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Try them bitches with cream cheese, and they'll go from delicious to the best thing ever... especially because I know you've been spending the last 1.5 years fantasizing about what you're going to eat first.

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I imagine you sitting alone in your hotel room/apartment drinking out of a bottle with a voiceover where you talk about how you can't get the images of ball-stomping and Urethral Ultra-sounds out of your head (unlike most, I actually WON'T be googling that). Internet noir.

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Oh. Man. That's seriously dark. I'm glad there are people like you that mop up and solve the problems the police might not even touch. Is there any risk to you if your computer is found to have been accessing illegal porn, or could you just present facts showing it was for an investigation?

Also, do you think people with a less-than-legitimate background would be properly suited to a job like private investigation? Have you ever seen Bored to Death?

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No, they say PO-lease.

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I know more about the mentality of imprisonment than I'd like to, and my most vivid memories of it revolve around food fantasies.