hit me regarding some things I'm dealing with and I just love that song as a whole. Just wanted to say I love that song...

Jean_Grae6 karma

Man... thank you. For real. That was a really tough hook to write. The title came from a note I put on my IG. It was a picture and I captioned it "Before The Summer Broke." Which is before my mom passed. My right hand assistant, Satori, said how amazing that title was. I was like. "Yeah." I should do that song." So there you have it. You know, I didn't really say what I wanted to say in that song. It's too difficult still. It's also why I made it a palindrome. To try and rewind. Take it back...

Anyways... Umm. I a huge comedy fan of comedy with comedy in it. I've recently been watching a lot of Russell Brand and Noel Fielding together on ANYTHING because they're amazing.

ScottSummers892 karma

Hey Jean. I'm a big fan of yours and have been for a while now. When everyone around me was listening to Jay and 50, I was listening to Going Crazy and Don't Push Me, and I still am. I'm a journalism/communications student with a passion for music, more specifically hip hop. My question for you is based on your experience and those around you, what advice would you give to a young aspiring rapper trying to find his voice and make it in what seems like an over saturated music industry? Thank you for everything you do and I'm looking forward to more of your work. Also, I heard you like fighting games. I have humbly self appointed myself as the King of Street Fighter. You think you can beat me?

Jean_Grae9 karma

I think that it's absolutely fair to look at yourself and and yourself "what makes me different? Why does the world need another rapper? Is there someone like me?" If there's anyone already doing what you want to do, scrap that shit. Make a new model and a new lane and a new plan. if it has to involve learning how to play the harmonica whilst rapping, do that shit.

In Street Fighter? Maybe not. Tekken? ALL DAY SON. ALL DAY.

but I don't know. I don't lose. heh

GonziSupreme2 karma

Could you explain what a "Fafrican" is? Is it a Fat African? Or a Fake African? or Fat African Fakin the Funk? Love the show, btw.

Jean_Grae4 karma

Fake African! LOL! Thank you.

Profexxion2 karma

Gotham Down was a lot of fun and entertaining I love just about anything you do. In life. Yea.

Anyway, will be touring later in the year? Whats the ETA on Cake or Death?

Jean_Grae8 karma

Hmmm.. I might tour at the end of the year. That might could be cool. For right now, I have to stay in NYC to finish up the season of Life With Jeannie. Have you watched it yet???? Cake or Death is coming this summer. NO DETOX!!!

MachinedRancor2 karma

What is your Favorite x-men besides jean grey

Jean_Grae16 karma

All of my exes are special to me.

ladystephaniewatson2 karma

Hi Jean, do you have any plans to come over to the UK?

Jean_Grae4 karma

Umm... not any time soon. I miss you guys.

illznillz2 karma

What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?

Jean_Grae16 karma

The one with alcohol in it.

Preferably vodka stuff. I don't really dig sugar unless it's an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan or something. I like Bourbon based cocktails and things that make me feel as if I should be saying "Nyeeeah see! The Fuzz! They won't catch me! I'm a classy dame! Nyeeeeah!"

kinkitola2 karma

Who is the one person in any medium you are dying to work with in some capacity? And what diabolical plans are next?

Jean_Grae7 karma

Spike Jonze.

I'm currently ordering a shit ton of things from ACME.

Also The White Hot Room. Which is a live and super intimate one on one interview. Small audience. Union Hall. 1 hour. It's a series. I figure that I have a really diverse group of friends. Like... A LOT of people. Total brag. Talking to your friends opens up the floor for so much more. Being comfortable. Anyways, that starts 2/14.

That's like ONE thing. ; )

tunza20012 karma

Hi, Jean! I would like to compliment you on your most excellent grammar when using Twitter. But could you also describe the following levels of Fuckery for me:

Level 1 Level 1000 Level 2329

Jean_Grae7 karma

Level 1 - blinking

Level 1000 - throwing a drink on someone

Level 2329 - Flipping over a table that a toddler is currently sitting on. OMG WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT LUNATIC

Frajer2 karma

Why do you think people act like female mcs are in a separate category from male mcs/are inherently different? Have you found the hip hop community to be sexist?

