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They've done some work with deactivating genes. Ideally, they'll be able to do this for people with Huntington's pretty soon.


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So, what about lighting? Are you using a 3 point lighting system, or something else?

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I think part of the problem is, puberty happens at the worst possible time. :D Kids are just starting to get a grip on math, science, what they might want to do with their life, and then BAM puberty hits, and for about the next 3-4 years, the school system is just keeping a wild animal in a cage. By the time that hormonal haze fades, they're 28, have two ex-wives, a tour or 3 in Iraq, 6 years of student debt and no degree yet, and about 4 kids they're paying child support on.

So yeah, for cases like that, puberty comes at the worst possible time, and the hormonal tidal wave doesn't fade quiet as fast as it should.

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You people are insane. Not to mention cell tower and radio mast techs.

So what's the deal? Did you have a natural inclination to climb things to ridiculous heights at a young age?