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The vast majority of fatal ODs in my long, sad experience were due to people "taking a break" or getting clean for a little time, then, realizing they got some tolerance back and could actually get high again ( instead of just getting well), doing the sane size shot they were doing before. Bang, you're dead.

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This is exactly what happened to me. I had been trying to get clean for a long time and at that point had close to two weeks. I normally just shot a dub so that's what I did. Sure enough, OD.

davidamnesia45 karma

Yep. Glad you're alive.

deadlyrhythm51 karma

You too man. It's sad to see so many people taken from us because of a drug habit. It's an epidemic now.

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So what are the safest ways to handle a friend's OD?

I've lost a friend or two to them, and while I wasn't there at the time, I'd like to be able to help if I am.

Also, congrats on your (ongoing) recovery!

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Unfortunately there isn't much you can do. If the typical slapping, water to the face, or knuckles to the chest doesn't wake them up and you have Narcan use that. But if their breathing becomes unsteady or shallow definitely call the ambulance. The person is suffering brain damage by not getting enough oxygen.

It sucks having the get someone in trouble, I've had to do it, but it's better than the alternative of losing a friend.

Also, thank you. It feels good to not have to depend on a substance to feel normal day by day.

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PROTIP: Suboxone will reverse an OD, exactly the same as Narcan. I always kept a few subs in my rig kit for that exact reason. Having it has saved mine and a few friends lives. If you have needles, all you do it hit them with dissolved Suboxone. Instant OD reversal.

deadlyrhythm24 karma

I almost always see strips now. Good point though, that would work at long as you're sure its not subutex (buprenorphine without the naloxone)

Labubs31 karma

Strips are fine, as is Subutex. It's the buprenorphine that rips the opiate off the receptors, not the naloxone. Naloxone alone would also reverse an OD, but when mixed with bupe it doesn't do anything, as the bupe has a much higher binding affinity than Naloxone or any opiate (which is what reverses OD).

The only reason Suboxone has Naloxone in it is so Reckitt & Bennister could get themselves their own patent. It does virtually nothing when mixed with Bupe. Look up buprenorphine and naloxone binding affinity.

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Thanks for this (both of you); I'll try and find some to stash in my emergency kit.

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Be careful man. At least practice harm reduction and please visit the exchanges regularly. No need for infection.

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I should clarify: this would be for others, since I don't use opioids. The emergency kit is a general disaster-preparedness kit.

edited to add: I don't think any of my friends have a habit, either, but I've learned over the years that I don't always know these things.

But, yes, upvotes for harm reduction and clean needle programs!

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Ah ok. Good for you though. You just never know. I wish I had known someone like you when I was using.

deadlyrhythm8 karma

You learn something new every day.

I always thought it was purely the naloxone.

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They're finally starting to heal, thank god.

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Oh man, yeah I was most recently arrested this past Aug 18th. I overdosed and luckily my buddy was there (who didn't know I used) looking at some drum equipment I had. He was downstairs when he heard me hit the kitchen floor and ran to see what happened. He saw me and then called the ambulance which arrived with the police. They found my stash in my room and I went to jail for 3 months before getting into drug court. But this program is keeping me outta prison so I'm happy.

I was caught with a needle (which they tested and charged me with possession) almost 3 years prior to that, though, and got off with 3 years probation and 45 days in Huber.

I had a full time job (40+ hours a week) that kept me going for a long time. I would pick up after work (2 bags), use one when I got it, and use the other the next morning before work (if I didn't get greedy before then)

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Yeah, everyone in the program is extremely involved with the participant's ongoing recovery. Unfortunately because of the strict policies I have seen people get kicked out already, and I've only been in since November.

But thank you!

