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I'm sure she has very mature, intelligent, and wildly attractive friends who were very supportive and helped her deal with the issues in stride.


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... and now I'm imagining you as Hulk Hogan.

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As a guy who just went through the New York Public School system I had two teachers who were so bad and unstable (not even just as teachers but as people, interacting with students) that I was ashamed to be "learning" from them. That said, I also had many more passionate teachers who I am glad have tenure.

Edit: to make myself clear these two SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN TEACHERS. I saw other teachers get laid off while those two stayed. Those two were extreme cases, but I didn't have all incredible teachers otherwise, and there were other awful teachers at my school who I just didn't have.

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Your vagina was a man?

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Did you have a favorite vagina or did you love them both equally?