I am a 19 year-old woman who was born with a vertical vaginal septum, meaning I have a wall in my vagina that separates it into two smaller vaginas meeting up at the one cervix and heart-shaped uterus.

Yesterday I had a surgery to remove the septum making my vagina good as new so that in the future I can have a more normal life in relation to my vagina.

Proof has been provided to the Mods.

Ask away!

EDIT: For the love of god, people, I am not into Butt-Stuff.

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Did you have a favorite vagina or did you love them both equally?

twotimesthetwat181 karma

As funny as this question is, I did. Due to the location of the wall being different than most (usually it is (--) or (!) but mine is (/) ) therefore one side was slightly larger and the wall was a bit more flexible. I preffered him.

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Your vagina was a man?

twotimesthetwat157 karma

I haven't really thought about it...

halloweenjack80 karma

Upvoted for use of ASCII characters to describe genital anatomy.

twotimesthetwat42 karma

I didn't do that on purpose, unfortunately. I was just making a little diagram!

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Yeah I have a question. Are you Jurassic? Because you're a vaginasore!

twotimesthetwat145 karma

GOD DAMN IT. (This is my other roommate)

ButtonJoe31 karma

To be fair, you probably should not have told your roomates.

twotimesthetwat53 karma

They are my very best friends, douche weaselry and all.

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Have you ever fantasized about a man with two little dicks?

twotimesthetwat179 karma

My friends always thought that was what I needed.

ILoatheYou57 karma

It makes me feel special that you responded to me.

twotimesthetwat93 karma

Oh no! That's why I'm doing this! I'm weird and I wish to share it with the world (while still remaining anonymous 'cause the world is creepy)

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Dare I ask... how?

twotimesthetwat120 karma

I sent in a picture of my surgical forms and ID for proof. Nothing gross, I swear.

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but I wanted gross...

twotimesthetwat88 karma

I'm sorry?

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Welcome to Reddit.

twotimesthetwat67 karma

Long time user, felt a throwaway was best for this very reason.

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Just saying, the throwaway name you chose is incredible.

twotimesthetwat64 karma

Thank you, I'm quite proud.

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To whom did you talk about this? I can imagine this being a very sensitive topic..

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I'm sure she has very mature, intelligent, and wildly attractive friends who were very supportive and helped her deal with the issues in stride.


twotimesthetwat348 karma

(This is my roommate. He is being annoying)

EDIT--Fuck, guys, seriously? Gold for my stupid roommate? Fuck, man.

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Yeah, have you fucked him yet? I heard he's really attractive.

twotimesthetwat94 karma

This is getting rather befuddling to me.

CaptainChewbacca110 karma

I'm sure he'd be glad to befuddling you... if you know what I mean.

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Yeah give gold to the lady with 2 vaginas

twotimesthetwat17 karma

Hey, its hard out here.

twotimesthetwat67 karma

My close friends and any sexual partners. But mostly the kids I live with at college. Everyone is understanding, and its a treat to have friends that are willing to make fun of you and support you.

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Did you have to use two tampons?

twotimesthetwat129 karma

I could barely fit one in the one vagina, and if I did, the blood would be funneled to the other side. I was forced to use the oversized pads and just change them often.

Privacyrise52 karma

Thanks for the response and fantastic user name!

twotimesthetwat60 karma

I thought I might as well make it clever.

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Got any cool party tricks?

twotimesthetwat148 karma

I like to believe I have a good sense of humor about it, if that's a party trick.

My roommates called it The Double Dragon.

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You need to get a white lotus tattoo on your pelvis so it can be the dragon of the west now.

twotimesthetwat70 karma

I do love Avatar. But I see myself as more of Korra. I feel like she'd rock the tramp stamp.

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Two dragons spiraling out of your lower back, with a tiny Mr. Bean "if you know what I mean" face below it.

EDIT: I mean... not TOO far below it...

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Now that is something.

Leafygreeno17 karma

Give me your best joke then, Double Dragon lady!

twotimesthetwat142 karma

What's better than having 2 vaginas?

Lots of things.

(Sorry, I like anti-jokes.)

Leafygreeno21 karma

Haha. Ha.

On a side note, what country are you from?

twotimesthetwat36 karma

US of A.

