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May I suggest you supplement your income that way until you can land your ideal job? Go on http://www.voip-info.org/ and offer your services (it's free) (do it in the right area, there is one for voices). Mention specifically that you can do cartoon voices too, etc. Download the asterisk sounds and do a voice-over in a cartoon voice, then sell that. Setup a webpage and sell custom voicemail prompts in famous voices. Show your demos there.

You'll get some sales that will help supplement your income, and you might get some exposure that could end up in getting more IRL jobs. Get in contact with the Asterisk guys, they might even be interested! They do offer a female and male voices on their webpage, the male is serious, Allison is sexy as fuck, but nothing in between, they might go for adding a more informal choice.


Also, try registering in v-worker and freelancer, do some work there.

All of this choices don't give a fuck about where you are ;)

Just my 2 cents.

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Like all social animals! Mammals are awesome. Question... how does the heard react when the alpha cow takes a trip to the slaughter?

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Oh man!

Walter White Vs. Walt Whitman

Now I really really really want to see that.

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Argentinian here. Most of our cows are still freerange. The difference is enormous. Feedlot cows eat mostly grain, freerange mostly grass. The meat tastes only slightly different, but the tastiest bits (organs) taste very different! Liver and intestines specially taste so much better in grass-fed cows!

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"I am a level 7" sounded like you are a member of a scientology-like cult.