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When are you two dudes dropping by /r/hiphopheads for an AMA?

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BUT WHAT DO I KNOW, i'm just light skinned

Wise words.

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Before anything: if you have a good experience with this AMA, please tell your friends like Chance and Dizzy to come by, we'd love that. Also please return in a few months, we almost never get a chance to ask rappers questions and have them reply. I've numbered my questions so it's easier to reply to ones you want to.

It's truly a pleasure to have you do an AMA, massive fan of both your humble personality and musical talent (production/rapping/management/whatever else). Insane props to your homie Chris for making this possible.

First off, if you want to chill with us in /r/hiphopheads if you have a few extra minutes each day, feel free -- it'd be incredible to have a high profile rapper give input. I attempted to write a guide on your music library and hope that most of it is accurate, please check it out!

Several years ago, I found out about you through OKC Thunder's star player, Kevin Durant (he's from the 301) when I saw him at a local Sprint shop buying a new phone. He said that you were going to blow up (your alias was Psychological at the time) and that he kept his eye on you.

Since then, I've been absolutely hooked. I have a few questions both positive and negative that I've compiled from the /r/hiphopheads and I hope you can answer most, if not all of them.

1) I come from the gaming world and write for a mainstream gaming website; you allude to being good friends with one of the most famous Call of Duty players in the world, FaZeTemper, and also wear a FaZe Clan hoodie in The Spotlight video -- how did that happen, and how did you meet him?

2) Your topics range from being verbally abused by your mother to smoking with friends to making it big in life with such tracks as I Made It among several others as well as relationships. There's been lots of talk among the more critical of fans saying that you rely too much on the same topics; although I disagree, could you see why they'd say that? Could you give us some insight into what you may have planned or what you'd like to touch on in future songs?

3) I personally believe that aside from the GoWhere interview, your piece with Derrick Craddock is one of the best interviews in hip-hop. You say many things including how you've come together with your dad and accepted him into your life despite not forgetting about the past, while your mother still remains outside of your life. Another thing is that you've written over 1,000 songs and are eager to work with big names such as Jay, Kanye, etc. -- how realistic is the dream of working with the 'big boys' now after the release of Welcome To Forever opposed to when say, Young Broke & Infamous dropped and you had a significantly smaller fanbase?

4) Welcome To Forever passed 100,000 downloads in less than 15 hours; that's incredible for a mixtape, let alone from an XXL freshman without an album released yet. Do you believe this is due to hype after achieving XXL, or your dedicated fans en masse coming together and supporting the new work? Maybe a mix of the two?

5) You've grown from unknown to known to famous within a matter of roughly a year and a half. I remember tweeting you about the sample on Young Sinatra III as well as a text interview some time ago, and you actually replied. If a person looks on your Twitter, they'll notice that you reply to thousands of tweets each week, hundreds a day and are dedicated to reaching out to as many fans as possible. You stated some time ago in an interview (forgot which) that one day you'd be too big to thank every fan or shake each fan's hand at one of your shows, so you'd take the time to do it as much as possible when you were relatively unknown and underground -- how important is your fans in your career? It's been recorded on multiple occassions that due to a rough upbringing, the RattPack is your true family.

6) My mind's racing and I can't remember which song, but on Welcome To Forever there's a track that essentially says 'I want to eat with the same people that supported me' basically paying tribute to those that supported you through the hardest of times, such as your boy Big Lenbo. This promise is made by dozens of rappers, but once they transition into mainstream, we see that promise fade quicker than it was created. Why have you maintained such a humble and respected stance on such a promise?

7) Your lyrics on some tracks are incredibly deep opposed to others. For instance this part on Dear God where you speak of your mother attempting to kill you or the a capella verse on Growing Pains II where you burst out and say you're never giving up or the last part of Dead Presidents III where you once again go a capella and talk about your mother and father abusing drugs and messing in the street life. Do you feel so open as to your personal life with topics such as this because as stated earlier, the RattPack is your family, or is there something else?

8) I think everyone would be in favor of some more Camille Michelle Gray features -- any plans you can spill or confirm that you'll be working with her again soon?

