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you're saying too much. everybody has your name.. i wouldn't advertise that you may go back to smoking in 23 months. people can be dicks and so can judges and PO's.

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Have you ever got the chance to quote Denzel Washington and yell "I'll put cases on ALL YOU BITCHES! I'm the police, I run this motherfucker, y'all just live here! King Kong ain't got SHIT ON ME!" while flashing your badge? That's the first thing I'd do as a cop.

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What do you mean went all "Italian mob"on him and his family? Why is every single piece of information i can find about it on the Web so mysterious and vague or intentionally over exaggerated? What did he do EXACTLY? ED says they killed HBCs wife, other sites say similar things about going "mob style on his family"..so what then, was it Phone calls or actual murder or what? This is all new to me I've never heard of any of these people.

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Are your parents still alive, and did they support you through the entire process? Or did the money start coming in larger and larger gaps, less and less fewer visits and cards over time etc? I imagine that some of your close people were there at first and faded away after while?

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That's exactly what i thought. Just playing telephone and regurgitating what they heard and it all came from the same source. "so first they, you know bla bla bla, then they went all, you know, BIG TIME BRO, bla blah and that's how it ended. Shit got SO real."