Too long didn't read version: We were asked by Simon Cowell's Record Label, SyCo Records, to go on Britain's Got Talent. After being promised by a producer that we would be shown in a positive light, we agreed to it. They proceeded to massively inconvenience us and insult us personally and professionally on the day of our audition in front of the judges for TV.

If you like you can check my band here:

Here is the song they wanted us to perform:

Our formal complaint - you can watch a video of me reading it out here:

Hello Matt,

Following on from our conversation at the London Britain's Got Talent audition, we would like to submit a formal complaint.

I was originally approached about the show by a researcher working for Nick Raymonde. They were impressed by my songs, live performances, videos and covers. We discussed in great detail what the act contained, the costumes that would be worn, the way in which we present ourselves and the choice of song.

I was skeptical about appearing on the show at first as it is common knowledge that acts like ourselves are very hit or miss with the judges, I brought this up with one of your producers, Ashley Whitehouse at a meeting/audition we were invited to. Ashley reassured us that we were not approached as a "joke act" and were approached based on our talent and integrity. He also said that the show needs acts like us and it would be "unethical to invite [us] on the show to make fun of [us]". There was a camera recording at this meeting and we were in full costume, showing a video of the song we intended to perform if you wish to look back through the footage and confirm.

On the day of our audition in London we were "interviewed" by Stephen Mullhern, who had made a lot of assumptions about us and specifically targeted his questions in a negative and offensive manner. We were asked repeatedly whether we have girlfriends, if our families are embarrassed and how old we are - insinuating that we were too old to be doing this. Stephen proceeded to claim there was "hope for everyone" after we answered that we all do in fact have girlfriends.

I'd like to point out, our sexual orientation, age and relationship status is nothing to do with our talent, nor is it politically correct to make such assumptions based on our confidence to do something, that you approached us to do on the show.

I understand that it could be seen as an unusual act, but as we had been assured that the show understood the act and wouldn't show us in a negative light, I don't think It was fair to interview us in such a negative way.

We were also given conflicting instructions regarding what to do when we got on stage and given inadequate set up time required for our act. I think this gives you footage of us appearing confused on stage and appearing to take a long time to set up incorrectly due to no fault of our own.

I don't mind too much that Alessia was rude and the judges didn't put us through. I understand the nature of the competition and I think it's fair if they didn't like it.

I know originally I requested that all footage of us was not to be used, but as a compromise, I request in writing, that the footage of both of our interviews with Stephen Mullhern are not aired. I hope your stance is negotiable and I await your response,

Thank you,

Oliver Hindle - Superpowerless


Update: I'm back haha

Update 2: I'm just going to post this to try and clear things up with the people that are still presuming we're upset we didn't get through: They invited us on, and because we're openly geeky they hurled loads of stereotypical geek abuse at us before we even had chance to do what they invited us on the show to do - i don't mind they didn't like us, i don't mind we didn't get through - just the way they treated us while cameras were rolling - it will all edit together really badly for us and encourage more people to be that way with geeky people - it's essentially promoting the bullying of geeks and we're being used as the poster people for it.

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Skittlepower113 karma

I bet The Sun or The Daily Mail would run riot with this, Oliver. Take it to the tabloids! Failing that, Love It? :)

superpowerlessband62 karma

Thanks, I would love to give this a go, maybe if the video goes a little viral I can approach them at that stage! :)

Skittlepower25 karma

I'm not sure it would even need to go viral for either of those to pay attention, maybe if you were to go on the one show or something.

superpowerlessband17 karma

oh cool, i'll give it a try and try to word it as well as possible! it's definitely worth a shot

moge13 karma

I'll add by saying be sure you know what you want to get out of something like this before you start. You think TV producers are bad, you haven't seen nothing like a tabloid editor! :)

If you do this write up talking points and stick to them! Have the network in place to maximize visibility, sales, and bookings. Have a plan. Exploit them as much as they will you.

superpowerlessband8 karma

Thanks! I'll definitely take note of this and plan as much as possible. I've never really dealt with anything like this before so it's all a bit - figure it out as I go, which hopefully won't end even worse haha

winto_bungle79 karma

What on earth made you think going on BGT was a good career move?

superpowerlessband101 karma

I plead insanity!


It was though, I've never heard of them before now and I'm sure a lot of redditors agree.

superpowerlessband4 karma

thank you! :)

mxoxo13 karma

That 12 million people would see his act?

Any publicity is good publicity after all.

Now he's on reddit, soon to be in tabloid newspaper(s). Reddit will probably make his youtube video quite popular for a day or two.

