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Hello Mr Monarch minus the A & R,

You are one of the undisputed GOATs in my books and I just wanted to thank you for all the amazing art you've given us. The lyrics, the visuals, the videos, the themes and messages, its all been beautiful and I'm sure I'm not the only one whose grown from your art. When we gonna get that Organized Konfusion reunion? You OC n Po sure smashed it on Smash. Thanks in advance if you take the time to answer any of my questions.

Have you been reading aside from Octavia Butler recently? You say she inspired you in a recent interview with Jay Smooth. Can you share any other influential books/documentaries that heavily influenced you?

How was it working with the Hilltop Hoods? Any thoughts on the hip hop scene in Australia or in Europe in general?

Also http://www.reddit.com/r/hiphopheads/ is where many of yours fan are, but many of them are unaware you are doing this

Any thoughts on doing something similar to the series of tracks that are rapped from the perspective of a bullet?

Who is someone you've always wanted to collab with? MC & Producer. Are you going to be on Tech's The Middle Passage? How did his feature on W.A.R. come about?

I watched a clip of a conversation you had with Jasiri X in Pittsburgh where you talked about Itunes having a problem with the album cover of PTSD. Just wanted to say respecttttt because that cover is dope and the corporate politically correct BS of Itunes is wack. Can you share any of your thoughts on Jasiri X and where he fits into hip hop's landscape, as well as any thoughts on hip hop activism?

Lastly, can you comment at all about Scarface saying Hip Hop is being whitewashed? People pointing to Macklemore winning over Kendrick as an example of what Scarface was saying...

Thanks again for taking the time king.

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Who do you think is to blame for the increased POP nature of hip hop? The music used to have a clear anti-establishment edge to it and it seems now that the more political fight the power message is no longer there. What do you think of the politics of hip hop today?

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What do you think of BET in regards to hip hop becoming more pop? Do you think BET has contributed to the dumbing down of hip hop?

Are there any artists today that make you proud in how they continue to fight the power P.E. style?

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Thanks for answering. Do a collab with him soon! Get him such exposure.

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Do you support the killing of poachers?