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Adam - what is a costume you'd love to do for ComicCon but you know would be against the rules (due to crazy theatrics maybe?)

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The new edition said it replaced something like 100 cards with new ones - for those of us who had the core set + first expansion already is there another way to get those? Thanks!

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out of curiosity - what's the story about no more mc chris at PAX concerts? he said something about bailing on PAX last second one year due to finding out he was playing on some tour or festival he had always wanted to do. just wondering what the real story with all that is after he's posted a bunch about wanting to come back

(also thanks for everything - PA, PAX, PA the series - all amazing, pax east '11 was one of the coolest things ever)

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Chronicle was one of my favorite recent movies, which you've probably noticed from the stupid tweets I've thrown your way so thanks for that.

Ebert said "connections don't teach you how to write" in his review - which made me wonder, were you worried about any bias people might have given your dad's career?

And a directly chronicle related question (sorru!) I've read a few things about other endings in the script as well as alternate ways the last couple of scenes w/ Andrew and his dad played out. Was it something you and Josh Trank decided to change before release or was it a studio/editing thing? Just curious about the change - they sounded pretty rad.

(p.s. I really dig the pseudo akira feel to some the movie - now they don't have to do an awful american version)

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Level with us, Tommy... will we see more Gamer Warz?