Hey guys! I used to work the front counter and as a dancer at the famous Lusty Lady in Seattle, where they are known for having hilarious marquee signs out front. Ask me absolutely anything! I wore a wig when I danced and looked completely different than I did when i worked the front counter giving people change, my dancer name was Mystery!

Here's a photo of me backstage before going up for my shift(SFW): http://i.imgur.com/WnmA1ab.jpg

Here's a photo of me at the time I worked there, and what I looked like when i worked the front counter: http://i.imgur.com/7ymYWc2.jpg Most did not know I was a dancer there, hence the name Mystery.

EDIT: Here is a current photo of me, hair grown out, but spooky as ever! http://i.imgur.com/0FkHeDh.jpg

EDIT 2: It seems you guys all keep wondering what it is I do for a living now. I quit dancing about 6 years ago, and I am now a professional photographer, makeup artist and personal stylist. Usually to musicians. I have a 4 year old daughter and a family. 5 and a half years clean and sober from all drugs! If interested, here's my photography work: www.facebook.com/gakphoto

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Naggers123520 karma

You should sleep with someone as photo 1 then change into photo 4 when they're asleep

msgak289 karma

Lol, if only I had thought of that before I threw out the wig.

That and I'm pretty sure my boyfriend might get mad at me, perhaps he should wake up to me in the morning with the wig and natural makeup on, might scare him!

Naggers123130 karma

throw on 'Thriller' by MJ then shuffle out of there

msgak582 karma

I shit you not on Halloween one year thriller came on and I did the entire dance naked. The customers were not amused.

But I was.

YourNextExHusband127 karma

Id tip you sooo hard for that. Hilarious.

msgak205 karma

Right? I thought it was awesome. But everyone else is like "I CAME HERE TO SEE PUSSY GOD DAMN IT!!"

YourNextExHusband46 karma

Perverts! I gotta get the DJ at my spot to play that now. Hilarity might ensue. Or they will curse him out

msgak53 karma


starwarsnerdguy17 karma

What sort of philistine can't appreciate the novelty of a naked stripper performing the thriller dance on stage? I, for one, would be very entertained by this.

msgak16 karma

It was the shining moment in my stripping career.

mrloree4 karma

who the hell wouldn't be amused by that. naked chicks = awesome. thriller dance = awesome. adding them together should only result in awesome

msgak5 karma

It really should. I wouldn't be mad if a video of it floated around the internet with my lady bits on full display. Worth it!

Redpubes310 karma

What's the creepiest thing a customer has done/said to you?

msgak882 karma

well that all depends on what area I was working that day.

When i was a dancer there was this guy that used to come in every week that we all called uncreatively "The Cum Eater." He would enter a booth after some guy had blown his load, beating the janitor there, and would pick up the guy's cum, and have you watch him eat it.

That was pretty gross. He tipped you well in the private booth if you watched him enthusiastically.

I've also seen way too much poop in my time there.

jhbdkkck412 karma

any poop seems a little too much poop by my standards.

msgak277 karma


violue103 karma

this was NOT the right AMA to read after eating

msgak135 karma

Sorry if you were expecting more sexy.

chaosmosis143 karma

Come for the sexy, stay for the scary.

msgak235 karma

The scary is far more interesting! I've seen a man jack off with stanger's jizz before!

not_the_14us194 karma

Wow I've never noped out of a thread before... impressive.

msgak120 karma

I am honored!

if_you_say_so_bruh96 karma


msgak199 karma


I can never unsee.

Flannelboy212 karma

Ha-ha! We are the true winners here!

msgak15 karma

That you are...

chaosmosis30 karma

I think this thread might end up joining other infamous stories like Jolly Rancher, Cumbox, Doritoes, etc.

Thanks for the AMA. I think.

msgak40 karma

Any time! And do you really think they are as bad as those ones? Because damn, those 3 are pretty god damn disgusting. Not saying these stories aren't... but I don't feel it's as bad.

vercetian25 karma

You're fine, so long as we don't start the injecting drugs into the taint stories.

msgak68 karma

Oh! That reminds me of this one time...

just kidding.

happycj88 karma

That's even better than the story I told when I was a tour guide on the Seattle Lust Tour! I didn't realize he wanted you ladies to watch...

msgak121 karma

Haha yeah, one guy also wanted you to watch while he massaged his hands in cum.

if_you_say_so_bruh98 karma

I've driven by The Lusty lady on many occasions (mostly because I was working). Having read everything above this comment, I am really glad I kept driving. That withstanding, you seem like a cool chick.

msgak84 karma

Why thank you!

thepickupbear52 karma

Were the stories true of the guy who liked to put rocks in his dick hole while the girls watched?

msgak78 karma

I never saw that guy, or heard about it, may have not been in my time. Wouldn't be surprised though.