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I find this an interesting read, and I do believe that you were indeed a user. As a nurse I've given morphine in doses that would kill most men, but on these particular individuals there were no observeable effects. I do have a question, as I'm interested in studying rehabilitation; How did the abuse change your life? And did people notice? When I think of a typical opiate addict, I see a homeless person with clear indications of.. well... not having their life in order (lost the job on account of... clear indications..). But you've mentioned a drum set. You could afford to support the habit and still pay the rent? I'm sorry if my questions seem demeaning and disrespectful. Believe me; I'm not judging you in any way.

deadlyrhythm30 karma

Well, I was majoring in Psychology with a focus on Neuroscience when I started using and now I'm fresh outta jail getting my life back in order so I can go back. So it's taken all my money and all the trust I had with my family. Slowly I'm rebuilding it all.

People started to notice when I was nodding out at parties and then not showing up at all and just hanging with my using buddies. Then later my folks kept finding me passed out in my room.

I was very fortunate to have a family that was willing to house me while I got my life together. I was working full time but since I didn't pay much for rent to my family I could still afford all the things I wanted, I just didn't make any progress to moving out or moving on in life.

I'm still young (early 20's) so I think of it as starting over; a clean slate. No question is too demeaning. It was a part of my life that I'm going to live with forever. I just need to take all the lessons I can from it.

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Yes! I love this question because before I was locked up I had been to two treatment centers and bluffed my way through both of them, successfully "completing" treatment.

I personally have never been prescribed suboxone or methadone but have taken both and would recommend it to anyone trying to get clean because it makes the transition so much easier. Be wary though because addicts will get prescribed these meds only to go and sell them for dope money later.

However, I feel that the script needs to be accompanied by treatment of some kind and the treatment provider should try their very best to get to know the patient on a personal level so they feel comfortable and will provide you with honest answers. When I attended the first two centers I felt like just another number to them; a problem that needed solving.

I think that understanding goes a looooong way in the treatment process. Getting clean is not only a physiological change but an emotional one as well. The patient needs to learn new coping skills and ways to deal with problems.

I attend AA meetings (NA always felt too depressing, they bummed me out) and they help provide another support system. I have my family and friends as my primary support but not everyone has that luxury so AA or NA is there to provide that for them.

I hope that helps answer your question. I have a lot to say on the matter so feel free to ask some more if you have them.

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My younger brother is addicted to prescription opiates. He's gone to rehab, and he's doing an outpatient program. He lives with me. We get into a lot of fights, and there's a lot of resentment on both sides, even though we both care about each other. What can I do to help him? Is there anything you wished your parents would do / would stop doing? Alternatively, was there anything that anyone did that really helped you / is helping you?

deadlyrhythm14 karma

Yeah I feel for you. I put my parent's and family through a lot of shit. Really the only thing you can do is be supportive. And I don't mean giving him money or using the car. I mean telling him that if he ever feels the urge to use to just call you or tell you and you'll just hang out with him.

Unfortunately, there isn't anything the families can do except watch until the addict truly wants to change. It took going to jail for me to turn my life around. This isn't the case for everyone though. One of my best friends just up and quit one day because he saw what it was doing to him. It's just different for everyone.

I'm sure you've talked to him about it but if you haven't, I would. Let him know how if affects you.

My parents pretty much did the right thing. They tolerated is for a while but when I stated stealing from them they kicked me out and once I cleaned myself up they let me back in. But only after looking after they're cards and keys, which they don't have to do anymore.

Just being there for me is what helps me the most. Having those issues out in the open instead of sweeping it under the rug is best. It keeps the communication lines open.

I hope this helped otherwise just ask away. Best of luck to you and your brother.

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How's it going?

deadlyrhythm30 karma

I'm well. I hope you are too.

equeco13 karma

How does it feel to od?

darthmemnoch20 karma

Like turning off the light switch.

deadlyrhythm23 karma

This exactly. There's a different feeling between a normal shot and one that you're about to OD on. But you're so high at that point that you don't care. You're high one second, then you're waking up in the hospital/ambulance/on the floor the next second. Or you may not at all.

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So what do you think about the films Trainspotting and Requiem for a Dream? I personally cannot watch Requiem for "entertainment" but Trainspotting is definitely re-watchable IMO.