By the end of all this he'll have had 20 million people see his act. If the act is that shitty that there's not enough support out of those 20 million, then it was probably good to find that out anyway.

superpowerlessband5 karma

ahah this makes me feel a lot better about it, thanks! :)

PrinceBarrington2 karma


superpowerlessband2 karma

very true! fingers crossed haha

golgobot62 karma

That was really shitty. On a separate note, I built a MIDI controlled triple SID6581 synth. It's just sitting in storage right now, I'd love it if you made a song with it.

superpowerlessband51 karma

OMG! Seriously? I would love to make many songs with that! :O haha

golgobot34 karma

Awesome. As much as I'd like to be a musician, I'm just not very good :) But I can make sound and hack the shit out of old chips. So I'd love to put this in the hands of someone who knows what they're doing. It's in storage right now, but as soon as I get it out I'll pretty it up, put it in a project box, type up documentation and send it over.

superpowerlessband7 karma

deleted my comment because everyone said posting your email on reddit is a mistake muahaha :P

chao7733 karma

Do you have any evidence of their statements that you were going to be shown in a positive light?

Either way, sounds like Britain's Got Talent is full of immature, childish jackasses who wanted a quick laugh at the expense of someone else.

superpowerlessband28 karma

The only evidence of them actually saying that is the video they filmed during the initial meeting we had with a producer. I can go through my emails quickly now and see if I pull anything else up. Most of it was said at that meeting and on phone calls though which is a bit sly of them.

techiebabe27 karma

I feel for you. It could be worse tho, have you seen how an elderly lady was treated on XFactor? Google on Ceri Rees for videos, uproar in the press... Basically, she has been on a few times, sings like a banshee wailing, and gets laughed at. The last time, it was beyond a joke. She clearly believes she can sing. I would have quickly auditioned her, said thanks but it's not for us, sent her home, but not put it out on TV. Certainly not mocked her. At one point Gary Barlow even went through her handbag... but oh, it makes good tv so they persist in humiliating her. I even read she'd been invited to that audition...

You're (presumably!) not deluded and mentally unwell, so you know it is about making entertaining tv, but they should never have set you up like that, they effectively lied to get you to audition. :-(

I too would take it to the press. If the press come to you asking for interview, remember to ask 'what's the fee?' unless you do just want free publicity. Choose your outlet carefully. Can you write well? If so, pitch an article at Guardian Comment Is Free. That will probably be the best outlet, but watch out, the commenters there are a tough bunch at times.

Otherwise, Ive dealt with many papers and The Sun was the one which reported my quotes most fairly, believe it or not. So Id recommend you give them a try. They will sensationalise the story somewhat (of course!) but I found them to be honest. Always ask for a readback of the story 'to check the facts' before publication, just so you know what they plan to say.

Do not deal with the Mail. When a friend wouldn't give them a quote about her young son's death, they made some up. Plus the online commenters are the lowest of the low. Avoid the Mail at all costs.

I hope that all helps. Good luck, and I hope the exposure you get brings you some new fans!

...Oh, Im meant to add a question. Ok then, have you seen the Ceri Rees audition for XFactor (the one where Gary Barlow was a judge) and if so what did you think of it?

Also, what do you think about BGT being such a mix of types of act? Are you offended that judges preferred acts like a crying schoolgirl or a dancing dog? Do you think your kind of music really has a place there?

As Ive said, good luck :-)

superpowerlessband2 karma

ahh wow I haven't seen about Ceri Rees, will definitely look through and follow that story.

Thanks for the advice about papers and especially sharing your story about The Mail, that's terrible!

Will definitely ask for readbacks and make sure I can get a look first.

Other questions - I think even though it's pegged as being a variety show - they're looking for really specific things and get a lot of similar acts through. It's quite generic and anything different seems to be shunned. I don't mind what the judges like themselves and what they put through - i just really disagree with the lying and manipulating people - to set them up for falling and making fun. I didn't think we would go through - but i was promised and had faith we would be shown as nice and good humored - but they took it too far and didn't give us chance to be 'in on the joke'


Burn-Account20 karma

I just wanted to say that I find the fact that you performed a song called "Wasted my Time" at Britain's Got Talent (Which literally wasted your time) a pretty funny coincidence.

Anyway, my question is after this obvious disappointment and this bad experience, do you think there is a place out there for shows like Britain's got talent? It seems more and more obvious that these shows like to do exactly as you described (as it causes "drama") rather then actually give performers a chance. Do you think there is a way to make these shows a more productive and enjoyable experience?

superpowerlessband20 karma

I think that the producers of shows like 'Got Talent' don't give their audience enough credit. I think a genuine talent competition that gave all contestants an equal chance to present themselves in the way they want to come across would be amazing. Sure, you'd get people that went on with their own sob story, but it wouldn't be coaxed and directed by the producers.