KevinSpacelySprocket31 karma

Diablo Cody had the same sort of story in "Candy Girl," but I think that was SexWorld in Minneapolis.

msgak46 karma

Huh, well I suppose there is more than 1 Cum Eater in the world then...

Basement_duhweller25 karma

wtf, I think that's worse than the cum box story....

msgak67 karma

I dunno, the cum box story is pretty gross.

SHITMANGLER_PRO_300032 karma

Yeah, but at least cum box was dude's own jizzles.

msgak76 karma

yeah I'm pretty sure I even saw a dude jack off with a stranger's jizz for lube.

Soxsider258 karma

Of your coworkers, how many were actually going to school?

msgak565 karma



karmapolice2794 karma

one of my friends gf is a stripper and i have it confirmed she is a student. idk how serious of a student she is, but she's a student.

msgak115 karma

Yeah I know a few porn actresses, strippers and cam girls that go to school. Just no one did at the establishment I worked at.

countvoncastro162 karma

I will explain this place for those unfamiliar...

I think maybe people dont understand that this was a "peepshow" type place. You go into a little stall just smaller then a port-o-potty. The bottom of the door is missing to about your knee height. There are two kinds of booths, ones where the girls can see you( regular glass), and ones where they cant( a two way mirror).

Once in the booth, you put a quarter into a slot, and a partician rises up showing a room. In the room are the girls danging around. The room is oval shaped and rather small. about a dozen or so Booths line the one side of the dancers room and the other side is a mirrored wall.

The problem with the mirror is, you can see the guys in the booths next to you that chose the "girls can see you option", and they usually got their dong in their hand, up towards the glass so the girls can see them Jacking off. And unfortunatly, you can too.

Now what happens with all this jacking off in these little booths? Well, the floor is slippery, and for gods sake dont touch anything on the walls !!

I had gone here numerous times when I had just turned 18.(mid 90's) The funniest part was walking by the booths and seeing peoples feet all torqued out to the sides of the booth as they were Jacking off.

and it being open and only 25cents, you see why so many weirdos would go there.

Guess I should ask a question...... How much did the janitor get paid to mop jizz up all day? lol

msgak23 karma

You could only see them jacking off in two windows, the big stalls on either end of the stage with a window that comes down to where their junk is. Still though, 2 too many dicks to your liking I imagine.

and I am not sure about how much the janitors made, between 10 and 12 dollars an hour i think, possibly more.

Lathangames144 karma

As a teenager who always dreamed of the wonders inside, it's a shame the place closed a few weeks before I turned 18. A few main questions I guess:

What was the vibe like? I assume a lot of older men, but Seattle has always surprised me.

Why did it close down? I would hope a land mark like that would be sustainable.*

msgak247 karma

Men of all ages would actually come inside(zing). Everything from crackheads to business men. The vibe often varied dependent on the time of day. After 5 pm it could be relaxed and fairly normal people, just trying to get off for a few and head home, but the later in the night, or earlier in the morning, the weirder it gets.

And I had since left when it closed, I was really bummed I didn't get to go to the party, but we were suffering when I was there, that hotel they were building next door had a lot to do with it. Their construction blocked one of the signs and the foot traffic was much lower.

throwawaylustylady67 karma

I visited a few times. I stopped working in Seattle otherwise I'd probably still visit. Didn't know the place shut down, sorry to hear that!

I'm just an ordinary guy. I had an ordinary desk job, have an ordinary wife who's into ordinary sex. I visited maybe because I was looking for something besides internet porn to jack off to. So tired of internet porn, a 3d woman is always better, even if she's behind glass (my opinion of course). It could be I visited just to feel something different - escape the business/middle class life just for a few minutes a couple times a year. Not sure.

msgak67 karma

Yeah it shut down a few years back.

And we had lots of regular looking guys come in, it wasn't that bad of a place.