Do you think they do the "scene" or actual opiate-user's life justice?

I have this idea that seeing those movies as young as I did deterred me from doing hardcore drugs like heroin. They display how fucking "wonderful" the initial high/feeling is, but then show the consequences of addiction - so I feel a more honest approach is a better way to deter people from doing drugs (as opposed to the D.A.R.E. approach of labeling all drugs as bad and labeling marijuana as a "gateway" drug).

deadlyrhythm18 karma

I love both of those movie. I think Trainspotting hit the nail right on the head. Everything from the stealing to the priority of use is deadly accurate.

I completely agree with you. If someone would have come to me in an honest way and said "Listen, these drugs will make you feel great for a little while, but they're very dangerous and can cause addiction and trouble throughout your entire life." And just went about it in a logical way I think I would have listened. The whole scare tactic plan is not going so well....

Do_you_even_thrift11 karma

Were you hooked after one usage?

deadlyrhythm26 karma

I started snorting and kept my use at a minimum for a while (maybe a couple times a month for a year?). But I swear to god, once I used that needle for the first time I just couldn't get enough. The use was about the same for a couple months then it was all downhill after that. In my experience the extreme high that comes with a shot is followed by a comedown that is much different from snorting.

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deadlyrhythm7 karma

Yeah exactly. Think of it as an equilibrium. The higher you get the lower you're going to feel once it wears off.

outlyre11 karma

Why did you start in the first place, and what was your lowest moment?

deadlyrhythm31 karma

I started by using pills (Vicodin, Oxycontin, really anything I could get my hands on). This started in 8th grade and lasted until my Senior year in HS. That's when I was introduced to heroin. I was always looking to try something different, so this just seemed like a logical next step (at the time).

Oh man, I'd have to say my lowest point was when I was using multiple times a day and having to steal money from family members, steal their cars to get it, and just the whole junkie mentality of "I need it now and nothing is going to stop me from getting it."

It was really emotionally debilitating because in the back of my mind I knew I didn't want to live this way, but I just couldn't stop.

Really, once I started using everyday is was just one long low point. You can't trust anyone you're using with because everyone is trying to steal everyone else's shit and friendships start to become founded on finding and using this substance. It's no way to live.

otterboxes10 karma

what's withdrawal feel like, and how did you deal with it?

deadlyrhythm10 karma

Like the worst flu you've ever had time 100. Just constantly trying to get comfortable but you can't, anxious all the time, your legs hurt like growing pains if you can remember those. The worst of it is over in 4 days but residual effects last for weeks (chills etc.)

Antiimony9 karma

did you ever think you would become addicted before you tried it?

deadlyrhythm19 karma

Never, I always thought it was all about willpower but this is not the case. Addiction is listed in DSM IV as a disease and should be treated like one.

vulpes_occulta9 karma

I have experienced two fatal ODs of people close to me; my parents.

How do you think I should feel about heroin and opiates in general?

Over the years, I have fought the rage by educating myself. Generally, education and time does heal the wounds, but there is still a little anger left.

deadlyrhythm6 karma

That's really unfortunate, I'm sorry for your loss.

I can't tell you how to feel unfortunately. However, I think that understanding the process of addiction, like you're doing, and coming to terms with the fact that they didn't do this on purpose or to hurt you will help. I understand how you could have such pent up anger towards users and the drug itself though.

I_am_dick8 karma

I've heard the tolerance goes down pretty fast and if an addict tries to be without heroin for a while but then shoots up again with a normal load, the chance of him getting an OD is pretty big. Is that true and had you tried to be without heroin before your OD?

And congrats dude, I feel really happy for your recovery :)

deadlyrhythm14 karma

Yeah it's generally true. A few days to a week will lower the tolerance to where to get fucked up off the same shot. But any more than that, in my experience, and you're asking for trouble with shooting the same amount.

