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There was an interesting comment yesterday, about how best to sterilize a new rover.

Basically it said that, since it's so hard to 100% sterilize anything, it would be easier to completely cover a rover in bacteria, and pick a bacteria we know can't survive in space.

That is, "Instead of sterilizing Curiosity on Earth, we should have dipped it in yogurt." The lactobacillus would all die off in space, leaving a perfectly sterilized rover by the time it got to Mars.

My question is: Is this feasible at all, even in general concept?

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Have you noticed that you are like some kind of linguistic black hole, and people often start writing like you when in the presence of you or your works? IS THIS AWESOME Y/N?

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He has a magic necklace that lets him fucking cheat

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How often do you "fail?"

That is, either because the woman just doesn't find you attractive, or because she's actually loyal and her husband/bf is paranoid?