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I remember seeing your interview on Oprah and feeling horrified at how smart you were. No child should sound that smart.

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What measures could coastal cities take to be better prepared for more frequent and damaging hurricanes going forward?

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Nude under there

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What studio reactions are you referring to, I want to see 'em

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The fact that I'm so fucking.....human.....is absolutely shocking and terrifying.

I recommended season 1 of Spartacus to someone on here a week ago, and googled something about it, and found out there's a documentary being made around Andy Whitfield's fight with non-hodgkin lymphoma (and death).

Apparently he was afraid of dying (and said as much while it was happening), which, and yes I'm an idiot for this reaction, but it's a bit awful to hear it from Spartacus. I mean listen--I'M terrified of dying, so I'm hardly pointing a finger (and I know 98% of redditors say they have no fear of dying, so y'all are either the biggest group of the bravest motherfuckers on earth, or lying scumbuckets). But it was scary to hear it from him, knowing that it went ahead and happened to him, not long after he said that.

THEN I went ahead and rewatched half of the first season of Spartacus this weekend, and there's that scene quite early on when Crixus beats him in the arena, and is waiting for the thumbs-down to kill him, and Spartacus miserably (silently) pleads for his life, which he'd earlier said would never happen.

It's a really hard scene to watch now, knowing what happened to Andy. He doesn't speak, but acts the hell out of it--it would be hard to do a better job of conveying someone knowing they were about to die, and realizing they want more than anything else to live.

So your line about "The fact that I'm so fucking.....human.....is absolutely shocking and terrifying"... it reached me in the same way as finding out about the Whitfield documentary did.