Born and raised in oregon, in December of 2011 i was arrested in Idaho for trafficking marijuana (i was set up buy a former customer who had got himself in a felonical bind). i was sentenced to one year in prison with two on parole.


EDIT **** 11:34 PM. Thanks guys for the questions, the feedback, the positive thoughts etc. etc. gotta be up early tomorrow for work, but i will be responding to any loose ends in the morning with my cup of joe. Thanks again for the great AMA!

EDIT******** June 3rd, 10:08. Back to answering questions! Wow, this is way bigger than i thought it would be! Thanks for all the support/questions... Amazing!!

EDIT*************11:54 Back to work y'alll. thanks for blowing this AMA up! the support is truly moving... Can't say Thank you enough!!!

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SugarSherman1587 karma

Are you aware that you're a karma whore?

myboomst1ck1583 karma

Ladies and gentleman, my little brother !! :)

erin4878989 karma

Just wanting to point out how much safer we all were with you behind bars.

myboomst1ck862 karma

i know right? criminal mastermind here! No couch or netflix account was/is safe while i am free!

MouthPoop341 karma

What are your thoughts on Flamin' Hot Cheetos?

myboomst1ck619 karma

Delicious. and in low light, could easily be mistaken for a bloody poop.

samferrara161 karma

Try them bitches with cream cheese, and they'll go from delicious to the best thing ever... especially because I know you've been spending the last 1.5 years fantasizing about what you're going to eat first.

myboomst1ck176 karma

that does sound really good. They are also very good in what is called "spreads" in prison. Basically its the best damn ramen youll ever eat.

Google "prison spreads" if you are wanting to kick your ramens up a bit!

ztauby1278 karma

How were you caught?

myboomst1ck656 karma

The contact i had made in CDA idaho got in trouble with meth, heroine, oxy, etc. I have never dealt any drug but marijuana, and usually kept clear from heavy drug users (this being the exception because he wanted so much bud so frequently). The DEA in Kootenai county dropped his 5 felony charges to give me 1 marijuana felony.

ztauby1209 karma

Interesting, also were you a heavy weed smoker yourself?

myboomst1ck620 karma

i would smoke about 5 grams a day through my bong. I am a very functional smoker. I had a 25 hour a week job and was taking 12 college credits. Marijuana just makes me a better person. i can enjoy the moment instead of drowning in the anxiety of the future.

anameisonlyaname192 karma

How did you find going from 5g/day to (presumably) none in prison?

myboomst1ck875 karma

It was fine actually. The terror of being in jail/prison distracted my mind for the first 3 weeks or so which is typically the worst time period for quitting marijuana. Before, i "couldn't" go more than a day without smoking.. But after this experience i have realized that it wasnt that i COULDNT, but i just didnt want to.. because, well, Everything is better with a bag of weed!

forshow102 karma

5 grams a day? Wtf that is a shit load man. I used to be a chronic smoker, but nothing like 5 grams a day, WOW.

myboomst1ck189 karma

yea, it got out of control for sure. It got to the point where i was loading a bowl in my bong just about every 45 minutes. regardless of where i was at... Glad to be sober nowadays.. although, i cant say i dont miss it!

climbon19681 karma

Were you able to continue your education through correspondence in jail?

myboomst1ck2 karma

nah you can only do that if you have a bunch of time... they wanted me to focus on rehab.

Crooked_Cucumber90 karma

How did you find out all these details?

myboomst1ck166 karma

I had made an impression on a worker who worked in a government office while i was out on bail who looked up his side of the case for me.

AntiCapt298 karma


myboomst1ck1006 karma

Yea they will do that to the snitch and the person selling! I refused to tell.. THey told me they would drop the charge completely if i gave up my guy down here in southern oregon.. They even printed out a contract... I obviously denied, and in turn, me and my weed dealer have a great relationship! He paid for my bail from county jail, sent me money for food while i was away, and continues to support me as i get on my feet!

The first time i saw him after getting out, he cried as he hugged me and thanked me for not taking him away from his 12 year old little boy (who is a bad ass). Snitching never pays. Keep responsible!

HBZ415297 karma

Snitching never pays.....except for the guy who got off 5 felonies for getting you one.

Sorry had to point that out.

myboomst1ck214 karma

i really hope he is doing well with his life! Truly!

LS_D59 karma

how come they didn't bust the dude who gave you up, then?

myboomst1ck112 karma

They dropped his charges so he would get me in trouble....

timidnoob295 karma

so they cut loose a dude dealing opiates/meth to pusue you for dealing weed? wtf

myboomst1ck304 karma

yep. FML

cironoric3 karma

What a touching story. Government employees in a career chasing and prosecuting poor marijuana folk, for victimless crimes, are disgusting lowlifes.

It's a great irony, because they are "just doing their job" as they lock you up, a job they need to support themselves and feel productive, which is exactly what your marijuana job did for you.

You should be extremely proud not to give up your supplier. Not everyone would have so much strength. This is an HBO show waiting to happen.

myboomst1ck3 karma

Hey thanks man i REALLY appreciate it. If i could only be so lucky! haha

LS_D1 karma

why would they do that? Surely the meth dude was a better catch OR did they not have enough evidence on him but he could supply evidence on you?

weird! fucked up AND weird!

myboomst1ck2 karma

i am not sure why... it never made much sense to me at all.... all well! shit happens.

ezrubie7221 karma

how many marijuanas were you caught with when you were arrested?

myboomst1ck229 karma

3 pounds. I see what you did thar.

myboomst1ck201 karma

gothamguy212194 karma

any advice for people headed into prison? i'll bet you had a ton of "today I learned" moments...

myboomst1ck434 karma

Dont tell anyone when your birthday is... DOnt call anyone a bitch or a punk unless you are willing to fight.. and no matter what you do, DO NOT sit down at the card tables. They are there to rip you off and that is it. Read books. all day, everyday. But remain social.

tweezyb153 karma


myboomst1ck209 karma

Yea it is but you will find guys that aren't ran by their testosterone levels to surround yourself with. Just make sure they aren't considered "Lames" or else you will be considered one by association. You jsut have to find a balance between doing your own thing, and mingling, whether its watching television with a couple dudes, walking laps, or playing a FRIENDLY, FREE card game.

tweezyb73 karma


myboomst1ck238 karma

It depends on where you are at... As long as you dont have a sex crime, and you arent a snitch, you are golden. Typically, you will want your "paperwork" with you, because some people want to know immediately if you are a child molester before they let you sleep next to them.

whatever you do, dont find the biggest mother fucker and try knocking him out...

Murtank223 karma

whatever you do, dont find the biggest mother fucker and try knocking him out...

but.. all those movies..

myboomst1ck241 karma

i know i know.. its a tough temptation to overcome.

zoperella106 karma

Why not tell anyone when your birthday is?

myboomst1ck518 karma

because inmates like to beat you up on your birthday... i was expecting cake.

MouthPoop166 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! It's nice to hear such an intelligent and candid perspective on something as gritty as prison . I have a couple questions.

  1. Can you speak at all about the prison work system? Such as how much inmates make in the prison workforce and how much money is provided by the state to finance that? Do you feel the money is justly distributed back to prisoners?