Maybe people just don't want to see that and it wouldn't make good television - I'm not sure!

I do think that Britain's Got Talent are running out of acts though, they're trying lots of new methods this year to get people to audition and approaching more people than previous years. There were only 300 acts at this stage of the competition!

PeeLong17 karma

If it makes you feel any better, I've wasted my life playing video games, too.

superpowerlessband5 karma

That does make me feel better haha all in the same boat

PhiaBot2117 karma

What did all your friends say back home?

EDIT: Also, watched your video. I think you guys sound very fun and I would totally exercise and doing silly things to your music. Thank you guys being awesome human beings and tolerating a bunch of dushbags.

Edit 2: sorry, had two typos.

superpowerlessband12 karma

Thanks a lot! That's really nice of you :)

They got us by saying we couldn't speak about it, so we kept it quiet until after the audition, I've posted this letter and video on my facebook and everybody is being really supportive and forwarding it around which is amazing! :)

PhiaBot213 karma

That's good. I can't understand how we allow this industry of entertainment by making fun of other people. That's why I don't give a flying fart about any of these shows on tv. People are unique and should be loved for it!

superpowerlessband7 karma

definitely agree with you! it bothers me too because it reflects on the rest of the chiptune community, nerdcore, nerds and to an extent all geek culture, it's really lame!

toxlab14 karma

Your sound is vital, young, and energetic. Critics love to shit on things they don't understand. Keep doing what you're doing. You've gained a listener and an upvote.

superpowerlessband8 karma

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you appreciate the music :)

TFRthrowaway13 karma

Watched your videos, I have to say that I think you're too good for the show.

superpowerlessband5 karma

aww thanks a lot! :)

Roomy9 karma

I don't watch the real show but I've seen little clipettes online and thought some of the acts were good that I saw. Then I saw the guy that said he loved that one spice girl before he sang, how amazing he was and how much of a huge personal moment it was for him to even be there, then she absolutely destroyed him ONLY because she was insulted that someone brought up Spice Girls and sang a song of theirs. She didn't give a god damn about his talent. Nothing about his act mattered. The instant he said Spice Girls, she wanted to destroy him, and I felt so completely sorry for him being crushed like that by his personal hero on national TV when I know it was hard enough already for him to just be there, let alone bear himself naked like that and show his emotions to the whole world.

Fuck her. Fuck her in the fucking ear with a powerdrill. And fuck that show. Never again.

superpowerlessband2 karma

Ahh that really sucks! :(

It wouldn't be so bad if it was just their opinion - but it gets pushed on to so many that watch it - not everybody thinks about what goes on off camera and how it is set up - some just take it for what is shown on tv. that's the most frustrating part of it I think!

IanJL16 karma

It sucks that you got treated that way. If it makes you feel any better, the show is shit anyway, it's the same thing every year. Also, Wasted My Time is great.

superpowerlessband3 karma

that definitely does make me feel better! thanks a lot :)

albot40005 karma

I work with vulnerable young people with mental health and behavioural issues. Among other things, I am a musician and so this is sometimes part of my work (music lessons, songwriting/emotional literacy work etc) A young girl I once worked with told me when I first met her that she had got through to the last audition before the televised judges bit on BGT. She could reel off producers she had met, had official paperwork and had even been supported to attend one of her auditions by fellow youth workers so I had no reason to doubt her claims of how far she had got. Anyway, by way of introduction she offered to sing for me, knowing me as "the music guy" she was keen for my feedback. It was apparent that she could not sing at all, and was in fact terrible within seconds of her opening her mouth. I don't mean this to sound cruel but even to untrained ears she would rank among the worst you would be likely to hear on the show. There is also no nice way to say this, but she also spoke with a strong accent with limited vocabulary (due to literacy issues and her social situation/upbringing, one of the reasons she was with our service and had outstanding issues), was severely overweight and clearly "wasn't right" to even the most casual observer (due to her substantial personal issues). It seemed clear to me that the only reason they had allowed her to progress was as a "comedically bad" auditionee. When she got knocked back and told not to bother coming back for the live segment she was crushed. She had never expected to get past first audition but like many had dreamed of a better life and thought "what the hell? Can't hurt to try!". Their stringing her along and building up her hopes (when all they were clearly planning to do to her was humiliate her on television) led to a period of genuine depression when she didn't get through and though she is progressing years later, the amount to which it held her back doesn't bear thinking about for me. Tl:dr - Fuck these shows and the sub-human parasites that make them. If OP has a chance to nail them to the wall you should go for it if you feel you can and are happy to.

superpowerlessband3 karma

Hi there! Thanks for sharing your story, it is terrible that they're able to get away with doing this - I'm not actually sure how they ARE able to get away with it. :/

I'm sorry for that girls experience, that is awful.

