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Thanks for doing this! Its a tough road, but it does get better. My question is how honest are you about your experiences IRL?

My fiance and I both battled opiate addictions before meeting each other, and both found it hard to date after we were clean because it was a deal breaker for just about everyone. Among many other things, we bonded over the fact that we were survivors of the scene. It has been better therapy than any state-mandated psychiatric bullshit and NA meetings...just to be 100% honest with someone I love about my darkest days is extremely validating and has probably kept me sane when I have difficult times.

Thanks again for the AMA and good luck to you!

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good for you and good luck! i suppose traditional, nuclear families are the minority anyhow...all you need is love!

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Do you think you will ever have a more traditional marriage with your husband? What about when your daughter is old enough to understand the circumstances? I've entertained thoughts of an open relationship but ultimately decided I couldn't handle it and admire people with that kind of confidence.