MissWilde133 karma

Do you have any embarrassing moments or stories that happened whilst you were working? Please tell!

msgak430 karma

So many. One time a guy shit in the booth and smacked it on the glass separating us. All the girls screamed. A lot. Then the window slide back down and it got stuck in between the glass and window slider thing. The janitor working that day quit. :\

cancercures169 karma

How often did janitors rage-quit? What was the average turnaround for janitors and jizzmoppers?

Did any dancers ever quit in a torrid of chaos?

msgak206 karma

Not too often, I mean they were already willing to take a job fully knowing they'd have to mop up jizz, they tolerated a lot.

And yeah dancers quit all the time, hell even I ended up quitting on the spot.

cancercures108 karma

What made you quit finally? Was there a "last straw"?

msgak185 karma

Sort of, I got in a car accident and my injury to my neck made it kind of hard to work, and mix that with everyone found out, which i was not comfortable with. People I knew, or rather didn't know that well but were always creeping on me in my social life outside of work, started showing up and stuff. I just grew tired of it all. I stayed on as the front counter person for a while, but my hours were cut so I left.

ettuaslumiere63 karma

So how much does a jizz mopper make?

msgak85 karma

I don't remember, I never was a janitor there, I think it was somewhere between 10-12 dollars an hour.

[deleted]1 karma


msgak4 karma

I just got tired of it. I had a car accident injury that was shit to deal with, and knowledge of my job spread to a lot of people I didn't really want to deal with showing up(which many of them did).

if_you_say_so_bruh3 karma

I can imagine. You were simply a dancer, but they took it to mean, Hey, I can probably get some pussy from her! People simply don't make the distinction between being a dancer and a person trying to live their life. *Am I even in the ball park with this assumption?

msgak2 karma

Yeah that's pretty accurate.

papasmurf25585 karma

He picked up the shit and smacked it on the glass? Wtf?

msgak140 karma

Yes. Yes he did. And he wasn't the only one.

if_you_say_so_bruh63 karma

Ugh! Whats wrong with people?

msgak95 karma

Your guess is as good as mine.

rrawlings151 karma

Wow, i had a friend who worked as a jizz mopper there back in the late 90's / early 2000's. I have new respect for him.

msgak63 karma

They really put up with a lot there.

sczmbz10 karma

Is there a literal cum dumpster?

msgak20 karma

You know, I never really thought about it... probably more like a cum drain from cleaning out the mop bucket.

karmichoax118 karma


msgak272 karma

I never saw any disgruntled wives or gfs. But my co-worker told me one time a regular was extra douchey to him, and so one day when he was out front smoking, the douche walked by with his wife, so my co-worker said "Hey Jim!" and his wife flipped out.

And I've caught people giving blow jobs, smoking crack and shitting in the booths.

My favorite was I had a microphone behind the counter and the security cams so I could yell at people over the mic that didn't know I could see them doing shit they weren't supposed to.

karmichoax211 karma


msgak351 karma

More like "Hey, quit trying to look at that dude's balls" when one of them would be looking under a booth door. They'd get all mad like "I was tryin' to see tits not balls GOD!"

karmichoax87 karma


msgak104 karma

I'm happy to do it!

chainsawmurderingaxe108 karma

That haircut.. How much did you regret it?

EDIT: Well.. At least you HAVE hair now, Thanks for the update!

I'm just kidding, you look awesome :P

msgak177 karma

Not at all. I rocked it for 6 years haha. I've since grown it out, but I enjoyed it while i had it. And hell, even I get a laugh out of it when I see it pop up on places like Perez Hilton's website.

dsutari11 karma

Fuck yeah - hair can always be cut off, dyed, changed and started over. Terrible tattoos are the biggest regret.

msgak10 karma

Yeah, and I actually like my tattoos. I only had one when I worked at the LL though.


(confession bear)

I would probably laugh at you in public with that haircut.

msgak34 karma

That's cool, it doesn't really bother me. To each his own!

TheReasonableCamel104 karma

Why'd you choose the name Mystery?

What's the most you've ever been tipped?

Do you have to deal with weird people often?

msgak178 karma

The girls thought it was hilarious that I looked so different from my appearance when i worked the front, that they all named me Mystery. So I kept it. Tipping worked differently there, but I made 60% of whatever I did in the "private booth" and I've made well over 1,000 in one sitting(which was commonly about an hour). Yes, weird people. Weird people everywhere. A lot of crack heads, and an alarming amount of men who loved to touch/eat other men's cum they left on the floor.