  2. On a lighter note, did you have a nickname in prison?

myboomst1ck306 karma

  1. Basically, the entire prison system is run by inmates. electricians, painters, plumbers, food workers, etc. are all hired from within the prison. The highest paying job is off compound and is firefighting. They make about 1.50 an hour. Workers on compound make .10 an hour. yea, ten CENTS. I refused to work. Also, if the inmate has children to support outside of the fences, the state takes 50% for child support. There are WORK centers for lower security inmates, where workers can go find work out in the community, and work for whatever wage the employer is willing to pay... however, i would say there are only 100 inmates who are priveleged enough to do this... and their wages are taxed at 65% for laundry, transportation, and for the upkeep of the facility where they stay.

  2. Great question. Cinnamon (not gay). Totally the manliest nickname evar.

vest816147 karma

Did your fellow inmates know you were locked up for such a bullshit charge, and thus treated you better? Heck, to them you were probably doing God's work.

myboomst1ck354 karma

Yes yes and yes. A lot of guys would keep me from getting taken advantage of because they wanted to see me get out and finish school. i have nothing but love for 95% of the guys i was in there with.

amicocinghiale138 karma

And what about that 5%?

myboomst1ck406 karma

I can honestly say that they deserved to be in prison... forever.

gleventhal140 karma

Is prison rape as common as tv makes it seem? Did anyone try to test you? Did you link up with any "groups" to protect you?

myboomst1ck258 karma

Rape in the idaho system is not a big thing at all. I would say 1 out of 5 guys in there is a homosexual... And the homosexuals are very promiscuous. So there is not really a market for rape. Some of the gays take estrogen provided by the institution so that they even grow breasts and stop growing facial hair. So if you want it, you can easily get it.

The funniest part of the homosexuals is that they coagulate to hang out at the chapel, because its the only place in prison that all units can go to at the same time.

lolredditftw101 karma

20% is a lot higher than the average population, any idea why it would be higher in prison?

myboomst1ck286 karma

a lot of the guys had pictures of their wives and kids sitting on their bunks, and then would go get a blowjob in the bathroom after they came to visit. I think it just gets to the point where they dont care if it is a male or a female... they jsut want human affection and caring.

Starpluck72 karma

Would you say homosexuality is a choice after enduring a year of prison?

myboomst1ck239 karma

for some yes. For others no. i had this conversation with many of the homosexual inmates while i was in there. There was an obvious line that could seperate the two. Some seemed like females in a mans body, the others just seemed like sexual deviants who would take what they could get.

pretzelger138 karma

leaving prison, are you now more likely to commit crimes? How do you manage your resentment?

myboomst1ck668 karma

Nah man not at all. I just want to live my life and get into law school. I hate the system that ruined my life, not because of what it did, but because it is so currupt. for example, the parole board in idaho owns stock in private prisons that are in idaho. so they make more money the more people they keep in prison. I want to use my law degree to be on the forefront of the legalization movement. I dont think there are many lawyers who have been through what their clients are going through and i think people will really see value in that... plus it will make me care more for them

Pwn5t4r13165 karma

Are you going to be able to get into law school with a felony on your record?

myboomst1ck379 karma

yea in oregon felons can be lawyers

Dbl1564 karma

One of my best friends during my first year of law school was a convicted felon, so it's possible. I'm sure you're aware, but it's going to be much more difficult for you than it would otherwise be. You'll face challenges getting into law school, and then getting admitted to the bar.

To give you an idea, I did my first year at the University of Idaho (transferred after that). UI Law is a third-tier school, ranked somewhere near 100 (it is actually a really good school, rankings are stupid). My felon friend scored 172 on his LSAT and had a 4.0 in undergrad - Harvard/Yale credentials. Of the 15-20 schools to which he applied, only UI accepted him. Now he has to face the bar's character and fitness committee, and if they let him in, it will probably be provisional for about 5 years.

It's awesome that you have a goal, and I encourage you to pursue it. Just be aware that you will have to work extremely hard to do it. Law school/bar stuff is hard enough without a criminal record.

Suggestions to help your law school aspirations: get a STEM undergrad degree to distinguish yourself from the hordes of poli-sci majors (me). Study for the LSAT seriously - don't think you can look at a prep book for a few days and do well enough. Take writing classes to learn basic rules, but don't get too attached to your writing style because you'll be forced to change it. Read Getting to Maybe if/when you get accepted. Work hard.

myboomst1ck51 karma

Hey thanks man!!! Great advice. I know its an uphill battle, but its something i have ALWAYS wanted.. Plus there is a chance i can get the felony removed, so hopefully that will cut the task down at its knees!! :)

3BallJosh5 karma

As a CO I can confirm that nobody knows the law better than a dedicated inmate. I know a few that do nothing but study law and similar cases. Did you spend any time studying while you were there?

myboomst1ck21 karma

Yea i did but only things that pertained to my case specifically... which is pretty specific. i cant freakin' wait to start law school!

Pear02120 karma

My brother is facing very similar charges this week (except we're in Michigan). Any advice I can pass along to him?

myboomst1ck440 karma

Don't take the first plea agreement. Don't snitch, it only comes back to haunt you. Don't be afraid to cry in the courtroom. Ive only seen it help. Do rehab if you have time before the trial. Do a term of school as well. But most importantly, keep your fuckin head up. it is not the end of the world.. Time will pass.. and when it does, it feels like a dream.

LSDfromAbong102 karma

When and what was your thought process when you first started selling marijuana? Did it just start as a side project to make some money or was it a full time gig from the start? Also, did you/do you still use marijuana frequently?

myboomst1ck266 karma

I am on parole so i can't smoke or drink for another 23 months. I started selling weed because i was attending U of O in Eugene Oregon and really needed the extra cash to sustain myself. A friend of mine who i had met during my year after high school has a large grow op in the marijuana belt in southern oregon... So he could give me a pound of quality weed for about a thousand dollars. Everyone i knew/got to know at U of O smoked at least 2 grams of weed a day... Because i lived right next to campus i saw my house as an easy spot to get the college kids a clean, honest environment to get their weed from... No Bob Marley posters, no Tye dye... Just a normal guy who had a good hook up on weed.

LSDfromAbong98 karma

Interesting. How fast could you move a pound?

myboomst1ck230 karma

a pound would be gone anywhere between a couple hours to 24 hours. I had most of U of O puffin on that Southern oregon blanka.

LSDfromAbong95 karma

Shit. That's faster than I thought. Thanks for doing this AMA. Good luck in the future.

myboomst1ck132 karma

yea, In the winter (the busy times in Eugene for weed dealers... everyone is inside smoking it all!) i would easily push 10 lbs. to the locals.

Clinical_Depression82 karma

A pound of super dank for a grand? I'd start selling weed too.

myboomst1ck132 karma

Considering that if you were to piece a pound out, you could easily make 3k in profit, yeah, its not a bad opportunity for a young college kid.

dynamicvirus69 karma

Shh, don't say that.

myboomst1ck169 karma

haha, when i would tell my customers that, they would be like WHA?!?!