Leafygreeno36 karma

I'm finding it quite funny that I'm sat on my bed, talking to some lady with two vagina's halfway across the world. And the only reason I'm even here is because of your two vaginas. Bizarre.

How old is you?

twotimesthetwat19 karma

Almost 20.

Leafygreeno12 karma

Well I hope you have a great birthday when it comes. See ya.

twotimesthetwat24 karma

Thanks! I'm looking forward to getting a Vermon-ster from Ben and Jerry's and attempting to eat it without dying.

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What's green and has wheels?

twotimesthetwat27 karma

A car.

ilikegnomes51 karma

My sister actually has the complete form of this. Two cervixes and two completely separate uteruses.

twotimesthetwat50 karma

That sucks. She can PM me if she has any questions

ilikegnomes42 karma

I was going to say you could ask questions of you want! She's known about it for years and has had three kids with it.

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patsfan00744 karma

Were you able to have sex? or have children? What about now?

twotimesthetwat72 karma

I could technically have sex, although the first time I passed out from the pain. It took a great deal of precision and was never anything better than painful and bad. I often bled and could only force myself to do it for about 5 minutes. As a sexual person, that really just blows.

The children thing is a little tougher, I have Polycystic Ovaries and a weird uterus so I have a lower chance of normal conception, but now that the septum is out I can theoretically give birth. Before it would have torn the septum causing me to bleed out.

patsfan00728 karma

That sucks! How is the recovery going?

twotimesthetwat58 karma

Yeah it does! But recovery is actually really easy. The surgeon said it went perfectly and was a 'dry' surgery (meaning no bleeding). The worst part is my new vagina is 'packed' right now to prevent the two sides from sticking together and healing as one entity. So that's a bit uncomfortable.

I just need to lay still and watch movies with my wiener dog.

twotimesthetwat22 karma

Oh! And thanks for asking!

patsfan00717 karma

what kind of doxie?

twotimesthetwat101 karma

proteus61611 karma

How long does it take to recover from surgery like that

twotimesthetwat19 karma

Not long at all! The doctor says 6 weeks is 95% healed the other 5% takes a few months. I will me walking and sitting comfortably within the week. No sex or insertion of any type or a few months.

TrekkieTechie3 karma

How long will your recovery take?

EDIT: This has been semi-answered in other posts. How about, what is the recovery process/timeline like? How long do you have to be packed? (Did they schedule the procedure around your period so menstruation and packing wouldn't overlap?)

twotimesthetwat21 karma

I'm on the pill, so we just moved it around that. But the timeline is great. Surgery was yesterday, I have to sit on my ass and do nothing until Friday when I have the pack removed. After that I can walk and move about, but no fitness for a month. No sexual activity for 2-3 months. I have to remain on the pill and have no period until late January or Early February.

TrekkieTechie8 karma


Good luck to you; I hope your future sex is better than your past sex.

twotimesthetwat11 karma

I hope so to!

mywifetoo34 karma

Wow. Never in a million years did I expect to come on Reddit and see this, but yes as my throwaway says, my wife (did) too.

Being that I've been married to her for more than 10 years, I have a bit of experience with this. And so many questions!

How did you find out? My wife didn't know until we were married for several years.

Do you have 1 cervix or 2?

I see you mentioned you have a "weird" uterus. Is it a complete didelphys? Do you have 2 horns?

Oh geeze, I know too much.

twotimesthetwat32 karma

I love when people know things!

  1. I found out due to plain poking around. I felt it was off, described what i felt to the Gyno and she did the real work for me.
  2. Only 1 cervix, although that wasn't fully 100% certain until the surgery.
  3. Its not totally bi horned nor split, but it is "heart shaped". So it is a little riskier in pregnancy, I am likely to miscarry.

But to me the surgery seems well worth it!

mywifetoo13 karma

Does the septum continue into the uterus? My wife's does, technically the top of her uterus doesn't dip, so it's not considered heartshaped.

She had the vaginal septum removed, but chose to try to get pregnant with the Uterine septum intact. 3 kids later (and no known miscarriages) it was a good plan.

twotimesthetwat18 karma

My septum stopped along the cervix. I got very very lucky, the simplest of vagina issues

mywifetoo7 karma

I should add, all 3 kids were c sections due to the complications of having 2 halves to her uterus and 2 cervix.

twotimesthetwat5 karma

I would hope so!