Mr_DNA77 karma

Just ONE man eating another man's cum off the floor is alarming.

msgak109 karma

Yeah who knew that was a thing.

TheReasonableCamel76 karma

Eat other mens cum.....what?

msgak94 karma


willbilly35 karma

If it's not too forward, what kind of things did you do in the "private booth"? Any lasting psychological effects of working there?

msgak57 karma

Usually masturbate.

and no not really, I accept I did what I did, am pretty open about it, and that chapter is now closed in my life.

Whodafuqcares100 karma

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being nearly silent and 10 being deafening, how loud can you burp?

msgak119 karma

full 10!

skaternewt83 karma

I know this is probably gonna get buried, but when I was on a field trip in 5th grade to the S.A.M, I was sitting in the bus looking at the lusty lady. Out front were 2 of the ladies who worked there. I waved at one of them and they walked over and said hi to me through the bus window. So my point is, I want to thank your establishment for helping me look like the biggest pimp in my elementary school.

msgak76 karma

I will pass this along to all the ladies! I would be outside in my robe taking a break and those duck tours would always drive by, and try to distract everyone from looking our way, we loved waving at people and showing we were generally cheerful

bigsrg75 karma

Is there a "typical" kind of guy that dancers tend to date?

I'd imagine most guys couldn't deal with the scenario.

msgak127 karma

My husband didn't really care, it brought in money. He was military. Can't speak for other girls. I am now divorced, and in a relationship with a guy that couldn't give two shits about what I did for a living. He loves me regardless.

if_you_say_so_bruh62 karma

I, just this month, discovered a porn star I'd never heard of. Her name is Dee Siren. I was alarmed to discover that it was her husband that talked her into doing porn (short story). He chooses her Johns and they film it. Its profitable but that arrangement bothers me. I even felt weird communicating with them over twitter. I'm like, DUDE! THAT'S YOUR WIFE!!

msgak108 karma

That is strange but if they are happy and being safe, more power to them. I have plenty of friends in the porn business, some even in loving committed relationships. Some people just see things differently I guess.

if_you_say_so_bruh24 karma

I guess. I know I couldn't do it.

msgak99 karma

Honestly me neither. Stripping was one thing, I had little to no contact with customers, but porn? Nah, I'm a one guy kinda lady. Monogamy ftw!

whosinthetrunk61 karma

Have you ever danced for a woman? If so, do you prefer it?

msgak110 karma

Yeah several times! It's usually completely different, and a lot of fun

ddiggity52 karma

You said you used to work there. What do you do now? How did you get started as a dancer? How was the pay?

Edit: Punctuation.

msgak88 karma

I actually own my own photography business now. It was a glorified hobby back then, but I've since taken my work to a professional level. And I got started as a dancer when I needed a job, and a friend of mine danced there. I started out as the front counter girl though, giving people change and watching security cameras, then one day I decided to audition! The pay was great, we got hourly pay instead of working for tips, and we didn't have to pay and rent fees.

varjo_vaeltaja46 karma

Are you actually a lusty lady? How often, if ever, did you run into guys who became a little bit to...attached to you?

Was the pay good?

What is the weirdest/nastiest thing that you did?

Do you have any particularly interesting stories?

msgak190 karma

I wouldn't really call myself a "lusty" lady, I was actually married at the time when I worked there. I was lusty for him though ;)

And yeah I had a few that would try to follow me to my car(we usually had to have someone on the staff escort us to our vehicles or bus stop), some that would call asking for my address and such. It could get creepy sometimes.

The pay was actually pretty good. Unlike most places, we got paid hourly. 14 dollars to start and over the next few months earning raises up to 20 dollars per hour. We didn't get tips every night like most dancers, but we had a tip box. We'd let the tips sit for a year and every Christmas event we had called "Play Day" they'd split the money that accumulated and give everyone a pretty decent bonus.

I worked in a private pleasures booth, I can never not know the things that went on in there..... The things we do for money eh? I even shoved a lotion bottle(that did not belong to me) up my ass for more money.....