Jean_Grae10 karma

The world likes to do that. It's dumb. People are dumb.

badbrains7872 karma

How different would the rap game be if Lauryn Hill would've fully dedicated herself to making lyrical rap albums after the Fugees?

Jean_Grae19 karma

I imagine it would have more Lauryn albums?


Hi Jean, I loved My Story; 9th Wonder's production on Jeanius is really nice.

Who are five producers you respect the most dead or alive and why?

Unrelated question to music: In regards to 5 Pointz in NY, being a musician coming up in NYC, what was your thoughts on it being vandalized? I know it means a lot to many that are around the area for its cultural significance.

Also, come by /r/hiphopheads sometime!

Jean_Grae3 karma

I like producers that arent just rap... so it's a looooong list. Also, thank you. ; )

Jean_Grae1 karma

I didn't see the 5 Pointz part. It was sad. Really sad. It's just fucked that we can't come to an understanding that there should be a place for art in this city. It's part of the city. I understand if it's someone's property, but then a contract could have been underway. There's just rules and landmarking bullshit and so many things. But it was really sad and we all need to get better at being humans who understand that it enriches our lives to be surrounded by art.

GonziSupreme1 karma

Okay...Lando Calrissian, Han Solo, Boba Fett.....F, MARRY, KILL....GO!

Jean_Grae5 karma


Fuck Lando, Marry Han, Kill Boba Fett. Boom. Unless Han shot first, then kill him.

ScottSummers891 karma

How do you feel about people who illegally download music/movies? I've seen other artists answer this question and the answers are usually surprising. Also, have you ever illegally downloaded or purchased bootleg music/movies in your life? (Don't be afraid to be honest. This isn't a trap.) If you have before but don't anymore, is it your involvement in these arts that changed your stance on this?

Jean_Grae3 karma

I don't download music without purchasing it. I WILL, watch a film online. If I love it, I'll go see it in the theater as well.

drewfo1 karma

How was working with 2mex? Anything with him coming up in the future?

Jean_Grae3 karma

Always amazing. He's fam.

iabailey1 karma

What inspired you to create "Life With Jeannie"?

What is your future vision for the show?

Jean_Grae3 karma

I've been wanting to do it forever. If you know me, you know that's where my passion really lies.

I'm just learning to be a better writer for that format. I'd like to see it have a bigger audience and retain it's creative freedom and integrity

leatherf7ce1 karma

I fucking love you. that is all. props to the reddit inventor that created social media and shit =p how brilliant are you? I guess if i had a question it would be have you ever had a formal iq test as you seem to be a bit extra ordinary. I fucking Love You....

Also, Life with Jeannie is Everything at the moment. The sister that co-stars in the latest ep is effortlessly funny. Did you all ever get that damn cat some help?

Jean_Grae2 karma

You know what, I haven't. I kinda want to do that though. What if it just says I'm tarded. I suppose that would be okay too, right? Cause then i worked through it.

I hate that cat.

iabailey1 karma

You recommended Golgo 13 and I watched and I am forever greatful. What are your 3 favorite animated shows/films?

Jean_Grae5 karma

Ahhh, word!!!! I don't know. I like all kinds of stuff, like.. I would go Looney Tunes, but then I'd go Spirited Away... know what I mean???

I like all the good shit. lol.

NiceSlackzGurl1 karma


Jean_Grae4 karma

Thank you!

It was a shit thing to do. Fuck babygrande.

Marundo1 karma

I've heard you on Aisha Tyler's Podcast and want more Jean, is there a list of Podcasts you've been on anywhere?

Jean_Grae3 karma

You can listen to Julie Klausner's HWYW and I JUST taped Beginnings with Andy Beckerman. Those are the latest ones. : ) But if you really want more, you should just go get The State of Eh book and audiobook. http://www.jeangraetv.com/news/

Tooschbag1 karma

What's it like working with Talib Kweli?

Jean_Grae6 karma

Very Taliby. A little Kweliey.

GoogleDom1 karma

What's your favorite Deadpool incarnation/storyline? If you could cook a meal for anyone past or present who would it be?

Jean_Grae2 karma

Ooooooh. I will tell you the answer to that first one soon.

Wow. THAT'S a great question.