KennyFulgencio7 karma

I'm really glad you had a good gyno. (Imagine having a disinterested/slightly incompetent one, and taking many more years to understand what was going on with your own body...)

twotimesthetwat3 karma


Hopig30 karma

When you found out about your problem, how did you tell your parents?

twotimesthetwat121 karma

My mom and I actually have a very open and communicative relationship, so I told her I wanted to speak to the Gyno about issues I've been having and she was just happy I was honest with her.

The doctor told me that we didn't have to tell her it was because I was sexually active, but I felt honesty was best. My mom was the biggest proponent for me having an active and safe sex life and being a normal young woman. She has been invaluable to this process for me. My dad mostly made dad jokes and laughed at me, he said it was karma for being a little shit when I was younger.

halloweenjack91 karma

My dad mostly made dad jokes and laughed at me, he said it was karma for being a little shit when I was younger.

"We'll talk about this again when it's time to find a nice home for your golden years... Dad."

twotimesthetwat49 karma

He's the best. Bad puns and all.

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twotimesthetwat47 karma

The first guy I slept with, well, we were both virgins. We assumed it was supposed to be that difficult and painful the first few weeks. Then we never saw each other again so it didn't matter.

Anyone else was made aware and either didn't bother to attempt sex, or dealt with it like a man and tried their damn hardest.

IamKAR35 karma

Didn't attempt? That's surprising for a man. I know because I'm one.

twotimesthetwat38 karma

Some gentlemen still exist.

HappyGoUnlucky42 karma

I thought of a dirty word, but I'll be a genitalman about it.

twotimesthetwat14 karma

I love puns.

rosickness1225 karma

Do men think you're joking at first? I would imagine you'd notify them in a serious matter but do their expressions just look like a deer in headlights?

twotimesthetwat40 karma

Actually most guys have found it kinda cool. The guy I lost my virginity (his virginity too) had no clue because I didn't know either!

But I used to get really embarrassed and blush, so people knew I was telling the truth. But I've never had any doubters.

TheLighterDr40 karma

If he only penetrated you in one side, then you are only half a virgin.

twotimesthetwat54 karma

I technically need to lose my virginity again, so, yeah.

CabbageCannon24 karma

Did you name them?

twotimesthetwat106 karma

Nope. But my boobs are named Jiggly (&) Puff

TheSweetness9123 karma

Your funniest fart story? Ohhh also can you queef out of both?? Or alternate??

twotimesthetwat70 karma

My funniest fart story is probably from yesterday. I was coming out of surgery and I farted and I said "OW that hurts". Everyone laughed at me. Assholes.

derththemagnificent37 karma

everyone laughed at me. assholes

Is this a pun?

twotimesthetwat33 karma


EvilTech515018 karma

Wow, that's a trip. Think another girl posted something like that, but had 2 complete uterises along with ovaries.

Waiting for one where a girl has two rows of boobs. Or two boobs, with 4 nipples. That would be something.

twotimesthetwat34 karma

I have really big boobs, is that enough?

But the complete duplication was something we were very worried about, that means a much more intense and difficult surgery, but I got rather lucky in that regard.

ExiledApprentice5 karma

Just a matter of mutation

twotimesthetwat31 karma

A very groovy mutation?

themildones17 karma

I don't have a question (I've read the whole thread and it basically answered all the ones I had), I just wanted to say it's amazing how good-humored you are about this. Good luck with the whole recovery process and future sex!

twotimesthetwat20 karma

Thank you!

If you're not laughing, you're doing it wrong.

jungl3j1m13 karma

What was the composition of this septum? Was it cartilage (and pretty rigid), or pretty much dermis?

twotimesthetwat18 karma

That's a really interesting question. It was vaginal tissue. So the same thickness, durability and consistency of the rest of my vagina, or any woman's vagina, just extra.

worstdeafpersonever8 karma

How did you find out that you had two Vaginas? I mean understand the insertion issue was painful, but what was it that actually made you decide to finally go to the gyno and approach this topic?

