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So, you can officially say in a Scooby-Doo voice: "I'm a rerailer!"

Say it at the bar... maybe when you're a little drunk.

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Hospitality Major here... We learned a lot about this in college. It is somewhat appalling what we are told, but it is also somewhat liberating to find that we can traverse the illusive language on the bottle and actually know what we are buying.

So, here's a few questions for you.

How did you get into the liquor industry?

How is business?

Does the guilt really bother you that much? There are varying degrees of deceit in just about all industries.

How difficult is it to become the owner/operator of a liquor store?

If the deception bothers you so much, what liquors do you recommend?

What is your favorite wine, beer, tequila and scotch/whiskey?

How difficult is it to maintain safety and prevent theft in your store? I always felt like alcohol is a high theft item.

Thanks for sharing... I always have a lot of questions for liquor store owners.

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They must have had something like Reddit back then.

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Do you like your job, or is it a total pile of shit? And, do you get paid well? Just asking...

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Sometimes, there are disputes about the cause of death. To the average Joe, it's an open/shut case of "well, his car hit the wall at 120mph and exploded". To a courtroom law firm trying to settle their estate and decide how much money should be paid out to the beneficiaries, it's more intricate than that. Plus, there are potential lawsuits in that case, so it is useful to know exactly how they died.

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