If you read the above comment I pretty much answered your question inadvertently. I had been trying to get clean and then shot the same amount as I had been. Honestly, if I hadn't been caught this last time and the courts hadn't intervened I don't know where I'd be right now.

WisconsinPENN8 karma

This entire thread hits way too close to home. I was very close friends with a heroin and opiate (oxy) addict. The oxy led to snorting heroin. I put so much time, so much emotion, so much work and trust into that relationship.... we are no longer friends or speaking. Too many lies.

deadlyrhythm11 karma

Yeah it's really too bad. The drugs just start moving up that priority ladder until it's numero uno. Looking at it from the other side now is so humbling. And depressing really. I think "wow did I really put my family through all this heartbreak?" It sucks, but I've made my amends and things are better now. I hope your friend can do the same.

monstersinsideus8 karma

What misinformation are you talking about?

deadlyrhythm8 karma

Misinformation about the process of an overdose, symptoms of an OD, opiate dependance, use, the opiate scene. There's a lot of misinformation to be found.

samoroasty8 karma

Well, like what? What myths are you specifically thinking of debunking?

deadlyrhythm12 karma

Nothing specifically. I was reading a thread earlier about heroin overdoses and I found that people didn't fully understand what an OD was like, what happens, what the symptoms are and what you can do to prevent them. This is just a general AMA about opiate use, the scene, and harm prevention.

apostrotastrophe2 karma

Can you elaborate, and give the right information?

deadlyrhythm3 karma

Are you insinuating that I'm providing false information? If you have a specific question I'd be happy to answer it. Read my above comment.

CTallPaul17 karma

i think he's asking you to tell us what you know instead of having to play 20 questions. i know im wondering the same thing, what do you think people perceive wrongly about an OD?

deadlyrhythm29 karma

You have to understand that it's much easier to answer specific questions instead of just writing paragraph after paragraph accounting for everything I know about drug abuse, overdoses, the drug scene, etc. But to answer your question about misconceptions over overdoses:

From what I was reading in other threads, it seemed that people thought when you ODed you were aware of what was going on but just couldn't move or do anything about it. It was referred to as "It's basicly a "bad trip" that lasts 15 minutes, the longest 15 min of your life. Your body temperature drops, your heart races and you cant do anything to stop it. I can't even start to describe how fucked your head feels, its like being drunk times one million."

Clearly this is completely incorrect and is actually very dangerous information. So I decided to create an AMA to clarify the dangers of an overdose and what steps to take if you find someone who is.

So here ya go.

  • A drug overdose is not just a "bad trip". They are deadly and need to be treated with the utmost respect.

  • Symptoms of a heroin or opiate overdose consist of unresponsiveness despite being slapped, hit, splashed with water or other methods of revival, ghostly appearance in face, discoloration of lips (they turn blue or purple), shallow breathing, gurgled breathing or complete lack thereof, and irregular heartbeat.

  • If someone should come across a person with these symptoms and a vial of Narcan is available, 1-2 ml should be injected either intramuscularly or intraveneously. However, if this is not available then an ambulance should be called immediately. Lack of oxygen to the brain can cause brain damage and/or death.

If you would like to know anything else, just ask.

ButteryBums7 karma

Is overdosing as quickly as they show it in media? Can a person OD with the needle still in them or is there generally a bit of time before a person overdoses? If someone overdoses on herion and doesn't make it, is their death quick? Is overdosing painless or the person? Are they aware they've overdosed?

deadlyrhythm7 karma

Generally there is a bit of time, but I've fallen out with the needle still in my arm, mostly because I left it there for literally a few seconds to enjoy the high and then I nodded out.

Overdosing is absolutely painless. When I had my near fatal OD (I was revived later) I didn't know what happened until it was explained to me. All I knew was I shot my shit and then I woke up 10 mins later with paramedics everywhere. Hope this helps.

cats_and_vibrators6 karma

How did you quit? What has worked for you?

