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Isn't that exactly what the Weasleys do in the books? Collect all sorts of weird muggle things?

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What is dead can never die but rises again, harder and stronger.

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How do you make friends and establish relationships with people without worrying that they only want to be close to you because of your fame and money?

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We used to do this, but it caused a few problems.

  • We only verify posts where the proof has to remain absolutely confidential. We would much prefer that the proof be posted publicly so that you can look at it yourself and decide whether it is true. But giving it a "verified" mark, we would have to verify every AMA, even where the proof is public.

  • When we used to do it, users would downvote AMAs that didn't have the mark, even when they had posted their proof publicly. People just wouldn't bother opening up the post before downvoting. This was particularly terrible for new AMAs that were perfectly legitimate, but the mods hadn't gotten around to marking it.

  • We have a flair system so that you can sort AMAs by category. You can see all of the categories here. Having a verified flair system would require us to scrap the category sorting.

  • We don't always just say "verified." Sometimes we add more detail, like here, where I verify that he is a pilot but not what kind of plane he flies. We wouldn't be able to do that with an external system.

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Daario = Benjen Stiller confirmed