Has this whole experience made you weary of sex? I mean once you have fully healed?

twotimesthetwat24 karma

Valid question! The boy I was seeing at the time was UNABLE to have sex with me, I mean, it was like screwing a brick wall. He, not being a virgin, was able to describe what felt different than the other girls he'd slept with. So we literally felt around with our fingers until we realized that we both had a finger in my vagina, I was in agonizing pain, and there was something separating our fingers.

I had seen gyno's before and its something you can miss as it tend to collapse on itself. We searched until it was visible to her and that was that.

I used to try to push through the pain, but it really isn't worth it. There are alternatives that are much less painful to me. But I'm sure I will be trepidatious the first few times, I'll be losing my virginity again, after all, buy I'm rather excited to start a new sexual life and experience the joys rather than blackout pains of sex.

samaz0n3 karma

I'm -really- surprised your gynos didn't notice anything! I've got a ... regular vagina and it's extremely uncomfortable for me when they insert the speculum, which is way bigger than a finger or two.

twotimesthetwat5 karma

It was always horribly uncomfortable but they assumed I was tensing up, as most women do.

I was shocked they didn't notice either, but it is more common than not.

FostaBoyTellem7 karma

So you masturbate with your brain?

twotimesthetwat110 karma

No, there's this thing called the "clitoris". It's useful.

37sense6 karma

For one that is a beautiful username. How did the condition affect masturbation? Could you get off in both vaginas?

twotimesthetwat7 karma

They were the problem, not the solution. Clitoral stimulation only.

KrewGPV5 karma

Do you get more orgasms and better ones?

twotimesthetwat7 karma

Not that I know of.

Kjellemann3 karma

I hear mostly bad things about the US healthcare system, and being from Europe, I am curios how much a surgery like this would cost in the US? I don't need specific figures, but was it very expensive? Did you have insurance that covered it? I had some similar surgery, but for the opposite sex, myself. And that was free.

twotimesthetwat3 karma

Well I am very lucky to have good insurance. So that helped a great deal. We paid out of pocket for the doctors fee because hews not in network, but we insisted on using him because we like him so much.

I don't know the cost, it was handled by my mother and insurance, fortunately.

HurricaneSandyHook3 karma

did the vaginal contractions during orgasms positively or negatively affect the experience? are you capable of female ejaculations and if so how was the pain and/or pleasure associated with that?

twotimesthetwat8 karma

See for me penetration has never led to orgasm, for obvious reasons, so the contractions were never an issue.

I surely orgasm but I don't, uh, ejaculate. meh.

itsnealon3 karma

So what i'm hearing is "the smaller the dick the better?"

twotimesthetwat20 karma

The sooner the surgery the better.

gnualmafuerte3 karma

That username!

Have you had sex? Did it make it awkward/difficult? What about masturbating?

twotimesthetwat3 karma

hah thanks. Yes I have, and it is AWFUL. Hence the surgery. But masturbation doesn't involve penetration. so..

Milmanda3 karma


twotimesthetwat28 karma

I don't really do well in relationships, yay commitment issues, but most guys have been very understanding. It's sort of like when you lose the ability to hear and your sense of sight is stronger, I am like that with... uh, other stuff.

The main issue is its hard to be a college student and a dancer and want to go out and have fun and be unable to. But that should be better in about 3 months!

minute_made_man20 karma

Is that you saying that you are really good at giving blowies?

twotimesthetwat46 karma

I am using my right under the 5th amendments, here.

CreeksideStrays9 karma

So many upvotes, limitless time

twotimesthetwat13 karma

Haha-- I fell asleep! General Anesthesia does a number on you, believe me.

CaptSquirt_Ahoy3 karma

Or, she is able to enjoy penetration, not from the front-door.

Spartapug4 karma

The garage door, then?

CaptSquirt_Ahoy9 karma

Only if it's a 2 car.

twotimesthetwat9 karma

Wait, that's hilarious.

JustTrying2BAwesome2 karma

How was your life affected before the surgery? I know it was always normal for you because you were born that way, but how do you think your life was different than other girls?

twotimesthetwat6 karma

Honestly, there were many clues that something was wrong but I didn't put it together until after I lost my virginity and did some exploring of my own.