My boyfriend has been on suboxone (for those who don't know, an opioid to get people off of heroin) the entire time we have been dating. Now he is completely chemically dependent on that. Any thoughts on quitting sub?

deadlyrhythm8 karma

Well I was locked up for 3 months after my most recent overdose. This was the catalyst that truly started my recovery process. I had tried and failed to get clean before through treatment and on my own but nothing worked. So after all this I finally realized "WTF am I doing with my life, I don't need this shit anymore" and that was that. Support from family and friends really helps though.

Man, quitting subs has worse withdrawl than the dope just because it's so drawn out. His doctor is going to have to slowly lower his dose (taper him off). He should talk to his doc about that.

hostilecarrot6 karma

How common are heroin overdoses? Does it eventually happen to all users, is it common on first use or is it normally just when people go back to use after a break?

deadlyrhythm8 karma

Well I used for 5 years and actually ODed twice. I came close many times though. I've seen one person die and know a handful who died. So it doesn't have to happen but it's not uncommon.

I would say that it will most likely occur after a tolerance break though.

BaltiMoreHarder6 karma

Also a recovering addict. Just keep going. I find that there is a ton of misinformation about the addiction side of things. Disease vs. Not, and so on. Got ina big argument about it under a thread in videos last week.

deadlyrhythm8 karma

That's what I mean and why I wanted to start this. It's a tough road but it beats the hell outta living like a parasite.

CroickyMate6 karma

Have you personally ever ODed?

deadlyrhythm11 karma

Yeah I have. I've ODed twice with my last time sending me to jail and having me catch a new charge. I've fallen out an innumerable amount of times though. It's less severe and you will wake up yourself without any assistance. I see falling out as just a step before an overdose. Your breathing is shallow, you may be unresponsive for a period of time, and your lips may turn blue but periodically the person will respond to great stimuli, i.e. enough slapping, "cheese grater" on the chest (taking your knuckles and rubbing the person's chest quickly), etc.

JDL1144775 karma


deadlyrhythm11 karma

Yep. I'm living with them right now, thankfully but I feel like a bum cause I'm still living with them haha. But I'm on my way to getting my own place and rebuilding my life. I'm still young (early 20's) but I'm more than ready to get things in order.

We have a great relationship and I'm really happy to have them on my side.

salmonnerd5 karma

I just lost a friend of mine to a heroin OD 3 days ago. My question is that with all the knowledge we have about heroin today, why did you ever decide to try heroin?? Were you aware of the potential addiction, dependence, and physical damage that comes with it?

deadlyrhythm7 karma

I'm sorry for your loss. I know how hard that can be.

Well I knew it was addictive but I had no idea how bad it was (both physically and mentally). I had been doing pills for awhile and thought "Hell if I'm not addicted to these then this shit won't be a problem at all" no one expects to become addicted. It really just sneaks up on you.

Pleasestaywendy4 karma

My boyfriend is a recovering heroin addict. He's been on and off for 9 years and when we first got together he became serious about being sober for good. Can you please shed some light on how exactly he's feeling, physically, mentally, and emotionally as he deals with this? I ask him to be empathetic and prepare myself, but he hates talking/thinking about it, which I understand. I'm a very patient person and I will help and support him in any way possible. I'd just like to keep myself informed of what to expect on his road to becoming himself again, and understand what it is like for him.

Also, any signs in particular I should look out for when it comes to lapsing/OD'ing? I know it's something that could happen and I've already assured him that if he relapses I'm not going to give up on him, but I want to know what to look for so I can know where to draw the line of insisting he seek medical attention.

I know there's a lot of loaded and somewhat impossible questions I'm asking. I just care about him a ton and want to help him so he can have a long and healthy life. Ive been on and off drugs and alcohol for awhile now so i can relate to a lot but i know heroin is a partiularly terrible drug to overcome. I think he's reluctant to be completely open, as the truth can be a dark thing, but for my own sake id like to be well informed. Thanks and congrats on getting past your own demons !

deadlyrhythm4 karma

If he's withdrawling then he just wants to be left alone. At least I did. If he's on subs then he should feel a little better and be a little more social but otherwise he just wants to lie there doing nothing. When I was WDing I felt really depressed, which is why I was on the couch all the time doing nothing, the motivation to do anything is at zero. It just seems impossible to not use the rest of your life and that can be daunting. Physically he's probably drained.

