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So awesome!!! Thanks for sharing the story!

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My parents are thinking about retiring in Florida, from Alaska. My dad is an avid fisherman who mainly goes out for halibut and salmon in his 24' aluminum hard top. Do you prefer the west coast of FL (compared to the east coast) for saltwater fishing? Why or why not? I would really appreciate your input on this, as fishing is pretty much all he lives for.

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God that is fucking frightening. Although, if I ever decide to commit suicide in my old age, that's how I want to go. For sure.

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Thanks for the reply. That's what I figured I'd hear, that the drugs make the transition easier for someone trying to get clean. I am curious how effective they really are though. In other words, how many people trying to get clean and make it through the transitionary period on Suboxone/methadone are able to refrain from using over time. How many people that start the drug therapy have the counseling and emotional support necessary to stay clean? How many relapses does the average addict go through?

As some asshole mentioned below, of course I haven't done pretty much every drug out there. My point was that compared to most medical professionals, I have SOME idea of what it's like to be high, what it's like to have cravings for a substance. I also have friends who have bad substance abuse problems. I feel like these facts increase my understanding of addiction compared to other docs.

I'm pretty interested in addiction medicine because I think it would be amazing to serve as a sponsor/role model for people that really need help. And from what you're saying, that might actually be possible as a doc. I'll have to try and shadow in a rehab clinic sometime to see what it's like.