I don't know what the results of me spreading my story will be - but i've been told by some people that they were approached by the show too and having heard my story will be turning it down - so that is a direct result which I am really happy about!

clifyt4 karma


superpowerlessband2 karma

Honestly I don't mind it getting passed around for humor or how I come across - I just don't want other people to end up in the same situation - lied to by the producers and left feeling like they'd been really screwed over.

Cool about the programming you got in to, that's pretty awesome! I love the sounds from C64. I bet you have a lot of good stories from working as a band tech?

Raspieman4 karma

I'd like to begin by saying I'm sorry you had to go through that. I'm in a band myself and I know how crappy it is when event organisers don't follow through on their promises. This is even worse.

That said, I'd like to play devil's advocate here and say you can't really expect anything else from a show that's basically 'reality tv' and uses both uplifting stories (the underdogs that win big) and ridicules the weak at the same time. If they would have to put in writing that they will not make a mockery of you (or any others), they'd basically have no more contestants. They need some acts to go wrong, to hold on to their format. Not everyone can be a winner. I know that doesn't change anything about the situation. I applaud you for having the courage to make this public statement!

Sidenote: I listened/watched some of your videos. Cool stuff guys!!

superpowerlessband3 karma

thanks a lot man! your points are very true, I guess I thought we were in the underdogs category because they had approached us and then they confirmed this to me through my questioning. It's silly and naive but I trusted at that stage, that they would be at least good on their word. But, everybody says not to trust reality tv for a reason!

Raspieman3 karma

I admit it's easy to say it may have been naive, in hindsight, but I'm sure you made the correct decision at the time. Especially since they approached YOU! They should be ashamed.

superpowerlessband3 karma

Thanks! yeah in hindsight it's easy to poke holes in everything, but yeah, I really did feel at the time it was the right decision. Hopefully if this gets enough publicity it will at least serve as a warning to acts they try to approach next year!

Sakatsu4 karma

No questions. I'm sorry you had a shitty experience.

superpowerlessband4 karma

No worries, thanks for taking the time to read and comment! :)

Sakatsu2 karma

Actually now that I think about it:

I'm interested in making chiptunes but...not exactly sure where to start. I've heard of people using gameboys and what not to do that and I'm more interested in working with a computer to make some.

Where can I start?

superpowerlessband3 karma

you can get most of the programs people use to make it on gameboys as roms and run them on gameboy emulators. Or an alternative is to use any computer music program and run VSTi's which sound like chiptune/video game consoles. There are a lot of specially programmed synths that are for reproducing chiptune sounds. Hope that gives you a few more options!

basicallydan4 karma

Sorry to hear about this, dude. What a bunch of prats.

superpowerlessband3 karma

thanks for taking the time to read and comment! :)

dep_in_fl3 karma

So, what happened with Jaylyn?

superpowerlessband5 karma

TLDR version: she's no longer playing in Superpowerless and lives in Orlando haha

brandonclyon3 karma

That's quite the TLDR lol!

superpowerlessband4 karma

haha! I'm trying to work out if you know the actual story and you're laughing because of how long it actually would of taken to figure out how to publicly type out... or because I incorrectly used TLDR and was suggesting that version was too long lol. either way haha

brandonclyon2 karma

I'm good friends with a lot of people in Orlando and am a regular attendee of shows and Nerdapalooza (which you need to get to!) so yeah I know the story :)

superpowerlessband2 karma

ohh okay haha that makes more sense lol! definitely need to do a Nerdapalooza!!!

Darren-god3 karma

After reading your formal complaint did they stop the clip from airing? Or did they still air it?

superpowerlessband9 karma

We were filmed for the show on Wednesday and as soon as we left the stage I had a massive argument with the series producer (who this email was sent to). He made it sound like my complaint would go unheard and that there was nothing I could do. I emailed him it this morning and texted him saying if he would rather I sent it by recorded delivery I would just need an address, but no response so far - will watch this space!