If he's usually open with you about what's going on and then retreats into himself emotionally I would keep an eye on him because there's a chance he could use soon or already has.

Being completely open is really liberating. I felt so much better after I let everything go. I would suggest that he do the same with you and just have an open dialogue with whats going on in his life. He's a guy so of course he's not going to want to talk all the time but once in a while is a good thing, I never did, but once I did it felt better.

Also, I would check out Alanon. It's a support system for families of addicts. They give great information I guess. I can give advice from my personal experiences but I can't speak for everyone, ya know?

publius44 karma

Is it possible to use heroin "just once", or is that almost certainly a losing gamble?

deadlyrhythm6 karma

No I know people who "chip" or just use occasionally. It's possible but not wise.

Etilla4 karma

Who introduced you?

deadlyrhythm8 karma

He's a guy that I've known since 8th grade or so. In fact, he's in Drug Court with me. Pretty much similar stories. He ODed in his car, got caught with drugs, and sat in jail for 4 months.

By the time I hit my Freshman year in college, though, every single person, save one or two people, were involved in the heroin scene. Now, thankfully, everyone but one or two is clean. Go figure.

HatesSkimMilk4 karma

Also, how hard is it to come clean? I aplogies for all of the questions. It is an interesting subject.

deadlyrhythm2 karma

I started off snorting small lines and eventually got to doing just dubs (20 bucks worth/.1 grams). It just happened to be the mot economical way, I still got high but didn't spend a shitload of money.

I got hooked after I started shooting it more than three times a week and yes I realized it but I didn't care. I could afford it and I wasn't in any legal binds.

Knowing how much to take is a trial and error process that can change depending on the dealer and new batches. It's really just a gamble.

I know a guy recently who killed another guy but cutting his dope with some kind of battery acid. So I guess it depends on who you've pissed off and who you know.

It was really hard to get clean. Its a totally new way of thinking and lifestyle. As I was told " Getting clean means changing everything in your life". It took going to jail for me to get clean.

kellenthehun3 karma

I don't have a question, just a statement. I'm a recovering heroin addict. I have five months clean. One of my best friends overdosed and died two months ago. She had nine months clean, and a three year old daughter.

My favorite picture of us together, just to bring it home for you. Please don't make the same mistake she did. There is help out there. Please seek it out.

deadlyrhythm2 karma

It's really too bad to see all of these young people lives cut short because of this. My motivation to stay clean comes from seeing other families utterly destroyed by the death of a family member. I never want to do that to them. I've scared them enough. Best of luck to you man.

overusedoxymoron3 karma

I'm also a recovering addict. Just wanted to reach out from one recovering human to another.

deadlyrhythm2 karma

It's nice to see there are other people recovering isn't it? I felt so alone when I first started but came to find out that I'm far from it. Keep at it man, it's worth it.

vacattack19853 karma

This isn't about ODing, but I'm just curious: how did your family react when they found out you were using? Have they been supportive in helping your recovery? Best of luck to you, and thanks for doing this AMA!

deadlyrhythm3 karma

That's ok. This AMA really turned into a general opiate AMA.

At first they were furious but ended up accepting it and becoming my largest source of support. I'm really thankful to have them.