One time when I was working the front, an elderly man and a young Asian man came in together. Now, 2 people to a booth is prohibited but we got people trying to do that shit all the time. So anyway, I note the oddity and get back to work. While working the front I also have to watch the security cameras. I noticed two in a booth so I grabbed my mag flashlight, locked up, and headed to the door. I knocked and said "Only one to a booth please exit" at this time I noticed there was a person on their knees. I was completely ignored. So I opened the door. There on his knees was the young Asian guy, sucking off the old man. I started asking them to stop. They wouldn't. I start yelling(please sir take the dick out of your mouth!), they still don't listen. It ended with me hitting him over the head with my flashlight and throwing them out. Shit was weird.

if_you_say_so_bruh44 karma

I start yelling (Please Sir, take the dick out of your mouth!), they still don't listen.

LMBO that you seriously had to yell this at someone.

msgak36 karma

I did, it was surreal. I had to yell it multiple times too!

jhbdkkck31 karma

20$ an hour!!! that is shit!

ThrowawayMyBitches52 karma

Maybe. But IMHO I'd rather be paid by the hour 'cause it's more stable and doesn't encourage "extras".

msgak44 karma

Yeah exactly why I didn't mind

ThrowawayMyBitches15 karma

Did you make enough on stage that you didn't have to do private stuff/lap dances? Or was that required?

msgak27 karma

It was optional but I actually chose to do the private shows. I even did a few with other dancers sharing the booth with me for extra money dollars.

ThrowawayMyBitches19 karma

Damn! That sounds like my dream job. I'm a bit of an exhibitionist and I love to dance, so I've always wanted to strip. But the clubs around me are all high-contact type places (stage-as-advertising-for-lapdances rather than stage for it's own sake), and that's really not my cup of tea :(

msgak28 karma

What about being a Cam girl? I know girls that do that and they dance on cam for men!

msgak38 karma

I wasn't complaining, that is a lot to a 19 year old.


Is a job that plays 20/hr really shit? Or is that only for stripping/sex related jobs?

msgak37 karma

I think in the sex industry it's considered shitty, but compared to a job at McDonalds I was pretty excited at the idea of making more than min wage.


Yeah, I asked because I didn't think it was shit... :/

msgak20 karma

neither did I until a few people on here were like "NO." And I've been a dancer at other places and made WAY less.

msgak5 karma

neither did I until a few people on here were like "NO." And I've been a dancer at other places and made WAY less.

ZachMorrisT1000-1 karma

Very shit... Strippers can make like $500+ a night... I live in Toronto and if you are making $20 an hour or less you are struggling.

msgak7 karma

I enjoyed the security of getting paid that way.

moijejoue2 karma

I can understand that. But payed by tips/dances even on a bad night should pay more than 20/hr. That is an incredibly low amount of money for the type of job.

msgak6 karma

Yeah and I get that, but i can't exactly take that back now, 8 years later!

flirtyfeller3 karma

Private pleasures booth?

msgak3 karma

It's a booth that they pay more money to have a private show with you. You are still behind glass but you can talk to each other, unlike on stage, and take requests for certain "activities."

happycj42 karma

Were you working when the band The Swedish Legal System shot their video for "You're so vain" inside? It looks like it was a lot of fun.


msgak37 karma

No I do not believe so! But holy shit watching this reminds me that dressing room was so tiny!

leroy_sunset41 karma

What are you doing now? And what do you put on your resume for the years worked at the LL?

msgak101 karma

I'm a professional photographer and personal stylist now. And my resume says 'Seattle Amusement Company' instead of Lusty Lady. :)

dontcallmebabe27 karma

Just out of curiosity, do people ever ask more in depth questions about the 'Amusement Company?" What is your response?

msgak79 karma

They never really do because I explain my job duties in a way to make it seem more like a bar or venue with entertainment and not nakedness.

ctm1858441 karma

What kind of cash did you make? What % of what a customer paid did you get?

msgak58 karma

I actually was paid hourly. We got paychecks. 14 an hour to start, raises up to 20 over a few months. The tipping we got went into a tip box we all split once a year, but when working in a private booth, you make between 50-60% of whatever goes in, depending on how much you make.

boogerflinger11 karma

I saw a documentary about the girls from the San Francisco branch fighting to unionize and get healthcare ect. did you guys have any of those benefits?

PS used to walk by all the time, loved the signs!

msgak19 karma

Rule of Seattle LL, is if you ever dance for SF LL you claim to know no one from the Seattle branch, they hate each other. And no we didn't get anything like that. I miss the signs! They were just always a part of downtown.... I miss Seattle in general though, I moved out of state!

cancercures35 karma

What was up with that guy who tried sneaking into the backroom through the ceiling?

