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I learned to play guitar and bass by listening to CCR back in the late 70's. THANK YOU! You and the band inspired me to do something I have loved for my whole life.

My Question: Back when CCR was touring heavily, shows seemed to have a much wider variety of music on the bill. Which bands did you love to tour with, and tell me about one band that really surprised you when you met them in person, or saw them play on stage.

Thank you!

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I love your videos, your humor, and your obvious enjoyment of your projects!! Even if I don't ever build one of your slingshots, I watch your videos because they are simply great entertainment.

The only thing that I want to ask is, What do your neighbors think? It seems like your neighbors are fairly close by... do they hide their children inside when "Crazy Jorg" is outside with a new toy? :-)

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That's even better than the story I told when I was a tour guide on the Seattle Lust Tour! I didn't realize he wanted you ladies to watch...

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Were you working when the band The Swedish Legal System shot their video for "You're so vain" inside? It looks like it was a lot of fun.


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I am a big fan of Vagabonding, Rolf! Thank you SO MUCH for writing it!

I'm an American that moved overseas in the 1990's and had a brilliant time living in Eastern Europe. Your book helped me make the most of my decade overseas, and I know for a fact that several of my friends made Big Trips due to my gifting them your book.

I've always found that a smile gets you further than any knowledge of the local language.

So now to my question: The last decade+ has seen a lot of changes in the political climate, especially the view of Americans. Have you noticed a tangible change in the way Americans are viewed overseas in the last decade? Are we still kinda of funny bumblefucks, or are we now seen as more dangerous?

I'm getting ready to travel more, and this has concerned me a bit. Thank you for your thoughts!