Igottabefresh3 karma

I know Narco or Suboxone can be used to resuscitate a person who is ODing, are they something that is easily obtainable for addicts? Theoretically, if hospitals or clinics gave away Narco to addicts, wouldn't we be able to drastically decrease the amount of OD's, as long as people use in groups? Did any addicts you know keep either of those on hand in case of an accidental OD?

deadlyrhythm4 karma

Yes! It's free at any needle exchange. You have to take a 15 min "class" on how to use it and they just give it to you. It's really important that people know that. And I knew people who had some just no one that was with me unfortunately.

iMini3 karma

What exactly does it feel like whilst on heroin. I've been out of mind drunk, I've smoked a lot of weed, and I've dropped acid previously. Does any of that compare to heroin

deadlyrhythm4 karma

Not even close. It's really hard to explain but it's like wiping away all your cares and replacing your blood with warm cocoa. Just utter bliss.

chuckles_the_clown3 karma

Was marijuana a gateway drug for you to one day doing heroin? I'm not saying it is, just curious in your case.

deadlyrhythm6 karma

I made a point to try every drug I could and I had this ambition when I was in 8th grade. It was never initially about how high I got. It was all about the different experiences. Kind of like an expand your mind as far as I can thing.

The gateway drug to heroin for me was oxycontin. I just found opiates and they clicked with me immediately.

CaptainColeslaw2 karma

Why is so hard for a lot of addicts to get suboxen? It seems they are more expensive and in demand than the oxy's.

deadlyrhythm2 karma

You mean get it prescribed or off the street?

Prescribed shouldn't be a big issue as long as you can afford it or have insurance.

Off the street I really have no idea. I never had a problem getting it.

thelivingtruth2 karma

I don't have a question, but I did want to say thank you for doing this ama, and all the useful answers you have given. I recently came off a battle with opiates(not heroin or shooting up, but really just as destructive). I have lost several friends to the whole ordeal and saw one of them od. I really wish when we called the paramedics for him they would have arrested him. They didn't bother and a month later he did it again. Dead at 24.

I watched the entire family around him self destruct, and it was totally the wake up call I needed. Took me almost two whole years to get to where I am now.

deadlyrhythm2 karma

It's one of the most challenging things I've done in my life thus far. I've been set back but I'm willing to keep going forward and I think that's all that matters in the end. Congrats btw. Shit's not easy. I hope things keep going well for you.

asacopoo2 karma

Did you start out using marijuana and would you consider it a "gateway drug"?

deadlyrhythm3 karma

I made a point to try every drug I could and I had this ambition when I was in 8th grade. It was never initially about how high I got. It was all about the different experiences. Kind of like an expand your mind as far as I can thing.

The gateway drug to heroin for me was oxycontin. I just found opiates and they clicked with me immediately.

Skeeders2 karma

How would you describe the difference between oxycodone and heroin? I take a 20 mg tablet of oxy maybe once every 3 months, but have always wondered what heroin feels like. Are they similar in feeling?

deadlyrhythm2 karma

I haven't taken oxy in years, but heroin would just be a purer high than that I guess. Remembering how all this stuff feels is starting to fade from my memory.

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deadlyrhythm2 karma

I was told, and I fully believe, that it doesn't become a problem until the use of that drug take priority over other portions of your life. Like if you're spending so much that you can't pay rent, or less extreme examples like your SO is upset because of your use and you ignore them and continue on. A drug is a drug is a drug whether it's beer or percs. One perc a day isn't horrible imo but I'm not you and can't decide what is too much for you. But if it isn't causing problems I wouldn't worry about it just watch it.

panicinbabylon2 karma

Thanks for doing this! Its a tough road, but it does get better. My question is how honest are you about your experiences IRL?

My fiance and I both battled opiate addictions before meeting each other, and both found it hard to date after we were clean because it was a deal breaker for just about everyone. Among many other things, we bonded over the fact that we were survivors of the scene. It has been better therapy than any state-mandated psychiatric bullshit and NA meetings...just to be 100% honest with someone I love about my darkest days is extremely validating and has probably kept me sane when I have difficult times.

Thanks again for the AMA and good luck to you!

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I just say fuck it and tell it like it is. If I'm explaining it to someone who might not appreciate the graphic nature I jsut tell them in advance and ask if they want all the details. Most people say yes.

Divulged2 karma

Do you think it is safe for a recovering heroin addict to perform tasks that could endanger others? Examples- driving, packing parachutes, etc . . .

