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Idaho is a shit state when it comes to pot. Last November I got caught with just under an ounce, but because it was separated into eighths, I was charged with felony possession with intent to deliver. I'm on 5 years of probation, with up to 5 years in prison hanging over my head.

Shitty thing is, I wasn't actually dealing, I just split off a 10 sack to one buddy from time to time, and they found texts "proving it". If I had actually been dealing, I would have been taking more precautions, and probably wouldn't have been caught.

One funny thing, they had singled out another set of texts from the same guy as "proof" that I was dealing. It was a conversation about me picking up some candy bars for him and his woman on my way over there. I guess because I asked regular or king sized, that was code for drugs. I literally was just getting them candy bars.

TL;DR Idaho sucks, cops suck, prosecutors are stupid.

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Yeah, the prosecutor made me look like a lying, baby-raping, murdering, tax-evading, drug slinging gangster. By lying and twisting the truth. Really I'm just an injured hippie that loves weed and uses it as medicine to avoid losing my life to pain killers.

Yeah, that is a big part of it. Also, even the non-mormons are pretty conservative totally ignorant and retarded when it comes to weed. While I was sitting in county waiting for sentencing, they announced on the news that the state legislature had announced that Idaho would NEVER EVER EVER, not in a million years, legalize weed for any reason, medical or recreational.

While polls of voters have been showing increasing support for it over the last 8 years or so... For at least the last 3 years, more Idaho voters have been for legalizing medical than against it. Yeah, the government sure does execute the will of the people... Idiots...

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Being a felon automatically disqualifies you from about 90% of all jobs. Most places will ask felons to not even apply. On top of being a felon, I have a bad back and can't do manual labor.

So 90% of all jobs won't hire me because I'm a felon. I physically can't do 90% of the jobs that will hire a felon. Probably more than 99% of all available jobs out there are not available to me.

The really shitty thing about that is, before I got arrested, I had TWO jobs that I LOVED that didn't hurt my back, working 60+ hours a week. I lost both of those jobs because I was arrested for marijuana, and now on probation they are trying to "turn me into a productive member of society." Because I wasn't one before they stuck their nose in where it didn't belong. Assholes.

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Try 9 decades. Outright prohibition of marijuana began in the 1920s. It is included as a schedule I narcotic, the main qualification being that it has no medicinal use whatsoever. It is definitely time for some major reform in marijuana laws.

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