But i never charged anyone $10 a gram (which is the norm). Usually, 7 grams would be $25 at my place. Keeps 'em coming back! Plus, they will smoke more/invite their friends over to smoke all their bud, so what i found, was that you would sell MORE weed the more weed you would give out. PROTIP

spook_nasty1 karma

Southern Oregon and U of O? I think I must know you or know someone that does. Asked around and yes I do. Man the internet can be a small world. Good luck in the future.

myboomst1ck1 karma

Ha small world!

ShouldHaveBeenThere45 karma


myboomst1ck141 karma

While i am on Parole i am not allowed a medical marijuana card... 23 months couldn't come quick enough! I can't even drink or go to bars... Never got a twenty first birthday celebration and i look forward to finally having one as soon as possible.

Also, if you are ever incarcerated, do not tell other inmates that it is your birthday... it calls for a terrible experience.

havacore71 karma

What kind of horrible experience?

myboomst1ck214 karma

10 skin heads rolled deep into my cell and beat the shit out of me

Broccoliitis116 karma

is this a common occurrence in prison? what is the logic/reasoning behind this? i'm sitting here imagining a secretary type with a rolodex of every person in prison and their birthday...

"oh, hey! it's t-bone's birthday today...let's go show that motherfucker what's up."

myboomst1ck111 karma

Yea it happens to a lot of guys.. Some guys its down out of commrodary, and others its done with ill intentions. Mine i think was a little bit of both.. i was still pretty new at the facility when my birthday struck. Also, most people who go to prison have done quite a bit of time in county jail, and they know not to let anyone know when your birthday is.. I was completely ignorant to that little tidbit.

relish-tranya46 karma


myboomst1ck89 karma


Artegan37 karma

Shit, and I thought Birthday Punches from a few friends sucked. That really is terrible.

myboomst1ck52 karma

It is a good story at least :)

dazegoby19 karma

you're saying too much. everybody has your name.. i wouldn't advertise that you may go back to smoking in 23 months. people can be dicks and so can judges and PO's.

myboomst1ck114 karma

am not. you are paranoid bro.

Shibley9116 karma

Does having bob Marley posters and tye dye make one anti-normal?

myboomst1ck108 karma

i just hate the classic marijuana culture.

CharlesBarklyismyDad1 karma


myboomst1ck32 karma

I am not sure. i guess i just view it as not classy? I could care less about your pipe, or what your piece looks like... i could care less about your new sublime t shirt... I hate when people like shit just because they smoke pot. To me, Marijuana allowed me to find myself as an individual... and all stoners are are NOT that.

CharlesBarklyismyDad4 karma

I would agree that not all stoners are individuals, and i would say that weed made me find myself as an individual as well. Having said that i love Bob Marley, not because of weed but because of his amazing music. Anyways, glad you are out and good luck in life. One love...haha

myboomst1ck8 karma

Oh i completely agree with you. Geesh look at me, this is why i hate that kind of culture! i said i hate bob marley because of the merchandise he is on... I didnt even think of him as a musician first!! He makes AMAZING music. I completely agree with you. derp

theamazingkort2 karma

It's a shame that you're right about that. Sublime is one of my favorite bands, but I don't own any of their clothing because of just what you said. There's such a stigma attached to wearing certain band shirts that'll have people looking down on you for the wrong reasons. I'd rather just move through life smoothly instead of having to explain myself so frequently. Unfortunately I know this is true from experience; which is why I don't wear my Albert Fish or 'Feed the homeless to the starving' shirts anymore. People just can't take a joke.

myboomst1ck2 karma

Glad it's not just me!

R.I.P. Bradley James Nowell

leglesslas92 karma

Thanks for the AMA. I find it absolutely ridiculous how high the penalties are for such a minor crime. Can you elaborate on how many people you seen, during your 17 mths, that were in for marijuana.

myboomst1ck150 karma

Out of the couple thousand people i was FORCED to meet in the correctional system, i had only met 2 that ONLY had a marijuana conviction. Most were in there for a lot worse shit.. You will meet a lot that have a parole violation with weed, but usually they were on parole for burglary or rape or something way heavier.

hezzospike88 karma

So you were arrested in December 2011 and just got out of prison, but you created your Reddit account in March 2012. Does that mean you can use Reddit in prison?

myboomst1ck143 karma

No, i was out on bail for a very short time in early of twenty twelve before my sentencing :)


Afterwards, did you regret using your short time left to reddit?

myboomst1ck148 karma

not at all! This site cures my boredom almost instantly.

madeinjapan8973 karma

did you have to join a gang or buddy system to help you survive?

myboomst1ck298 karma

I became very good friends in county with this white guy named "Big Mac" who ran with the surrenos... Which is probably the biggest gang in the idaho prison system. Mac would look out for me all the time. I was kind of untouchable... probably because i knew some of his darkest secrets (example: stuffing 5 mini motors from the Jail CD player up his ass complete with 8 AA batteries so he could sell for commissary food in Boise).. Once i actually got to the institution that i would finish my time up with, i met one of the founding members of a White boy gang called SVC ( a non racial white gang... Split from the Arian Knights, who are, you guessed it, totally racist and fucking lames) who was the BEST dude ive probably ever met in my entire life. WHere i was at, if you found out you were going home, immediately all the shit sticks would start picking fights with you because if you get in any fights the parole board can, and probably will, revoke your release date and tell you to get fucked... So people would try and start shit with me and my two buddies and their gangs would step in and whoop their ass for hating on the kid who "read too much and needed to get back into school". They were really supportive and understanding that i just wanted the fuck out of there... that i didnt belong there etc. If you look, you'll find great guys, with great minds, who just fucked up at a young age.

Janet_Coquette73 karma

Do you feel that the money that you made was worth getting caught? Would you do it all over again?

myboomst1ck144 karma

I wouldn't change the experience for the world. i learned so much about myself, and honestly, selling weed to college students and the people i met was the best time ive ever had in my life. The money was great.. I didnt spend frivolously. I got to buy a lot of toys and started up a ton of hobbies that i still maintain. I would do it all over again, besides going to that hell hole that was the state of Idaho.

JefeV88161 karma

Idaho is a shit state when it comes to pot. Last November I got caught with just under an ounce, but because it was separated into eighths, I was charged with felony possession with intent to deliver. I'm on 5 years of probation, with up to 5 years in prison hanging over my head.

Shitty thing is, I wasn't actually dealing, I just split off a 10 sack to one buddy from time to time, and they found texts "proving it". If I had actually been dealing, I would have been taking more precautions, and probably wouldn't have been caught.

One funny thing, they had singled out another set of texts from the same guy as "proof" that I was dealing. It was a conversation about me picking up some candy bars for him and his woman on my way over there. I guess because I asked regular or king sized, that was code for drugs. I literally was just getting them candy bars.

TL;DR Idaho sucks, cops suck, prosecutors are stupid.

myboomst1ck80 karma

HAHAHAHA! yea dude, i am sure those cops knew you were actually picking up candy bars, but to help their shitty investigation out, they used it as more "proof" because they knew they could convince the dumb ass's they had in trial that it was code for drugs...

you can blame the state of idaho for being so weak on the mormons. The mormon population has a stranglehold of the legislation in Boise. sorry to hear about the five years hanging over your head... Keep your head up!

