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But which note do you use that makes that great resounding din?

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First of all; To Sean (or whoever wrote This is why I'm hot), have you read any Karl Marx and more specifically Karl Marxs theory of alienation? Because I recently had a seminar with my activist group where we explained a few key socialist theories to people who want to become more familiarised with them and I found the song This is why I'm hot from your split with O Pioneers!!! to be a useful tool to describe it. If you haven't read any of it then you really should (The wikipedia-page is surprisingly good!) because it truly is one of the most interesting philosophical and psychological theories out there, and if you have then that really shows because the lyrics of the song works perfectly to describe how alienation in late capitalism works on an individual. Either way, one of my favourite songs of yours, not too silly and simple but still very comprehensible and relatable and I would like to know more about what went into writing that particular song since I feel that it's one of your more "based on a true story" songs.

Secondly; How do you play songs like Rejoice and Randy's House without a pick without having your right hand fingers completely destroyed afterwards? Honest question!

Thirdly; Which is your favourite instrument in the world, sound wise, aesthetically and for pure radicalness?

Fourthly; Which is your favourite record that has been released so far in 2014?

Fifthly (is that even a word?); Which is your favourite song of Foot Ox?

Other than that I'm really looking forward to seeing you tour again in a few months and if everything goes as planned I will be playing before you in one of the shows with me and my partners band so I hope I'll get to discuss the theory of alienation with you! Ps, your new record is amazing, I think it might even rival Only god can judge me as my favourite of yours.

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Would you say that capitalism is bound to be overthrown by the proletariat, and would post-capitalist society demand a dictatorship of the proletariat to maintain their control over the means of production from the bourgeoisie?

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A lot of your music is very political, both very overtly and subvertly but still very personal - when you're writing does it start with the politics and then turn to the personal or does it go the other way around?