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Snitching never pays.....except for the guy who got off 5 felonies for getting you one.

Sorry had to point that out.

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Cole World: The Sideline Story dropped literally 7 days after I got out of rehab for a painkiller addiction, I had $17 to my name and was at Target with some people from the halfway house I was at when they filled a prescription for xanax and tried to get me to buy some with the little bit of money I had left and instead of relapsing I bought your album and listened to it every day for over a year. I know the story is kind of cheesy but I just wanted to say thanks for helping me through a hard time.

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They have someone typing their replies for them.

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Is Charlamagne sitting over your shoulder and secretly typed that last sentence when you looked away?

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He cussed my friend out at a lil Wayne concert and threw his beer in her face because she asked for a picture during the show. I'd say he's a little crazy.