HKWill71 karma


myboomst1ck76 karma

Damn man glad you made it out! usually the momentum is so great you cant stop until you hit a wall like incarceration.. Good for you!!! Ill be alright regardless.. Good to hear a success story tho. Sorry about your friends =[

jocrane0149 karma

How is it on the inside? Is it the hell hole pictured by movies and media?

myboomst1ck95 karma

Pretty close. Rape is practically non existent. Really violent.

bearclown48 karma

You said you were suspicious about the job before hand. Why didn't you just opt out of it instead?

myboomst1ck125 karma

Because i grew arrogant and greedy. I couldnt turn down the 6500 he was going to give me for the 3 pounds (plus he owed me 5k from a previous deal and promised the full payment).

I actually recall "fist bumping" my buddy at the mcdonalds on the way there saying that it would be the last mc chicken we would eat for a long time.. And then "fist bumping" 15 minutes before our arrival saying it woul dbe our last 15 minutes of freedom... Arrogance+invincibility=retarded thinking.

chugwunga35 karma

What was the context or what triggered your comments? Why your last 15 minutes of freedom?

myboomst1ck69 karma

Somehow, i just knew that it was a set up. i could just feel it.

ZefSoFresh40 karma

And you didn't follow your gut? Man, I've made that mistake many times in my life...

myboomst1ck74 karma

instinct over everything.

Dexter8842 karma

Did you drop the soap?

myboomst1ck153 karma

not even almost.

PichinchaV41 karma

Were you able to use drugs or drink alcohol while in prison?

myboomst1ck126 karma

A chapstick cap full of weed was $35 to someone with a good hook up.. The only thing i did was smoke tobacco... But it was actually chew rolled up in the pages of the book of mormon. When i was in county, "Big Mac" would make Orange Wine in a 5 gallon bucket he acquired. It actually tasted very nice!

Meth and heroine was prevalent ... But ive never done anything but weed (took shrooms at Cirque de soleil once) and i wasnt going to start in prison!

rhatfield2536 karma

What was the first thing you did when you got out?

myboomst1ck110 karma

My dad picked me up in Boise and all i wanted was some fuckin' bacon. so we got breakfast. We drove back to portland and that night a good buddy of mine who works at PSU's radio station was organizing a concert on a Boat on the columbia river... Pretty much i watched my friends get drunk as we floated through portland oregon on a huge ass boat for 4 hours.

Janet_Coquette35 karma

How much money did you make selling marijuana?

myboomst1ck68 karma

i didnt exactly count each dollar i made, but in my last 9 months i would say just over one hundred grand. Driving to idaho every 10 days to drop off and with all the local traffic in Eugene.

Janet_Coquette34 karma

So, do you still have the money, or was that gone with your prison sentence?

myboomst1ck277 karma

No i invested my money into items. Music production equipment, Nikon D7000, snowboard equipment, laptops and tech, tvs... My last term in school i spent the remainder of my cash on furniture for the new home i moved into... swedish furniture.. Knife sets etc. etc. etc.

Now i am broke but have a ton of nice shit. hellllloooo ladies. lol

heimbuchi31 karma

How did you conceal all of the traffic in and out of your house?

myboomst1ck78 karma

Its college... I lived literally a block away from the campus. there isnt a house for a square mile that isnt students living there. the cops would see us smoking all the time on the balcony. Its just not a big deal here in oregon.

railroadtracks30 karma

What did you use to transport the marijuana and how much were you running?

myboomst1ck48 karma

Usually my Pontiac but at the time of the bust a busted 1990 ford Taurus. I had a sneaking suspicion that i was getting set up so i used my buddys room mates car.

theamazingkort37 karma


myboomst1ck97 karma

Greed greed greed is blinding blinding blinding.

jay525015 karma

That sucks man. No question here, just hope you are doing well.

I bet you're a real nice dude too.

Good luck

myboomst1ck9 karma

Thanks man!

UntotenJesus14 karma

Dude I feel so bad for you, I really hope that everything works out for you. The sad part is if you ever tell your grandkids or possibly even your kids about this, they'd be like "you went to jail for weed? but thats legal and a healthier option to things such as cigarettes and alcohol". I hope your life gets better from here on out.

myboomst1ck7 karma

Thank you!!!

JumboDank7 karma

I hate CDA police.

myboomst1ck7 karma


LeggyBean7 karma

I smoke weed for anxiety too. Did you get "coming home" anxiety when you were released?

I went into a mental health facility for 2 weeks and getting out was the most anxious experience of my life. Getting hit by all of my friends, and family at once was really stressful. Did you experience something similar?

myboomst1ck16 karma

i did. i couldnt work out or eat for the lsat two weeks of my incarceration. i have dropped 30 pounds in the last 8 weeks. from 205 to 175... When i got out i thought i would be eating EVERYTHING in sight.. but in reality, its hard for me to even eat a full meal at this moment. Anxiety is through the roof, but i am ALWAYS on cloud 9. Havent had a bad moment yet.

PaddyMcLitho6 karma

Whats your personal opinion on marijuana/drug laws and the jail time you unfortunatly served? Also good luck in your adjustment to your new life!

myboomst1ck37 karma

I totally find the prohibition of marijuana ludicrous. However, I am for states rights and believe that the voter should have the say in the matter. That being said, i am appalled at the MANDATORY MINIMUM sentences that states like idaho enforce on these petty drug crimes. my joduge actually APOLOGIZED to me at my sentencing because i had gotten out of jail through bail, and instead of just getting fucked up and partying until being sentenced to prison, i did a 3 month outpatient rehab program and another term of school when i KNEW that it wouldnt help my case at all.

On a side note, TWO of my constitutional rights were violated during the Department of Justice's investigation of my case... Even though this is the case, i was still sentenced to prison. This is ridiculous. If you have a MANDATORY MINIMUM for a crime in your state, you better be making damn sure that the law enforcement in your state is following their investigation laws to a T.

pilotg097 karma

What constitutional rights were violated?

myboomst1ck22 karma

I allowed them to search my car, and they went straight to my cell phone, which was locked, and is a separate warrant altogether. Also, i was not read my miranda rights at the time of my arrest.

jkzebrafish2 karma

We need to be teaching our friends and our kids about the 4th amendment and how to use it. I would even argue it's the 2nd most important amendment (after the 1st). Edit: Reading your below posts, it seems like they had a sting operation set up, and so they probably had your warrant? I don't know--I am not a cop--but it seems like they would probably have all warrants ready to go if they had you driving from out of state to get arrested?

myboomst1ck2 karma

I completely agree with you. Privacy is dead.

FrankenBerryGxM2 karma

What? How the hell was your attorney not able to get the case thrown out to begin with?

myboomst1ck1 karma

Basically he wanted more money from me and i wasnt willing to pay him more... so i fired him and hired someone different.. and by that time, i had already signed a plea agreement saying i was guilty because the prosecution said they would go back into my phone records and charge me for MORE than 3 pounds, which, would raise the mandatory minimum to 3 years instead of 1. So i had to do the one year, and now go back to court to fuck kootenai county in the booty for unlawful imprisonment after my case gets dismissed (hopefully)

GanjaKilla1 karma

I thought if an officer didn't read your miranda rights, any charge would be dropped? Maybe I was misinformed?

myboomst1ck2 karma

That is mostly true from what i understand because it creates doubt of the officers ability to carry out duties. If he forgot to read the miranda rights what else did he forget? or if he Lied in the police report about reading the miranda rights, but the recording clearly shows he didnt, what else did he lie about etc.