Hemingway. That sounds like a fucking great dinner conversation. I want him to be there for the whole thing. The shopping, the prep. All of it.

Hemingway or Saartjie "Sarah" Baartman. I would like her to stay for a while. I'd like to hug her and tell her I'm so sorry. A lot. A lot of hugs.

truebouta1 karma

You're awesome never stop.. My Crew is one of my favorite songs.

Really loved Still a love song, but felt guilty since Babygrande did what they did..

Did you end up getting compensated for the bg albums?

Was it true you were offering to write lyrics or do collabs on craigslist for real cheap?

Jean_Grae2 karma

Oh, I'm totally gonna stop LOL, but thank you.

Can't answer that here.

Was I telling people that I was doing features before other people were advertising their features online? sure. lol.

Beneficial21 karma

Looking back, how do you feel about the time when you sold verses on craigslist for $800? Is it regretful or would you do it again?

Do you still talk to the other members of Natural Resources ?

Jean_Grae3 karma

I don't know why people bring that shit up like it's weird. It was just BEFORE everyone was doing it on other social media and networking sites. I offer features all the time on FB no one says anything about that.

HLAW71 karma

Hello Jean! Thanks for taking the time to do this...

What is your earliest memory of Hip Hop? Who was really popular in the underground scene when you were coming up? What was the last book you read? Any favorite books? Thoughts on future trends in Hip Hop? Any thoughts on or experiences with KRS-ONE?

Thanks for answering if you do. I still bump YOU DONT KNOW off your EP like its the hardest shit out. ANGER MANAGEMENT CASES TO THE FRONTLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jean_Grae1 karma

ooh, no I dea. There was so much music all the time, I didn't really differentiate. Dr. Sleep book wise.

oh boy. that's a lot of questions... lol

and thank you

cazbehr1 karma

You're awesome, hip hop isn't my favorite genre but you I can listen to over and over. I read you like to play video games and got into it from your brother (me too) What are you playing right now?

And yes to dropping something!!

Jean_Grae2 karma

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It's horrible. All I want to do is play GTA V. For fucking real. Just doing too much. : ( TEARS

ianism1 karma

what happened to the christmas ep?

(buddy the elf voice) what's your favourite colour!!??!?!?!?!!??

Jean_Grae1 karma

I was doing 9 million other things.

Youngbabbs1 karma

Hey Jean! I was listening to the Back to the Feature mixtape with Wale and I couldn't help but wonder how did you guys meet up and can we expect a future collaboration with you two? :-p

Jean_Grae5 karma

I'm not even sure. Did he call me? I think he called me. We haven't discussed it.

modman21 karma

Who would you most like to collaborate with this year?

What do you recommend to someone trying to pursue music to focus on most when learning their craft?

Jean_Grae7 karma

This year? I'm doing it I think. But only I can't tell you. I'm sorry. That's terrible. I care and I can't tell you. Don't hate me. I love you.

Practice. Practice. Learn. Repetition and don't be afraid to make new sounds, break rules. It's music. Fuck rules.

seedofbilly1 karma

  1. Any collaborations in the pipeline that we should be made aware of?
  2. Which hip-hop albums stood out for you in 2013?

(Big fan, by the way, loved the stuff you did for Blacksmith: The Movement)

Jean_Grae4 karma

Umm.. music wise? Nope.

  1. Quelle Chris' "Ghost At The Finish Line." check that shit out.

thank you!

Matshazi1 karma

Jean Grae will you come to Montreal sometime?

Jean_Grae7 karma

I sure would if a nice promoter would invite me. But not when it's super cold though OMG!!!

Last time I was there it was -35 AAAGGGHHH!!! But... BUT... the shw was still packed. Man.. So, that's cool. Y'all dig music. I like you guys.

Super_Sloppy1 karma

No question, keep up the good work and throwing creativity at the walls like apeshit. If apes were cooler and made me cry when they talked about feelings and whotnot.

Jean_Grae4 karma

Awww! Damn, dirty apes.

DannySwain1 karma

What would 2014 Jean Grae say to 2004 Jean Grae if the latter Jean Grae were to be visited by the former Jean Grae via a time travel excursion? It can be advice, a manuscript for a then-unreleased Burn Notice pilot, whatevs yo.