About how much would you or your coworkers make a night?

And also, how much does the average jizz mopper make per hour?

msgak32 karma

I actually don't think i was there for that one, sorry! I can ask one of the girls though, a lot of us remain in contact.

I made 9 dollars an hour when I worked the front, and I started at 14 an hour when i was a dancer, and got a raise every few months until it reached 20.

I can't remember the exact amount the janitors make, but it was, I want to say, 10 or 11 dollars an hour?

iamagingercake34 karma

I've heard the lusty lady is/was owned and run by women. Do you think that made your experience there any better than the average strip club? Also did you get a lot of couples in the private booths?

msgak56 karma

Yes it was, our bosses had been dancers there for 20 years. I've worked for other places and nothing compared to the excellent treatment I got at the ol' LL.

badfan33 karma

My favorite marquee text had to be "Summer sale, all clothes 100% off" do you have a favorite? Who came up with them?

msgak57 karma

Haha I remember that one. My favorite will always be "Peek Place Market" because the building was down the road from Pike Place Market, and they tried suing us for using it. They failed, and it stayed up.

jelmo4433 karma

What inspires such a haircut?

msgak144 karma

Tank Girl mostly.

kroon19 karma

I was about to ask if it was a tank girl cut.

msgak36 karma

Yep yep, very much inspired by it!

if_you_say_so_bruh1 karma

Tank Girl is awesome. They chose the right actress (Lori Petty) when they made the movie. Did I mention I'm in love with Lori Petty?

msgak3 karma

Yeah I was pretty happy with Lori Petty, she was perfect! I'm in love with her too!

beetnemesis30 karma

So it sounds like this place worked a little different than most strip clubs. Judging from your comments, a guy would go into a booth, and then watch you through a window?

Were there lap dances or shows or anything, or was it just a girl dancing naked?

msgak55 karma

Yes, and he was allowed to jack off.

Girls dancing naked behind glass, a private booth, also with glass separating the customer and dancer, but they can talk and for a certain amount of money, she'll do whatever they want.

I gave a lap dance only a few times, on Play Day

iar29 karma

Was there sex in the champagne room?

msgak75 karma

Lol, as if we were fancy enough for that kind of room.

SublethalDose22 karma

What would it be called if you did have one?

msgak125 karma

The crackrock room.

impshial36 karma

Was there sex in the crackrock room?

msgak60 karma

no room existed, but a few times we caught homeless people fucking and smoking crack in the bathrooms.

impshial36 karma

Great AMA, btw. I like that you're still answering after 3 hours of starting. That's dedication to fans. :)

msgak57 karma

Haha I'm enjoying it, I work a lot from my computer so it's not a big deal to me. I'm also at my family's house awaiting the call on if I got a house or not, so nothing else to do!

impshial26 karma

House anticipation! I've been there. :)

Good luck.

msgak25 karma

Thank you! I was hoping to find out on Friday so it's been a sort of Hellish weekend waiting. Such anticipation!

if_you_say_so_bruh10 karma

I'm assuming from the question that they don't necessarily serve champagne there.

msgak11 karma


sommerz28 karma

Have you ever had problems with stalkers?

msgak57 karma

Absolutely. I usually had to have someone walk me to my car

sommerz25 karma

Shit! Does it ever interfere with your private life?

msgak38 karma

it did for a while, but I have not been a stripper for about 6 years now. I'm an open book about it now, everyone who I am close to knows I did it.

i_go_by_T25 karma

Do you prefer being called a dancer or stripper?

These goddamn strippers!

msgak52 karma

I was technically a nude dancer, since I never "stripped" anything. I was naked 100% of the time. Oh man I didn't know there was another person on here doing an AMA!

chronicallysexy7218 karma

So you came out on stage naked?

msgak37 karma

Yes, there were always between 3 and 4 of us on the stage at any given time.

zh_noble25 karma

What is your dream job?

msgak43 karma

Currently living it, I'm a professional photographer and personal stylist now(yes I know, even with that haircut).

jelmo4423 karma

Were a lot of the dancers on drugs? If so what was their drug of choice.

msgak41 karma

Yes i would say so, but it was pretty hush hush. Of the ones I knew, it seemed coke, crack and meth were the most popular. I did have a drug problem when i worked there and I was severely into cocaine.