Mantan17015 karma

I truly am sorry for ya Bro! I hate that the government is continuing this pointless battle against Cannabis! I myself am a Medicinal User, and I thank (enter deity/non-deity here) that you guys provide a service, even if it's still considered looked down upon.

myboomst1ck9 karma

Also, a lot of people think of medical marijuana as a way for stoners to get around the law.. But what a lot of people dont realize is that opiates (i.e. most prescription drugs that could be the alternative to a medical card) wreak havoc on your body and just DONT work for some symptoms and are simply NOT an option for the chronic pain some people feel.

Mantan17012 karma

I chose MMJ because my mom accidentally overdosed and died from Opiate Painkillers. I've sworn since to NEVER even touch the stuff. I've got a degenerative disc, and on some days, smoking isn't enough for me, but I usually have a thing of oil capsules to help give a heavier dose. And the only side effect: Munchies, sleepiness and euphoria. No risk of death.

myboomst1ck2 karma

sorry to hear that... MJ's side effects do lead to chubiness tho! be careful!

myboomst1ck2 karma

tip your medical provider! ;)

Thanks man i appreciate it!

jmanpc4 karma

Is it possible in jail to more or less keep to yourself and stay out of all the gang-alliance-protection-assrape-drama shit? Just sit in a corner, read a book, don't start shit and generally be silent? Or would someone see you sitting there and claim you as their bitch?

I don't really understand prison culture, and I think I'd rather not find out firsthand.

Sucks you had to go through all that, though. I hope yout future is bright and that label doens't hold you back. I hope 23 months passes quickly.

myboomst1ck9 karma

Yea it is definitely possible. I read a ton of books and sat on my bunk a lot. However, people will start to see you as weak if you don't socialize, play cards, basketball, etc... The last thing you want to do is give anyone a reason to think you are weak. So its just about finding a good mixture of keeping to yourself, and being off your bunk doing whatever you can find to keep yourself occupied. I was extremely lucky befriending the people i did. because, i said in a couple of the other posts, once people start to find out you are going home, they want to take that away from you any way they can... so having some people that are in a gang, to get your back when someone is trying to fight you jsut so you cant go home, is a really good thing.

some_random13 karma

What happens to people that are considered weak?

myboomst1ck6 karma

Food trays get taken, commissary gets stolen... Called a bitch or a punk whenever any of the bigger guys need to vent their frustrations which, leads to fights or getting beat up.

kyler12304 karma

How did you communicate with most of your customers to set up a deal?

myboomst1ck11 karma

Text... phone. Idk i never dreamed in a hundred years i would get busted.. Oregon is so nonchalant about weed....

ilovebaconsamich3 karma

Were a lot of people in prison happy the day Colorado,and Washington legalized marijuana? Are you living in Oregon now, They will probably legalize it before you are off probation.

myboomst1ck17 karma

Yea everyone was stoked. But most people had wrong information about their legalization laws. The unintelligence of inmates never ceased to amaze me. For example, i would get in countless arguments with people about how it was still illegal to SELL marijuana in WA, you could just HAVE up to an ounce on you at the time... they would argue legalization meant hundreds and hundreds of pounds was okay..

I am in southern oregon now on parole. I hope the legalization happens soon, but not too soon. Its important for oregons legislation to understand what the feds are going to do to WA and CO before we jump in. Just last week they raided all of the dispensaries in southern oregon, and those are supposedly legal under state law. plus, i still plan on going to law school.. and if it is at all possible, i would like to be on the forefront of the legalization process... The Green Lawyer

Rockingtits4 karma

You could be the hero cannabis deserves...

myboomst1ck3 karma


Rockingtits3 karma

Haha, i would totally have a beer and a spliff with you. In two years ofcourse...

myboomst1ck4 karma

its a date

Noobcube643 karma

I heard you went of U of O, did you know a person named "Minh?"

myboomst1ck5 karma

I am not sure... I did have an asian ass room mate that would bring friends over all the time.

myboomst1ck4 karma

i only say that because the name looks familiar.

Noobcube642 karma

Would they play Smash Brothers?

myboomst1ck4 karma

All fucking day! hahaha

LoneStar923 karma

Largest amount of product you've moved?

myboomst1ck20 karma

i once moved 35 box's of reese's puffs from winco to my apartment... But i was more about going back and forth from the store, rather than getting a pallet of boxes!

gfunktastic3 karma

What are your future plans? College? Will that be tougher since you cannot get financial aid now?

myboomst1ck12 karma

i actually can get Financial aid. I postponed my sentencing until AFTER the 2012 financial year, so technically, i didnt get a drug charge while i was receiving the aid.

lateskate2 karma

What is your plan now?

myboomst1ck6 karma

I am about a year and a half away from law school. Before, i was majoring in Poli Sci, wanting to get a law degree and then join the military... THe JAG program was always something i wanted to do.. Now, my major is bussiness management with a minor in app development, since, the JAG program is no longer an option now that i am a felon.

Matticus_Rex6 karma

Just a heads-up, a lot of times a felony will make it impossible to actually get accepted into law school.

myboomst1ck4 karma

yea i have looked into it.. Good lookin' out! :)

Gregorqn2 karma

Where were you busted at in Idaho? (I lived in Idaho)

myboomst1ck3 karma


leafs4thecup2 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA. Do you think the crime fit the punishment? Will your criminal record stop you from doing what you want to do for a living? Have you had to make a career change?

Also, I'm not sure how open you are to answering this one, but how did you tell your parents and what was there reaction? How do they feel now?

JefeV8815 karma

Being a felon automatically disqualifies you from about 90% of all jobs. Most places will ask felons to not even apply. On top of being a felon, I have a bad back and can't do manual labor.

So 90% of all jobs won't hire me because I'm a felon. I physically can't do 90% of the jobs that will hire a felon. Probably more than 99% of all available jobs out there are not available to me.

The really shitty thing about that is, before I got arrested, I had TWO jobs that I LOVED that didn't hurt my back, working 60+ hours a week. I lost both of those jobs because I was arrested for marijuana, and now on probation they are trying to "turn me into a productive member of society." Because I wasn't one before they stuck their nose in where it didn't belong. Assholes.

myboomst1ck3 karma

i hear this too often dude... Fuck man sucks.

myboomst1ck11 karma

My parents didn't care much. I didn't have much of a relationship with them growing up (i moved out of their house when i was 15). They both were heavy marijuana users but even if that wasnt the case, i call it the "Oregon state of mind", Weed just isnt a big deal in this state at all.

The only crime on my record is trafficking marijuana, which is a felony... Which makes finding a job a hefty task. I switched my major from poli sci to business management/app development. I am not sure if that is because of my felony or because i decided to chase my dream rather than going for guaranteed success.

KeepRunningAmuck2 karma

Think about computer programming. Its a really good thing to learn

myboomst1ck1 karma

yea i know some basics of a few programming languages... Mobile devices really intrigue me though.