Jean_Grae7 karma

It would all be about my mom. I would have found a way to spend more time with her.

Also, I would NOT have dated like 5 people. Holy fuck, no way.

percymiracles1 karma

What is your favourite of your tattoos?

Jean_Grae5 karma

Mmm... I don't think I have a favorite. What's weird is (and I think it might be for heavily tatted people) I don't see them at all. They're just part of me.

BengNY1 karma

Long time fan! 1. What's the story behind the FB cover photo (is it real?) 2. Who is producing Cake or Death? 3. Any potential collaborations with 9th Wonder again (Jeanius is one of my all time favorite albums)?

Jean_Grae5 karma

it's a "real" picture. lol

  1. ooooh... can't tell you.

  2. always and thank you

LizzyBreal1 karma

I've loved your music for a long time & would love to see you live one day. I just wanted to let you know that I think you're fucking hilarious. I followed you on Twitter when I had it & follow you on Instagram now and always enjoyed your convos with friends and fans. Anyway, what do you think is the hardest part about women coming up in the rap game? It seems like women only blow up if they lead with their tits instead of their talent. Who's your favorite woman in the game now?

Jean_Grae5 karma

I mean, that attitude isn't relegated to rap.

I'm my favorite person in the everything right now.

and THANK YOU!!!

lenubienne1 karma

The Kill Screen video is dopetastic. Did you write it? Is is part of a collection of stories like Gotham Down?

Jean_Grae7 karma

it's part of the same story. I shot it, directed it and edited it.

Regardingnothing1 karma

That's really impressive

Jean_Grae4 karma

Thanks, man.

frodebang1 karma

What did you think of Grand Theft Auto V? Which games are your favourites? Have you seen Samurai Champloo? If so, who is your favourite character?

Have a nice day!

Jean_Grae6 karma

Man, I haven;t even gotten a chance to play. I'm so sad about that. No... really, REALLY SAD.

Matshazi1 karma

A long time ago, did you appear on a TV show where you would mentor a kid in rap music?

Jean_Grae7 karma

Not THAT long.

YourLocalNavi1 karma

Greetings, Jeanie! Long time fan and follower since Attack of the Attacking Things (No Doubt was my anthem for a while).

Was it always in the gameplan to explore multiple aspects of media (books, music, tv, etc) or did that develop over the years? If so, what inspired you to explore all these routes?

Jean_Grae4 karma

Nah. I always wanted to do everything. Rap was an accident. Damn rap!

I guess because I do everything. ; )

BuddhaB3lly19881 karma

If you were asking yourself a question on a reddit AMA, what would you ask?


Jean_Grae3 karma

OOOH META. I'd be all "Jean who are you dating"

BuddhaB3lly19882 karma

Jean who are you dating? And (contingent on the previous question) what are your thoughts on moving to Kansas City and marrying both me and my wife? Or just being friends...I guess we could do that too.

Also, I think you and Louis C.K. should collaborate on a sequel to Pootie Tang in which he hands the torch (and belt, obviously) to you.

Jean_Grae5 karma

I just met a super nice guy. He's nice. We'll see. We could totes kick it.

LOL! I will remember to tell him that.

Routte1 karma

Hello Jean,

Can you explain your writing process? I am amazed at the wit and the references in your music as well as your book and sitcom. What is the process and who are your influences as a writer?

Jean_Grae4 karma

Oh, boy. I don't really have a writing process for rap except that I never write ahead of the time. Always directly before I record. So, it's weird cause it's so new... but that's what works.

Writing otherwise, scripts or video treatments, books... I only have to because other people are involved. I would totally keep it the same way if I could, though.

I just really love writers who have the ability to be vulnerable and honest and hilarious. David Sedaris. He's a favorite.

Marundo1 karma

Hey Jean love your work, I 'google news' search you and Pharoahe Monch every few weeks.

To go along with this question:

  • How long does it take you to write a verse on average? If you write before you record do you have time to revise it?