Tampons were both painful and ineffective, fingering (even 1 finger) was like knives, and then sex was a disaster. So when I was 16 I realized something was wrong, but wasn't officially diagnosed until right after my 17th birthday.

superubernerd2 karma

Well since nobody asked and it is an AMA: can you provide a photo?

twotimesthetwat3 karma

About 40 people have asked. And no.

judojake2 karma

So it sounds like the septum started kinda deep. What was surgery like? Were you put out? I imagine getting the required tools in to cut and then stitch that far in would be extremely painful?

twotimesthetwat5 karma

I was put under general anesthetic. Once I was 100% unconscious with a breathing tube, they (apparently, I have no clue) put my legs in high stirrups and strapped me down so I couldn't fall. The vaginal tissue is extremely fragile and collapsable, so what they did was snip and sew. They continued this way until the one side was removed, then they did the other side while I was stretched and, ahem, open. They then inserted what is basically a glorified toilet paper tube and gauze so that it will stay in the correct shape. That is removed friday.

But what is interesting is that blood is usually minimum in a septum, so it isn't that awful to remove. Plus the vaginal material is almost identical to the material of your mouth, meaning it heals extraordinarily quickly.

It's really not that bad, it's more annoying than painful.

trigger11542 karma

Double the pleasure?

twotimesthetwat4 karma

With double-mint gum?

RedditsLord2 karma

Ok this is becoming a serious topic while we have a very cool about it OP. So my question is: during your younger years, lets say 12 to 17 have you ever had to talk about the extra tissue with a teacher/school nurse? How did they react? Sane question for colleagues?

twotimesthetwat6 karma

Nope! It never even dawned on me that something was wrong until I became sexually active and I went straight to my mother and the doctor.

But I do recall my doctor bringing in every other doctor at the practice to look and confirm it, as she had never seen it in her career. Many haven't!

Upstream152 karma

Can you elaborate on the surgery? do you still have 2 vaginas? just because you have 2 vaginas doesnt mean you have two uteri, or 2 sets of ovaries, right? are they both functional?

twotimesthetwat7 karma

I was fortunate to be born with a septum only and not an entirely duplicated system.

So think of the septum in your nose that makes two nostrils; about 1 inch up my vaginal canal, a wall divided it into two smaller cavities. They connected to one cervix and uterus and two ovaries, totally normally.

So what they did was snip out the septum and stitch it so I have a 100% normal vagina that in 6-12 weeks will be indistinguishable from any normal person's vagina.

Upstream159 karma

congrats on the new digs!

twotimesthetwat5 karma

Thanks! I'm pretty excited, myself.

JonnyNoThumbs8 karma

Wow. So you lost the two small and inadequate vaginas and now gained a master-vag! Good luck for the future!

twotimesthetwat7 karma

Well, not a mecca-vagina, it is going to all normal-like.

pileoflaundry2 karma

So do you have a lucky gent all lined up for the official test run? If not, you and your roommates should hold interviews! Maybe a raffle perchance?

twotimesthetwat16 karma

We're thinking of holding a competition. Maybe whoever presents my father with the fattest pig?

Throwaway19447191151 karma

So how did you find out about your condition?

twotimesthetwat2 karma

This is already answered above, and I'm getting lazy...

proteus6161 karma

Have you ever been approached by anyone in the porn business?

Have you ever show a SO, if so how did they react?

Could you theoretically stimulate both vaginas safely or where, because of having two, not a good idea to try both at the same time?

Edit> Jut realized that with the second question that I was based on using toys such as dildos in regards to the stretching and what not.

also after having the septum remove, I am not to knowledgeable in this area, do you still two vaginas or just one now.

twotimesthetwat3 karma

I could barely handle one. I can't imagine two...

TheGoodMachine0 karma

Am I the only one who thinks there’s nothing wrong with two vaginas?

Wouldn’t they even make sex life more interesting?

(Then again, I also think there’s nothing wrong with butt stuff. There’s just too many idiots out there, unskilled in it, and hurting girls, because they think having a sensitive prostate makes them gay, and so never tried it themselves. But that’s off-topic.)

twotimesthetwat6 karma

THe thing wrong with it is it is NOT two vaginas. It is one, divided in half. So it is truly horrific to use.