PennTi21 karma

Do you think that either major party, or any corporate-backed candidate has your best interest, or the general welfare of the citizens of the country at heart?

myboomst1ck7 karma

no i don't. Until they take the money out of politics, i find it impossible for anyone to truly represent the people and their interests. I was sso dissappointed when obama decided to tackle gay marriage instead of the medical marijuana issue last year. I hope he finds his balls soon because, well, i honestly think he is the best chance for the feds to finally lower their walls on the busts and the prohibition...

Also, What i have come to realize, is that, once someone gets as much power as even a parole board commissioner, they become completely detached from the general public. they drive their 120 thousand dollar cars, and live up on their private hill in their mansion... They completely lose sight of the modern man and his hustle towards the american dream. They are willing to write people like me off as criminals and a waste to mask their own guilt on turning their back on us for their own gain. Marijuana users and distributors are not criminals. And yet, the rich in this country are willing to treat us as such because the pharmaceutical companies have them in their pocket. and until this changes, i have lost hope in the rich. Not humanity, but the rich.

MatticusG1 karma

How did you fair in prison? Prison doesn't seem like a good fit for a pot dealer, not exactly hard-core, ya know....

myboomst1ck5 karma

No not at all... but i had a solid network of dudes around me. The thing about being in there for pot, is you still have to fit in the best you can. I had almost NOTHING in common with most of the people i would meet in prison.. But i couldn't act like i was better than them or i would become a target. I hated talking about drugs, sex, and crime. So i would avoid people who spoke exclusively about those things... And in doing so, i met some higher ups in two of the gangs (because the shot callers for gangs are actually very intelligent and dont waste their time with day to day prison bull shit), and even though it was two rival gangs, they actually protected me for the last bit of my stay when people were harassing me trying to beat me up (in turn, the people wanting to beat me up could get me in trouble allowing the parole board to revoke my release date)...

KeepRunningAmuck1 karma

What was the motive of revoking your release date if I may ask? Just a display of power or what?

myboomst1ck2 karma

Well, if you get in a fight, they assume that you are a shit stick who either A) cant control your temper B) Wouldnt do well in a community setting C) arent willing to change.... There is very little incentive for the parole board to release a violent person back into the community. Also, for every person incarcerated in the state of idaho, the parole commission makes more money because they all own stock in the private prison system.

Mr_Lenin1 karma

You should provide proof.

myboomst1ck2 karma

On its way... Prison Id Works i assume?

Mr_Lenin1 karma

I suppose we could try that.

FentanylFreak3 karma

I believe we have seen each other before, Reddit is a small world.

myboomst1ck1 karma

Where at? Southern Oregon? Eugene? Or Portland?

FentanylFreak2 karma

Somewhere in Idaho you didn't have to pay rent.

[deleted]2 karma


myboomst1ck1 karma

if not, i dont know you. Never stayed overnight anywhere but his place!

niecy7131 karma

How much marijuana were you caught with?

myboomst1ck1 karma

At the bust i only had 3 pounds.. It couldve been a LOT worse.. that was a smaller trip.

Nacho_Slug1 karma

Do you regret beginning to sell marijuana?

myboomst1ck1 karma

From a different Q:

"I wouldn't change the experience for the world. i learned so much about myself, and honestly, selling weed to college students and the people i met was the best time ive ever had in my life. The money was great.. I didnt spend frivolously. I got to buy a lot of toys and started up a ton of hobbies that i still maintain. I would do it all over again, besides going to that hell hole that was the state of Idaho."

sirnoah271 karma

What are your plans for the future?

myboomst1ck1 karma

From a separate Q:

"I am about a year and a half away from law school. Before, i was majoring in Poli Sci, wanting to get a law degree and then join the military... THe JAG program was always something i wanted to do.. Now, my major is bussiness management with a minor in app development, since, the JAG program is no longer an option now that i am a felon. "

Damnskipp1 karma

Please don't tell me you had to eat the cockmeat sandwhich....

myboomst1ck3 karma

We would call it Horse Cock, as i assume you are talking about the Bologny... If not, no, nothing sexual happened to me during my stay.

Damnskipp2 karma

I was talking about the much less pleasant of the two, but I'm glad you made it out okay.

myboomst1ck1 karma

!!! Thanks!

qasker1 karma

Sentenced to one year in prison but you were in for 17 months? Were 5 of those months before sentencing but it didn't count against your time or something?

myboomst1ck2 karma

No, the parole board requires that you finish a rehab program before your release... Because it took them so long to pick me up from the county jail that they held me at, i was forced to stay past my term of one year to finish the program they wanted me to complete before my release. WeakSauce.

ramadisapper1 karma

How many pounds were you driving out to Idaho? You say the Feds got you, was it just one run where you were set up or did they do multiple controlled buys from you through the informant?

myboomst1ck1 karma

They only had the one encounter on file.. And i didnt even get to the selling part.. i just showed up to where he wanted to meet me and they had me on the ground. I had 3 pounds on me at the time.

ramadisapper1 karma

And they charged you with interstate trafficking? What kind of fines did they hit you with?

myboomst1ck1 karma

I got trafficking because in Idaho anything over 3.5 ounces can be charged as trafficking. they technically couldnt prove that i got my marijuana from oregon.... I have a $5000 fine that i owe to the state of idaho... How in the world am i to make that kind of cash?!?! hahaha just playin'..

TehBoardGirl1 karma

Do you get drug tested often?

myboomst1ck3 karma

Some of the "louder" inmates got tested, but they are supposedly randomly selected. I still havent been tested and ive been on parole for 3 weeks now. I think my PO is giving me some slack on my leash to see what i do with it.

TehBoardGirl5 karma

MUST. FIGHT. ALL. URGES! Best of luck to you!

How long will you be on parole?

myboomst1ck7 karma

23 months but my po can request an early release after 12. There isnt a person on this planet that could influence me to do something to jeopardize my freedom again. Im flying straight this time around haha.

HaruaL1 karma

are you sick of people saying what a dildo you are for getting busted for something as stupid as marijuana?

myboomst1ck1 karma

Usually people are just surprised that marijuana got me locked up like that (it being my only charge ever). Mandatory minimums are evil

HaruaL1 karma

well it is illegal and everything. i live in CO so i forgot how serious it is everywhere else i guess.

myboomst1ck2 karma

Well, being from oregon, it is a very nonchalantly dealt with in my state too. ou see people smoking all over the place in oregon. I have been pulled over with pounds and pounds in my trunk and the cop didnt even bat a lash. I honestly didnt know about no tolerances policies like the one idaho has... I was very arrogant and very ignorant to the law before my arrest. I call it the "oregon state of mind". You have tv shows and movies made in cali glorifying weed, you have people smoking weed all over the place (parks, street corners, driving their cars etc.) because it is basically decriminalized, and then you go to a different state and get a prison sentence.

