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Do you think this kind of terrible thing could happen again in America, or are we a fundamentally different country now?

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Hey guys! I just want to start by saying your organization is awesome and means so much to me personally. I served in Afghanistan in '11-12, and during that time my tarjumans/interpreters were some of the best people I've ever met, and at times my life was very literally in their hands. I've still kept in contact with many of them, and while a few have made it to America (one with your help!) the others are still waiting, and it's heartbreaking. Some have fleed to Pakistan and elsewhere to be safe.

With that being said, here are my questions:

  1. Why do you think this remains such an obscure, specialized cause that doesn't seem to be breaking through to the larger public consciousness? It wasn't even mentioned in the presidential election.

  2. How optimistic/pessimistic are you about the future of the interpreter VISA program being reinstated under this current new administration which is so hostile to the very idea of muslim immigration?

  3. How can I personally do more to help you? I've signed the petitions, donated money, shared endless articles on social media, but I feel like I'm not nearly doing enough as someone who still maintains contact with some of my Afghan counterparts. I'd love to volunteer in any way possible.

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First off, thank you, not just for this AMA but for years and years of great tiimes. I grew up in Austin and most of the best movie experiences of my life were at the Alamo, including going to all the free showings on terror tuesdays, weird wednesdays, forbidden animations, etc. It wasn't until I left Austin and talked to people that I realized how unique it was for a film geek like me to have a place like the Alamo.

Question: I see you guys are starting to release more and more films, new and old, through your production company. I'm really excited for "A Band Called Death". Do you plan to get more heavy into re-releasing more older forgotten films that haven't gotten a proper DVD treatment? Or something along those lines. You could be like the "weird criterion"!

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  1. Do you find your former association with MadTV and its particular style of comedy to be a barrier in acquiring fans of the kind of more personal, smart comedy you guys do on your own show? Was there some negative pushback, or initial reluctance you found you had to overcome to win over some people, or at least show them just how different the tone of the new show would be?

  2. As a parent of mixed kids, I'm endlessly fascinated by the interviews you guys have given that have gone in depth about your own respective racial self-perceptions growing up, and how it has informed your art and the feedback you get from other mixed and black folks. You've talked about the experience of existing outside of two worlds, but also managing to sometimes successfully exist in both. Do you make it a conscious goal to exist in both in sketches you write for the show, or is it just a happy consequence that comes when you happen to hit the honest notes?

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Do you personally believe most of the glacier melt you're trying to document and raise awareness about is anthropogenic? And ideally, what would you like your efforts at GlacierWorks to lead to, in terms of public or governmental response?