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Jean_Grae111 karma

DOWNVOTE? I GOT 4 DOWNVOTES!???! I'll kill them.

Jean_Grae41 karma

Should I drop something from the #jeannie EP right now so you guys can pre-order? I'm not telling anyone on Twitter. Just you guys.

Jean_Grae33 karma

Downvote again. I'll come to your house. And not in a bring cookies kind of way.

Jean_Grae27 karma

Being unfrozen and being totally disappointed that no one has any damn flying cars yet. I see that happening. Dammit.

Jean_Grae22 karma

Quelle Chris. Definitely. He's amazing and creative and just fucking awesome.

Eh, I think people are catching on.

Yup. Pretty much. Unless I get 100% creative control over projects. Fully. I mean, marketing, branding, everything. I need that to be less homicidal.