HaruaL3 karma

i don't smoke so i have no personal interest in it being totally decriminalized but seriously-there are other people that really need to be in prison. leave the marijuana dealers/users/growers out of there.

myboomst1ck2 karma

couldn't agree with you more.

funksolebrotha1 karma

What was your defense strategy at trial? What worked, what didn't work? What did your attorney tell you when you first met, and what did he do that you like or didn't like as the trial went on?

myboomst1ck1 karma

My attorney actually fucked up bad.. so i fired him. My first attorney didn't even negotiate a lower bond fee. He didnt negotiate with the prosecution about lowering my charge from trafficking to possession if i completed rehab... Nothing. So when i got out on bail, i did a little research myself and fired him... He gave me back $1500 of the $5000 i paid for him, which was a nice gesture. The second lawyer i had saw me through sentencing.. and is actually still my lawyer today... Although, he isnt a very good one. We are still fighting my case, with the next and final court date being on the 24th of this month! basically, we are presenting to the judge that the my charge needs to be dismissed on the grounds that two of my constitutional rights were violated and that the mandatory minimum laws in idaho are bullshit.

watsons_crick1 karma

Considering the market is ridiculously saturated. What was the markup per lb heading east?

Considering a lb is roughly $2,400-$2,900, what are the margins when selling a lb in Idaho?

myboomst1ck1 karma

a pound of 7.5/10 on the quality scale will go for 3200-3800 a pound in idaho... ANYWHERE in idaho. Be weary of Couer d'alene though, small town, lots of people willing to talk. In montana prices are similar. North dakota is up to $4500 a pound.

What has the legalization in washington done to prices there in portland?

watsons_crick3 karma

The Couer d'alene police are savage out there. Basically everyone from Oregon and Washington get a full car search regardless of reason, ages 18-30. Especially around September, October (harvest season).

I don't do anything illegal, but i have been pulled over twice and searched in the same trip to Montana. It's like a police hot zone through there.

myboomst1ck1 karma

Yea okay, the market hasnt changed too much in the last 17 months then. Yea, Northern idaho actually has CAMERAS on the highway that scan for out of state plates for these searches. so fucked up.

watsons_crick1 karma

This is hypothetical advice, but if you trusted your "guy", just pack a $50 dollar car off the Craigslist and toss the title and have it shipped out on a tow truck or freight. Lots of independent shippers exist on that website where people bid to ship. Either that or roll on the buss. Vacuum seals do amazing things.

myboomst1ck1 karma

Yea, i always vacuum sealed my stuff and wiped it down with Rubbing alcohol after sealing...

watsons_crick2 karma

I was at a rest stop in St. Regis Montana, and this guy got busted on the buss. The idiot had only ziplock bags and a duffel bag full of weed. The whole stop smelled like weed.

I couldn't believe anyone could be that stupid. The buss smelled like a joint on wheels.

myboomst1ck1 karma

too high man

indiearyan1 karma

what is your next project ?

myboomst1ck2 karma

Working on an app as i finish school and work! really excited about it. Then, if the app doesnt take off, ill be moving onto law school!

LammaLamb1 karma

I haven't smoked yet, but I'm curious if you noticed changes about yourself since you started smoking, and also if there's any tips on how to not get caught, any signs to look for?

myboomst1ck2 karma

With weed, its not like smoking a joint got me to learn anything new... However, the time i spent smoking/sitting alone/listening to music while being stoned, allowed me to sit and think about myself and my past and why i was who i am... if that makes sense... i have never done any other drugs besides weed, except for mushrooms which i did once... Now that is a drug that will teach YOU about yourself, rather than you teaching yourself about yourself... if that makes sense? Basically the one time i took shrooms, i analyzed my every bit of personality, and everything that i had in my life at that time very critically, and by the end of it, i had a blue print for changes that i needed to make for myself. hope this helps!

myboomst1ck1 karma

Also, by the eyedrops called rhotos to prevent red eye after smoking.. and just brush your teeth after smoking to get rid of the musky smell.(avoid hot boxing )

thatwasntyou1 karma

Can you describe some of the thoughts and emotions you had through the trial and sentencing?

myboomst1ck1 karma

That is a tough question... I focused a lot of the thoughts onto paper... Poetry was a great way to vent out my frustration. I remember in the weeks before my sentencing, having suicidal thoughts. . . Nothing i would have ever acted on, but it was such a daunting terror of knowing i would wake up in a brick room everyday for the next 12 months... i would sit on my back porch, smoke a cig, and look up at the stars, trying my hardest to soak in every sensation i could of that very moment. One thing i never did was cry, but looking back, i cant imagine a better feeling than being able to let out the emotion i had to hold in the whole time. One thing i am really thankful for, is my little brother, who was there with me while i was out on bail, and during the weeks leading up to my sentencing. He was only 16, but i remember standing outside with him until 2, sometimes 3 a.m. silent... smoking a cig. And sometimes i would vent with the word "fuck" or "god dammit" under my breath, and he would just walk up to me and give me a hug. Sounds cheesey as fuck but i dont know what i wouldve done without that.

One day when i was out on bail, i did go get my passport... just in case the urge to flea the charge got bad enough. im glad i never did.

Strom1911 karma

If you were sentenced to one year why did you serve 17 months?

myboomst1ck1 karma

from a similar question:

"he parole board requires that you finish a rehab program before your release... Because it took them so long to pick me up from the county jail that they held me at, i was forced to stay past my term of one year to finish the program they wanted me to complete before my release. WeakSauce."

Not_So_Scientific1 karma

What are your best and worst memories/moments from prison?

myboomst1ck1 karma

One time, we got this kid to stick an egg in his butt, walk over to the toilet while flapping his arms like a chicken and clucking, and then shoot the egg in the toilet. He needed envelopes to write home to his girlfriend. we gave him 10 for that job and it only took him two attempts! i know it is gross, but i dont think i have ever laughed as hard as i did that day.

Not_So_Scientific2 karma

So that was... Best?

myboomst1ck1 karma

oh i am sorry... yea that was the best. The worst memory i have, is a time i saw someone beat with a masterlock in a sock in the bathroom until the guy counldnt move and every inch of his face had been caved in with the swinging of the lock... It was brutal.. The guy had molested 22 children.. apparently his wife owned a daycare where he would touch the kids... but still.. pretty fucked up

Not_So_Scientific2 karma

Well that answers my third question. I heard plenty of stories about pedophiles and sex offenders being hated even by inmates. I guess I don't have to ask how true it is now.

myboomst1ck1 karma

Very true. Fun fact: A reason why the northenos are hated so much as a gang is because they are known to let sex offenders live amongst them... which makes them look weak... which makes the other gangs want to fuck with them more.

i hate that i know all of this shit.

stahlgrau1 karma

How much weed did you get caught with?

How were you apprehended?

myboomst1ck2 karma

3 pounds. an assoiciate in idaho snitched on me so the DEA would drop 5 of his felony charges... they gave me one to drop his five. fml

pastpresent1 karma

I bet you're a better trafficker now then before you went in.

myboomst1ck1 karma

Hahaha, yea, you learn a lot of criminal shit when you are surrounded by criminals. But i wont go back to that place for anything, or anyone. Straight sailin for me.


How much did you approximately make in total? Did you keep all the money you made? Or did they take it?

myboomst1ck1 karma

from a similar question: "i didnt exactly count each dollar i made, but in my last 9 months i would say just over one hundred grand."

