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having worked with Rob and his wife on a 3 day Remy Martin commercial here in LA, I can tell you he has no issue with being overly sexual to the point of his comments to his wife across the set made me and the crew feel icky/creeped/disgusted, as well as some the the extras.

It just seemed a bit over the top and rude. But considering all he did all day long was check himself out in a mirror, I kind of feel thats all he has going for him. (really, all day. Between the 10 second takes, he would have makeup, hair and waredrobe check him. little over the top. But then he would make this poor P.A walk out with one of those full length mirrors from target and hold it in front of him so he could double check everything.)

Also, him and his wife got so drunk they had to reshoot some of the stuff. ended up being 3 solid 18 hour days in a row. ouch.

You could say everyone on that crew left there, to never be a fan of his again.

EDIT: linked the commercial above. finished product looks good, nice and flashy. Here is the BTS i found, didnt watch but the first 30 seconds. You can see she is buzzed. I would also blame production for this though. putting alcohol in their green rooms on long shoots is just a stupid idea.

To everyone asking questions, I dont remember what exactly was said. It just came across as rude. It also was a little uncomfortable to be trying to adjust a light on set and hes making these comments to his wife who is across the room and then looking to all the extras to give him laughs. (and of course background extras do, its the closest connection they get to actually making it and being freinds with a celeb.)

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I fucked a girl here in LA with 2 Vaginas.

It was awesome. Thanks Tinder.

She wants to be an actress and a singer, so you might see her in the next couple years casting.

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Did you interviee Goldblum for the book?

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I will explain this place for those unfamiliar...

I think maybe people dont understand that this was a "peepshow" type place. You go into a little stall just smaller then a port-o-potty. The bottom of the door is missing to about your knee height. There are two kinds of booths, ones where the girls can see you( regular glass), and ones where they cant( a two way mirror).

Once in the booth, you put a quarter into a slot, and a partician rises up showing a room. In the room are the girls danging around. The room is oval shaped and rather small. about a dozen or so Booths line the one side of the dancers room and the other side is a mirrored wall.

The problem with the mirror is, you can see the guys in the booths next to you that chose the "girls can see you option", and they usually got their dong in their hand, up towards the glass so the girls can see them Jacking off. And unfortunatly, you can too.

Now what happens with all this jacking off in these little booths? Well, the floor is slippery, and for gods sake dont touch anything on the walls !!

I had gone here numerous times when I had just turned 18.(mid 90's) The funniest part was walking by the booths and seeing peoples feet all torqued out to the sides of the booth as they were Jacking off.

and it being open and only 25cents, you see why so many weirdos would go there.

Guess I should ask a question...... How much did the janitor get paid to mop jizz up all day? lol

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it was one hole, then two passages that were side by side.

she said the right side was tighter, and she was right.