Mi5anthr0pe22 karma

Not trying to entrap you or start a fight.

What kind of relationship do you have with your parents? Do you like your dad? What's your best and worst memory from your childhood?

msgak54 karma

Lol, no it's totally ok, I'm a huge walking cliche.

My parents were pastors. Like "Jesus Camp" crazy pastors. They aren't any more though and we have a wonderful relationship now that they've left the church, but yes, I battled with my father most of my life. It was usually over some ridiculous religion bullshit. And trying to control every part of my life. i went to church 4-5 times a week and wasn't really allowed a lot of friends or to do anything. i was kicked out at age 15. I made a lot of poor choices, as did my family, but we all learned and grew from it. All my positive memories of my father have only been in the very recent years, I didn't have it the worst in the world as far as my upbringing, but I didn't have it easy either.

mariox1913 karma

I take it they don't teach sexy dancing at Jesus Camp. Are you a natural, or did you have a mentor?

msgak14 karma

Indeed they do not at those kinds of camps. But they teach regular dance and my mother was in the ballet and taught me. I can do just about any type of dance, so sexy dancing came quite easily to me.

fasttalkerslowwalker22 karma

Who was responsible for those amazing signs? Is there a compendium of them? I always thought they were so witty and it always makes me sad that they're gone!

msgak36 karma

Everyone who worked there. Sometimes even customers would come up with a good one! I'm sad that it's gone too....

kr0n019 karma

Any regulars? If so any special/weird ones?

msgak17 karma

Yeah tons, I already wrote about the weirdest one earlier in the comments http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1a3awq/i_am_a_former_dancer_from_the_lusty_lady_in/c8tpb8s

cy0nknight17 karma

What kind of customers were your favorite to perform for? And if I were to come to the Lusty Lady, what would you consider to be proper etiquette?

msgak77 karma

I actually had a favorite regular. He was the only one there who figured out I was also the girl working the front counter. Admittedly one of the reasons he was my favorite is he gave me free drugs when i was working the front, but he also gave me tips when I was up there. He'd come and see me all the time and pay a lot of money in the private booth. He was genuinely a nice guy, and respectful of me as a person and dancer, well as respectful as you can be with your dick in your hand jacking off in front of me.

And I don't think proper etiquette exists there.

ironwolf116 karma

wait i just saw a post that was a pic from the lusty lady's sign

msgak42 karma

Yep, I left a comment and people asked me to do an AMA.

if_you_say_so_bruh9 karma

Question...have you ever thought about getting into porn? As I understand it, Gianna Michaels and Claudia Kelly are both from Seattle.

msgak20 karma

I was asked several times, but it's just not for me. Even more so now that I've moved on with my life, have a full time career and a family.

mindfulmu7 karma

Whats the most effective pickup line i could use on you. Id like something super effective.

msgak6 karma

I've heard them all before, give me shy and awkward any day. I melt for guys like that.

Madrugar7 karma

Any of the PNW's notorious serial killers stroll in there before?

msgak13 karma

Most likely, but no one I ever recognized.

if_you_say_so_bruh1 karma

Anyone famous that you or the other girls recognized?

msgak3 karma

I never saw anyone famous :/ It wasn't the kind of place to draw in celebrity types.

msgak3 karma

I never saw anyone famous :/ It wasn't the kind of place to draw in celebrity types.

nancydrewskillz7 karma

What advice would you give someone considering becoming a stripper/dancer?

msgak17 karma

Really research the place you are looking to dance at, see how the staff is treated, how the dancers are treated. And pepper spray.

nancydrewskillz8 karma

Did you ever have to use pepper spray on anyone?

msgak19 karma

Plenty of times.

Ripa8810 karma

... where did you hide it?

msgak5 karma

I don't take it on stage with me!

Need2throw7 karma

Anytime we'd see a show at the Showbox Market we'd drunkingly stumble down to the Lusty Lady. Huge fan of quarters in, titties out.

Did you prefer dancing in front of the 2 way mirror, or where the customers could see you?

msgak24 karma

It didn't make a huge difference to me, after working there a while your eyes sort of "adjust" and you can somewhat see the person anyway, even more so when they'd try to take a photo and their phone or camera would light up their big stupid face.

plastination_station6 karma

Why do an AMAA instead of an AMA? It seems like you've held nothing back

msgak5 karma

I actually meant "Ask me Absolutely Anything" I just brain farted. I'll answer pretty much everything.

