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What is your ideal breakfast?

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I just attended the funeral for my grandmother Wednesday. The staff at the funeral home were excellent. They were very attentive and caring. All I could think, though, is these guys have sat through thousands of funerals. How do they keep it up? How do you continue to show compassion or at least fake it so well? Does it get depressing dealing with grieving people day in and day out?

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it's having the choice of being the type of woman you want to be.

That is an excellent, concise definition. People make feminism way too complicated.

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I had some great memories on that ride. One in particular was around Mardi Gras if I remember correctly, because everyone was stumbling around with a Yard of Beer, you know, the three foot long beer glass...

Anyways, a large majority of the people on my cruise were wasted. The skipper "ran out of ammo" so he had to fight off Jaws with Kung Fu. He whipped his arms around and kicked and then BOOM! Charred Jaws.

It was rather amazing. The other people on the ride loved it, and I'd never seen such an impressive display of Kung Fu prowess.

Was that you?

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Awesome movie!

What was your favorite unscripted part of the Dynamite?