9) Do you want to retain that 'genuine underground feel' in your music with the videos shot by your friend GRVTY (Gravity) or do you feel that by signing to Def Jam while retaining the VMG name you're ready to move onto bigger videos with a team of production assistants? I know you clown on yourself in Just Another Day Ep. 14 but on a serious note, would you want to keep that aspect of your music where it's old school Logic, or would you want to move onto new things and change it up and experiment?

10) The video of you signing to Def Jam truly shows the journey you've been on. It's had its up and downs but overall things turned out to be super positive. Will you still stream on USTREAM and bond with fans, or has the schedule gotten too clogged to do such things from now on?

11) The line from Growing Pains II that hit people hard is 'It's hard being a Saint inside a Sinner's body.' and has been tatted on fans left and right. What was the inspiration behind that line and did you ever think it'd have the effect it did?

12) In the intro track to Welcome To Forever featuring your friend Jon Bellion, you say about a minute in that Nas quoted your lyrics when you met him -- what song lyrics did he quote and how did you come about meeting him?

13) Young Sinatra IV -- when's it dropping?

14) The introduction on Welcome To Forever used this same sample of Jay, but different lyrics -- change of plan, or two different songs?

15) Are you working on a freshman album? Any ETA on that (early 2014, late 2014, 2015)? Chances of Alicia Keys (BEST MUSICIAN TO EVER LIVE) being on a song? Make it happen.

16) You say that 'your favorite song is someone else's least favorite song, and vice versa; that's why I embrace and love all music' -- with that being said, what is YOUR favorite song and why?

17) Top 10 musicians dead or alive?

18) Top 10 rappers dead or alive?

Thank you a ton for making some awesome music.

Random opinion: 5AM is one of the best tracks you've ever made; best line ever -- 'I rep Artanis, decipher the word 'cause it's ebonics, reverse the letters and it spells Sinatra...'.

Stay real, I'll see you around.


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You're too popular.

Huge fan, really love your music. I've got a signed copy of your album DFD. If you have a good experience during your AMA, we'd love to have you over at /r/hiphopheads and bring some of your friends such as Jeni Suk (PLEASE DO A SONG WITH HER ALREADY), Traphik and Intuition among whoever else would be willing. Your boy Wax did one 6 months ago and it was really awesome to see him vibe with the crowd. I wrote a Listening Guide to your music but will probably updated it with better descriptions soon. Answer as many as you can.

MANDATORY: Thoughts on Kendrick Lamar's GOAT verse? You gonna reply to him with something hot?

1) Are We There Yet is a really deep song about making life work after moving to LA and getting yourself to stand up and pursue a career in music. Will we be seeing any more songs with a similar vibe come out soon?

2) You give mad respect to your community and want to give kids the chance to get some music education, something you never had the opportunity to have when you were younger. You run a program called KnockStudy that connects with teenagers and teaches them basic music production. How has this gone this past summer and what are your plans/goals to expand upon this wonderful program?

3) Speculation of KnockSteady breaking up because of 'beef' between you and Intuition has been circulating since the weekly shows sort of disappeared into smaller segments/videos. This video here makes it evident you two are still tight -- what was the reason behind the break up of the show? Time or just splitting up in different directions?

4) I saw you tweeted one of my favorite guys in the game right now, Logic. What's the plans with that?

5) You rose from street fame into one of the most popular rappers on YouTube, the internet's main source of videos around the world. It's evident in the production of your newest series (Hotbox, for example) along with your music videos. The homemade feel is gone and the professionalism is there -- when did the real transition from street to YouTube sensation occur and how did it feel for you?

6) What's your favorite album of all-time for hip-hop and why?

7) Who do you look to for inspiration and what rapper is the best in the game right now?

8) Where could I get autographed copies of your albums after DFD? I missed every single one due to college and not being able to pre-order them so that they were signed, I wanna keep the collection complete.

9) When are you coming to /r/hiphopheads with your Asian connections? We need some more rappers to do AMAs over there.

10) Not a question, but please put more Korean mask shirts into your store so I can buy them. I missed out.

Appreciate your time man, KEEP YOUR GRANOLA BARS UP.

P.S. 24KTOWN was fire, we need more songs from you with this vibe.