Sprunt24 karma

did you ever meet any celebrities and are there any fun stories that followed?

msgak6 karma

Oh no, I've never seen anyone famous in there sadly.

Imred203 karma


msgak4 karma


Soxsider3 karma

Music time...Can you tell me your top 5 bands theses days?

msgak8 karma

Oh man, top 5? I'd have to say Tom Waits, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Ours, Graveyard Train and Queens of the Stone Age.

Soxsider1 karma

Approved. Now I get to check out Ours and Graveyard Train. Looking forward to the new QTOSA? I know I am.

msgak3 karma

Graveyard Train is a horror country band from Australia and here is a music video to check out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pj6Q0xRW5bQ I love them so much! And Ours is fronted by Jimmy Gnecco, probably one of my all time favorite singers, such a talent. And hell yes I can't wait!

Zenkila3 karma

Ever feel any sympathy for the bank teller counting the 1's ;) EDIT: asked before mystery stated multiple times that she was paid hourly.

msgak7 karma

haha I would have if I got paid that way, I got paychecks!

Zenkila1 karma

You didn't get tips on stage??

msgak5 karma

There was glass in between us and the customers

Zenkila1 karma

I once asked a pretty girl if she was a waitress ( just trying to small talk ) her stony faced NO taught me to never ask that question again LOL

msgak1 karma

Huh, seems like a bit of an overreaction to me. What's wrong being a waitress?

Dildo-Swagginz2 karma

Has any one tried to advance upon you without your permission?Rape

msgak2 karma

Yeah but it never got beyond a grope before they were tackled to the ground or kicked in the nuts.

FreeCandyVanIsLegit2 karma

Oh, oh..... One more question!

Do you regret the "bad haircut" haircut? I mean, to be fair... it isn't very flattering.

msgak2 karma

I rocked the fuck out of that haircut, but I feel the photo is not as flattering as the haircut really was on me. http://i.imgur.com/NicDXq4.jpg

But that's just me, I can't expect everyone to like it. It's all good.

SoundWWWave31 karma

Did a customer pay for a booth by the hour? How long did someone usually stay?

msgak1 karma

It was paid for by minutes, 5 dollars for the first 5 minutes. The more money they put in, the better of a show they got.

GraemeTaylor1 karma

Would you say more or less people should become strippers?

msgak3 karma

I think that if you want to become a stripper, do so, just do your research and protect yourself. If you don't want to be a stripper, then don't become one. Whatever makes you happy. I found being a dancer was empowering, as cliche as it sounds, and a wonderful learning experience. But it's not for everyone.

Black_Delphinium1 karma

Have you ever read Bare: The Naked Truth about Stripping? The author used to work at the Lusty.

If so, do you feel her take on it was accurate?

msgak1 karma

I have not, but I've considered reading it! I have skimmed through the Lusty Lady picture book that Erika Langley made while working there and had it published. http://www.amazon.com/The-Lusty-Lady-Erika-Langley/dp/3931141594

karmichoax1 karma

Would you rather fight a horse-sized stripper or a hundred stripper-sized horses?

msgak8 karma

Hundred stripper sized horses for sure, that sounds way more exciting.

alphabetpet1 karma

Did you ever work at Caffe Minnie's? I could've sworn there was a chick with that same haircut waiting tables there about 10 years ago.

msgak1 karma

No I never worked there, but I hung out there a lot 10 years ago.

DrDizaster1 karma

Did you like being a sex symbol? Iv always imagine it would be intensely awkward to have a group of people looking at me and thinking about doing sexy things to me.

msgak1 karma

I enjoyed dancing, but mostly because it was somewhat empowering to be in front of people, naked and dancing around. I didn't really go into thinking about all the things they were thinking about doing to me. I'm not naive to it, I definitely know, but there was no point in dwelling on that part.

photoddgrapher-31 karma

All I have to say is what the fuck happened from picture one to three? I dont get why someone intentionally makes themsekves look ugly and freaky as hell when a number us us just try to look normal. It simply boggles my mind.

msgak17 karma

I think we all see beauty as something different. Normal is just a setting on the dryer.

In the words of Mortica Addams, "What is normal for the spider, is chaos to the fly."