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What would it be called if you did have one?

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My first reaction as well. When my grandmother went into the hospital for pneumonia a few years ago, they found cancerous cells in fluid from her lungs. Brief panic... and then they decided the cells were remnants from having breast cancer in her fifties... i.e., in the 1960s. So bad-ass that after she whooped cancer's ass she invited it to stay as long as it liked if it behaved. May OP live as long as my grandmother!

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Anyone can dodge questions and look like an asshole. Anyone can ask loaded questions to which any answer accepts an unfair premise. Answering the question that you wish had been asked can sometimes show the questioner a different point of view and make him see your disagreement in a different light. "Oh, I see. We disagree, but not for the reason that I built into my question. There's another explanation."

That said, McNamara played a major role in expanding and extending the Vietnam War, he actively served the administration to those ends, and the best you possibly could say of him was that he trusted the authority of the president at a time when most Americans still did, which isn't much of a defense for someone who was in a much, much better position than most Americans to see the dangers of that. So yes, I think he fully earned the title of asshole, but I also think that particular bit of advice can be put to good ends.

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What is the vibe at these parties? Are people just having a good time in general, or is the focus entirely on you? What kind of appreciative or critical comments do you hear from your customers? Are there many people who are repeat customers, not necessarily of you (gotta have variety!) but of male life models in general?

What body type is most popular among your customers? What kind of physical training do you do to enhance your appearance?

Do you see yourself as part of a community or a tradition of performance? For example, have you heard of Eugen Sandow and the posing sessions he did for society ladies?

Have you ever been tempted to cash in on ladies' sexual desire for you, and if you did want to go down that route, do you think you would have many opportunities?

Great AMA!

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Are there other newspapers that you think have particularly good or bad obituaries? Is there any particular newspaper whose obituary section you look to for ideas when you're stuck?