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As a superhero it is your duty to bring goodness to the world, so yes.

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Thanks for the response. And fine, I'll compromise. Street Fighter x Tekken. I'll even put my harmonica on the line. But for real, you're awesome. I'll go watch your show when this is over.

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Hey Jean. I'm a big fan of yours and have been for a while now. When everyone around me was listening to Jay and 50, I was listening to Going Crazy and Don't Push Me, and I still am. I'm a journalism/communications student with a passion for music, more specifically hip hop. My question for you is based on your experience and those around you, what advice would you give to a young aspiring rapper trying to find his voice and make it in what seems like an over saturated music industry? Thank you for everything you do and I'm looking forward to more of your work. Also, I heard you like fighting games. I have humbly self appointed myself as the King of Street Fighter. You think you can beat me?

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How do you feel about people who illegally download music/movies? I've seen other artists answer this question and the answers are usually surprising. Also, have you ever illegally downloaded or purchased bootleg music/movies in your life? (Don't be afraid to be honest. This isn't a trap.) If you have before but don't anymore, is it your involvement in these arts that changed your stance on this?