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Dave, You said it plenty of times, Comfort is the death of creativity, What's your best advice to get out of the comfort zone?

Asa, You're an amazing person and a hard worker, I respect that a lot. How many sharpies can you fit in your asshole?

Critter, I've always wanted to know how you bleach your dick.

Bobby "True Star" Trivia, You're cool ass motherfuck, Know that! What is the craziest, Cross the line, Get to your red zone shit Dave has made you do?

Bill Poon, You're a very respectful guy, and seem very trust-worthy as well! What was weirdest thing that's happened to you while transporting whores?

Steve Lee, You are the man, And truly the funnier oil brother. I'm loving Mangchi! Wondering where I can send you some beats for the next album! Here's my soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/modman

Val, What's your favorite thing to do on your free time?

Alex, Good job on everything, I don't think people appreciate what you do quite enough. Have you and Dave ever disagreed on something to the point of yelling at each other?

Scrotumcoat, Hope to see more of you. What's it like being around the DVDASA clan in real life?

EDIT: Love you guys! http://i.imgur.com/plsPkcv.gif

EDIT 2: Guess my questions aren't getting answered :(

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The show he was talking about btw


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DVDASA, #1 in health. The greatest podcast ever made. /r/DVDASA is where you can learn more about the greatest show on earth.

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To tack onto this, I recommend LastPass, It has an app and chrome extensions with password generators. Use 2-factor authentication on EVERYTHING. If you use public wifi connections often, Invest in a system wide VPN such as OpenVPN. Utilizing all these different things could protect you greatly in the long run! Also, If you use the same password for everything, I bet you money it's been compromised somewhere so CHANGE ALL OF YOUR PASSWORDS!