Jean_Grae2 karma

I never write before i record. A 16? Like 10-15 minutes. Depends. Depends though. Longest? 30.

bordeauxblues1 karma

I'm just going to treat this like a continuation of our interview this summer, let's go:

• Your favourite burger, what does it contain and if it's for sale, where is it available? • If you were to act in a film that's already been made, a classic that you love, what character in what film would you play? • Let's say Life With Jeannie gets you widely noticed as an actor BUT you get cast in an already existing TV show: what show would you prefer to be cast in and why? • What is the latest book you read and loved?

That should keep you busy for at least a minute or so.

Jean_Grae4 karma

Right now Kristophe. Brooklyn. Grass fed beef. Rainbows.

The new Holly Golightly.

Louis. Because Louis.

Dr. Sleep.

GonziSupreme1 karma

What's the best beat you ever did?

Jean_Grae3 karma

Nice one...

Hmmmm.... Not a beat, but a song. "Witchoo." It's on Cake or Death. All original music. Live instruments. Arranging. That one. Word.

ster1ing1 karma

If you could bring one dinosaur back from extinction which would it be and why?

Jean_Grae2 karma

Motherfucking T-Rex. I want to see him try to do things.


iironicc1 karma

Dude have you like ever read comics in the nude? It's awesome, awesome dude uoeno.

Jean_Grae7 karma

Not really. I will try this though. I thought that said "nude comics" I was like, duh. yeah.

Matshazi1 karma

I NEVER get to these AMAs on time, except today!

1) I didn't know you did comedy. How do I catch a show, live or taped?

2) What are your thoughts on AZ and Cormega?

Thanks! You're one of my favorite rappers! I'll def check out Life with Jeannie.

Jean_Grae4 karma

Well. Watching Life With Jeannie is a good start!

Umm.... If you're in Brooklyn, I'm at Littlefield next Monday with Wyatt Cenac. I don't know if that qualifies as "telling jokes" but it's pretty funny.

  1. I hope they are doing great. Nice guys, those guys.

lenubienne1 karma

Serfboart or froggystyle?!?

Jean_Grae3 karma

I thought it was "surfboardT" dude.


lenubienne1 karma

I was channeling my previous life when I was the duchess of a fiefdom, though...

Jean_Grae2 karma

not a fiefdom


sarcastichorse1 karma

  • What apps/games get the most use on your phone?

  • You ever get that thing where you're just processing thoughts in your head and end up with a thought or idea that's just too horrific for whatever reason to say out loud? Share?

  • You've just set your book loose on the public, which other books would you like to hear it recommended alongside?

  • What are the chances of a Jean Grae comic book?

Jean_Grae6 karma

MAH PORN APP. No. I stopped watching tiny porn because I put on my glasses once and then thought "really?" Is this really what you're doing?"

Yes, but I probably just say them. I was just on a 1st date the other night and managed to bring up feline aids, stabbings and butt secks over a delicious meal. So... Well, he was cool with it.


Coddfish1 karma

Do you think you'll ever visit New Zealand? For a show, or just to hang out and play Scrabble or whatever the hell we do for fun down here. Saw you when you did a small solo show in Melbourne while touring with Kweli, it was fantastic.

Jean_Grae5 karma

I've been to New Zealand a bunch of times. Had some of my favorite shows out there. Wellington. Auckland. You can probably catch them on youtube along with one of my favorite club moments. Anna. I punched a girl in the face for Anna later. Anna was a cool cat.

And thank you!

hodgeybeats1 karma

What have you been reading? Do you read any music blogs? Reviews?

What is a YouTube video (of anything) you've seen recently and really like?

Jean_Grae3 karma

I've mostly been reading the script for the second episode of Life with Jeannie. Learning how to make it better.

Music blogs, nope.

Harry Shum, If You Are In A Shell is really beautiful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elILetNPyr4

badbrains7871 karma

As an independent artist who established yourself and your core fanbase just prior to the "digital/internet" era of music, do you think emerging young artists should try to follow the same traditional path that you did in terms of selling their music, or do you think new artists pretty much just have to embrace the times and push free mixtapes/"street albums" out into the ether until they can build up a fanbase that will be willing to spend money on their output?

Jean_Grae3 karma

No, I think everyone should be really honest with themselves about what their goals with music really are. There are a myriad of ways to go about doing things. I'm not anti label either. If you know you're trying to be Justin Biebs, go get on a label, man!