Does the time after starting the recovering affect the person's decision-making skills? Recovering for a year vs. recovering for a month?

deadlyrhythm2 karma

Hmm...I think it's safe as long as they aren't visibly inebriated from their meds. I think that once you have a month your decision making skill are going to be steady from there on out. Up until that point though I was still wavering between want to use and staying away. Other than that decision though everything else is fine.

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Do you really get addicted after only one use?

deadlyrhythm2 karma

No. I know people who use heroin recreationally (once a month) and have never been addicted. It really all depends on the person.

deadlyrhythm2 karma

I don't advocate trying to do it recreationally though. So...yeah don't do that.

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Don't you have to pump there stomach imeditly.I most likely wrong but was yea.

deadlyrhythm2 karma

Nope not at all. It's all about reversing the process of the heroin OD. The only way to do this is with narcan. So call 911 if you suspect someone is ODing.

Relevant username to the post btw. Dedication. I like it.

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What made you decide to try it? My piece of shit brother is a junkie and he couldn't really answer this question. I just have a very difficult time understanding what in the world would make someone want to do something that will likely ruin their lives (and in some cases the lives of those around them).

deadlyrhythm1 karma

It was just a curiosity thing. I had been doing pills prior to heroin and I didn't have a problem. So I figured that I could handle the dope too. I never thought about the consequences until they landed in my lap, and until recently I didn't even care about them at that point. Stay strong man, he's gonna need your support one day.

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I'm not an addict myself but I've recently been hanging out with a group of guys who just graduated the sober home program in my college town. They had various issues, from alcohol to pills and heroin. Now, they all drink every night- their lives are essentially a never-ending party, and they feel okay about it because of the college town mentality, I think. I'm really worried about a couple of them but I also know from experience that there's not much I can say that they'll really consider, especially because I'm the only non-addict in the group. As a recovering addict, do you think there's anything I can do to help them? I know I can't "save" anyone, I just don't think they're fully aware of what they're doing and they might approach things differently if they did.

tldr what can I do for my friends with addiction issues?

deadlyrhythm5 karma

I guess just present them with the facts. They're drinking constantly (daily I assume) and that it isn't healthy. I don't know them obviously but maybe if they deny that, then tell them to take a break for a week and see how they feel. If they're drinking as much as you say they probably won't feel the best and use that as proof.

Or simply say "Listen, I know we've all had addiction issues before and I'm honestly worried about you. I don't want you to slip back into the addiction process and have to start all over again." Maybe coming from an empathetic stance will work better? I would just be open and honest with them and hopefully they take your concern seriously. I hope this helps. Best of luck man.

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why do people start with heroin? don't they think for just 1 second "oh, this may be absolutely bad for me and my life"?

deadlyrhythm5 karma

I don't think anyone starts with heroin. It's a gradual path from pills. And my reasoning was, "Hell I handled the pills just fine and this is just like stronger pills so why not?" I was trying to experiment with everything and this was just next on the list. There wasn't much thinking involved.

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As the addiction process advances, you need to use heroin to feel normal anyway. So as long as you use a dose appropriate for the situation i.e. work, then you will function just fine. Hope this explains, if not lmk.

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I just attended my cousins funeral yesterday morning. he was 30, just got married, and a minister at a dallas church.. A few months ago i learned that he was found with a stash. I wish I could have taken the time to tell him about ibugane and ayahuasca. Two natural substances when used properly can heal one from heroin addiction, by completely destroying and rebuilding your opioid receptors. Thus leaving you with no physical or mental addiction... These substances are illegal in the united states, but legal in canada, mexico and new zealand.. PLEASE SPREAD THIS KNOWLEDGE.

edit: he was found last week in his car, by a police officer. cause of death: heroin overdose

deadlyrhythm3 karma

I'm truly empathize with your loss. My cousin just died last month as well. Best wishes to you and your family.

I also have heard of these substances and have heard good things.