From a similar question: "i invested my money into items. Music production equipment, Nikon D7000, snowboard equipment, laptops and tech, tvs... My last term in school i spent the remainder of my cash on furniture for the new home i moved into... swedish furniture.. Knife sets etc. etc. etc. Now i am broke but have a ton of nice shit. hellllloooo ladies. lol"

KellyEllsworth1 karma

good luck finding a decent job and housing, property management co. and corporations don't care for x-felons.

myboomst1ck1 karma

I know. All you can do is try though!

Jamator011 karma

How did it feel getting out just as the country started to legalize marijuana in some states?

myboomst1ck1 karma

It made me feel stronger for having to have gone through it. I am typically not religious, however, it made me feel like it was meant to be in some ways. No resentment.

PounderMcNasty1 karma

How was the prison hooch?

myboomst1ck1 karma

My buddy made orange whine frequently. Tasted pretty damn good!

over9000calls1 karma

Were there any Marijuana advocacy groups, medical or recreational, that you reached out to or that attempted to help you?

myboomst1ck1 karma

No i thought about it.. I probably should still do that lol. I am still fighting my case.

red5rogue11 karma

The problem with drug dealers is that they don't utilize Just In Time (JIT), where you wouldn't ever be carrying enough to be charged as a dealer. The suppliers would have a constant chain from their supplies to their customers, with small amounts of drugs in everyone's hand, but constantly changing hands. With the addition of storage locations (also with small amounts) to prevent bottle necks, no one could ever be convicted of a felony. It would allow the same number of customers to receive their product without the risk of a felony. While this would complicate the supply chain, the risk would be so much lower that it would more than pay for itself.

The extra work would be worth it to avoid state slavery.

myboomst1ck4 karma

in the state of idaho, any amount of marijuana is a felony.

weednglass2 karma

No it's not, any amount under three ounces is a misdemeanor. Intent to distribute is a felony though.

myboomst1ck3 karma

t is illegal to knowingly or intentionally possess marijuana in Idaho. (Id. Code Ann. § 37-2732(c).) Penalties vary according to the amount possessed. Up to three ounces. A violation is a misdemeanor, punishable with up to one year in jail, a fine of up to $1,000, or both. (Id. Code Ann. § 37-2732(c)(3).) More than three ounces. A violation is a felony, punishable with up to five years in prison, a fine of up to $10,000, or both. (Id. Code Ann. § 37-2732(e).)

i stand corrected.. thank you!!!!

caboople1 karma

Are you more productive now that you're sober?

myboomst1ck0 karma

i was productive even when i was stoned. I swear nobody could ever tell when i had smoked. But now that i am out of prisn, i am the most productive i have ever been.. and i dont think that that comes from not smoking.. just a new appreciation on life..

underkoverbrother1 karma

Where in idaho were u arrested and put in prison. I'm from boise. I heard the ab is deep out there

myboomst1ck1 karma

I was arrested at cherry hill park in Couer d'alene. I was held in Kootenai county jail for 3 months, Shoshone county jail for 4 months, and then i was transfered down to the prison system in Boise to finish up my term/start my rehab programs.

bootysmashfittyseven1 karma

5 grams a day? just switch to hash oil and be done with it.

myboomst1ck4 karma

i liked smoking. it was a nice break from whatever else i had going on.

bootysmashfittyseven3 karma

Yeah I feel you on that, at the same time you can smoke oil just the same amount of times per day; just do small dabs. you feel high everytime instead of chasing an ephemeral high that never really gets you there, plus there's much less wear and tear on your lungs. 5 grams vs 1.25 of oil assuming the weed you were smoking was Cali medical with 25% thc. No burnt plant matter in your lungs, better tasting and more satisfying. Anyway definitely look in to it.

myboomst1ck3 karma

will do once i am legal!

DeadlyShot1 karma

Let me guess...The Yard?

myboomst1ck2 karma

Yea i was there for a bit, then to the farm.

BagOChipz1 karma

have you ever smoked mids before?

myboomst1ck1 karma


I-tell-the-truth0 karma

What is your favorite song about jail or prison, or that relates in some way to your time there?

myboomst1ck2 karma

Cartoons and cereal by Kendrick Lamar.

It reminds me of the relationship between me and my brother.

howiegroove0 karma

Hey man, thanks for doing the ama!

Just curious, but what were you caught with? Reason I ask is my best friend just got hemmed up with 6 units and 25k. I can't get into too much detail here since its ongoing and just gonna go to trial soon.

Did you have a good attorney? What did they charge you with initially and what actually ended up sticking? Did you happen to get any conspiracy charges?

I hope this isnt asking too much and please ignore the questions that you don't feel comfortable answering.


myboomst1ck2 karma

Not a problem man! Was he in idaho? He will most likely get stuck with the mandatory minimum ( the judge cant even change the sentence if he wanted to) which for 6 pounds is 3 years in idaho. The prosecution will probably come at him with a plea deal like, "we will drop it down to 3 pounds and give you the one year mandatory minimum if you plea guilty now" because they want to get the trial with as soon as possible. My lawyer really fucked up a good opprotunity in my case (two constitutional rights were violated) so i fired him and i am currently in the post conviction relief process for my case....

The best advice i could give to your buddy is to BAIL out of jail as soon as possible, and find a lawyer that is willing to stall, and stall, and stall, and stall for as long as possible. I heard quite a few success stories of people stalling their case out 9, 12, 18 months sometimes and the prosecution finally gives because they are sick of wasting time on a drug case. It really depends on what state he is in too. Arizona, New mexico, idaho, and nevada all have pretty terrible weed laws.

My conspiracy charge got swapped to my trafficking charge shortly after my arrest. I was charged 5k for my attorney, which was a little pricey if you ask me. .. Depending on what the lawyer says he can do, i wouldn't pay more than 8k for one on a drug case... because the truth is, they are cut and dry. Your rights were either violated or they werent. I was originally charged with possession of marijuana, and then the state picked up the charges from the county and it turned into trafficking. So my charge only got worse. the prosecution tried to give me a plea bargain twice. i took the second bargain. At first they said 1 year in prison with 14 on parole. and then they came at me with the 1 year in prison with r on parole which i took. the judge said he thought that was ridiculous and dropped the 4 years on parole down to two.

Hope that helps!

howiegroove1 karma

He's on the east coast. That's all I can say on that just to be safe. I think his attorney is stalling and he is paying a pretty penny too. He was out of jail shortly after being booked. From what I know the prosecution needed more time to prepare for the case and they gave it to them for a deal of sorts. I know they have him in tape and shit. It's a first time offense. He went to rehab on his own and straightened his shit up. In the end it's the best thing for him but its hard to see your best bro going through this shit.

Like I said, I'm trying to be a bit vague though since we are in a public forum. But I know you catch the drift.

myboomst1ck1 karma

yea i understand. well fuck it sounds like he is doing/has done everything he needs to do. the first time offense will look good, and so will the rehab. Hopefully there isnt a mandatory minimum in whatever state he is in.

That was one thing i never anticipated was the effect my incarceration would have on my friends and loved ones. Its a beautiful thing to realize you have people that care for your well being. Keep your head up brother... and good luck to your friend!

SodasMc0 karma

Hey! You were in Idaho, we never get any recognition here.. Too bad it was from a guy who was arrested for drugs, but still, IDAHO!

myboomst1ck6 karma

Idaho sucks balls. Seriously, ugliest fucking state ever! ANd BSU fails.