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I love your Books! My favorite aspect to the Dexter series was the Dark Passenger. Any more ideas springing from that area? I am always enthralled by those passages and the television shows voice overs just didnt suffice to me. Your words have meant much and I just wanted to use this oppurtunity to say thanks! Cant wait to read whats coming next! (Also- loving the Marvel book!!) Be well!

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I fucking love you. that is all. props to the reddit inventor that created social media and shit =p how brilliant are you? I guess if i had a question it would be have you ever had a formal iq test as you seem to be a bit extra ordinary. I fucking Love You....

Also, Life with Jeannie is Everything at the moment. The sister that co-stars in the latest ep is effortlessly funny. Did you all ever get that damn cat some help?