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TIL that I need to be involved in financial domination

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Gonna need those.

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I worked in the VR&E (Voc Rehab) department in the VA Regional Office in downtown Oakland. I was a Combat Engineer in the Army and participated in C-IED, suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury from a blast during my second tour in Iraq. I have some pretty solid connections in Voc Rehab and went through the program myself for a Masters, I would be more than willing to hook you up with the right people over there brother.

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Having completed two combat tours in Iraq with the US Army (Baghdad 03-04, Ramadi 05-06) every time I come in contact with another combat Veteran we swap "war stories" so I feel like I'm in the position to ask you this one brother: What was your closest brush with death?

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That's real heavy bro... thanks for having the courage to share that with us, I know there's nothing easy about it... lost a lot of good friends over there.. some things you just never forget.