Darren-god4 karma

Woah, dude. Didn't realise it was that recent. It should've occurred to me though. Hope everything goes swell man! What was some of the asshole comments the judges and/or audience gave, if you don't mind?

superpowerlessband2 karma

the audience loved us! but the judges all just said no - one of them, alessia dixon - after we asked for feedback, just said "because it just goes like this" and sang the song back at us in a daft voice. It was the pinnacle of humour!

EnergyUK3 karma

Hopefully they don't go down this route, but having seen this happen before with a small company and dragon's den it's worth noting: If they try and withhold any footage from you point out the data protection act requires them to hand over all footage containing yourself on request.

The slightest denial means that you should get lawyers involved!

superpowerlessband1 karma

I would love to know more about this, having the footage for myself would be amazing!

fuck_jeffgoldblum3 karma

Have you ever seen the movie god bless America? The story involves murdering a bunch of exploitative judges on an AGT-like reality tv show.

superpowerlessband2 karma

I haven't but it's been recommended, will watch tonight! :)

ClockworkRuse3 karma

I remember seeing you guys back on RT, hope everything's been going well since then.

At any point before you played in stage, did you get any feelings or warning signs that things were about to go badly?

superpowerlessband5 karma

the interview with stephen was terrible, but we'd all taken a few days off of work, travelled all the way down to london, sat and been filmed for 11 hours without being allowed to leave the building - we just wanted to play and go home! haha

other than this massive BLIP, everything has been going really well, thank you! :)

Sneaky_Zebra3 karma

It sucks when you get promises of being treated in a positive light and then let down like that :( You can see your passionate about your music!

What would be the best outcome for you on this - just that they don't use your footage or would you like something else?

superpowerlessband12 karma

honestly, i think the best outcome for me would be that they apologize, air the performance as it is and cut both of the interviews with Stephen Mullhern. We didn't mind being buzzed off, or the judges disliking it, but for an interview to have such a negative direction with a clear agenda, it really bothers me and isn't something I want to be associated with.

Forchetti3 karma

Which song did you perform for the judges?

superpowerlessband9 karma

It was one of my original songs:

The producers and head A&R at Syco Records were all aware of this song choice before we went on. We got buzzed by 3 judges before I started singing and then the 4th judge held out for about 40-50 seconds!

After waiting 11 hours (of being filmed and interviewed) to get on stage!

moge13 karma

My comment in no way legitimizes what they did but, as someone who has worked in entertainment for many years, can offer a little constructive feedback on the song choice?

Obviously, I haven't seen the BGT clip so I don't know exactly how you played it. The song, once it gets going, is quite good (loved the video BTW). However, it is a song that takes 30+ seconds to get to the lyrics.

The opening is rather jarring and, especially if people are coming in with preconceptions about you, I can see how people take it as a 'weird' song.

I recognize that how they set you up was wrong - though VERY par for the course for TV producers. That said, air time is finite. A segment is roughly 6minutes long and from what I have seen the average BGT song lasts at most 90-120seconds. You song riffs the same refrain for the first 30 seconds.

My question is: In retrospect do you think you could have gotten fewer buzzes so quickly if you had trimmed the opening and gotten to the lyrics faster?

superpowerlessband13 karma

I totally get where you're coming from, we made a special 2 minute version of the song at their request, which got to the singing quicker, did everything it needed to do and then ended just under the 2 minute mark.

I had thoughts about maybe doing a different song but they were happy with the song choice so we stuck to it. The interviews were the worst part of the day and they were before we went on to perform. I think they must of known what narration they wanted to take with us before we arrived - 11 hours earlier!

moge20 karma

Awesome you had a 2min version ready. Sadly, I can assure you that they did, in fact, have a predetermined line of questioning for you prepared. You were, as sad as it sounds, set up to fail. It sucks. TV producers are some slippery motherfuckers - I know! Some are good people but from what you have said I know beyond a doubt that you were totally played.

That said, the positive light is what you probably strengthened your fan-base who have rallied around you. I don't know how bad the clip is but the old adage 'no such thing as bad press' is absolutely true.

Play it right, have a response recorded and ready to publish on YouTube the night the clip airs and you can turn it into a positive. The response should be lighthearted 'I'm sorry you guys didn't get what we are doing and that is fine. Sucks you had to trash us like that but whatev's we are gunna keep on keeping on'.

There is a way you can turn this around and gain momentum. Again, you production value on your video is great and those people who would be your future fans will get you. Others, like Simon and Co obviously don't. Think what the reaction would be if Skrillex played BGT; instant buzz. Focus on your market, your demo and your style. People will either get you or trash you.

Anyway, wish you all the best!

superpowerlessband7 karma

Thanks a lot, will definitely do this! That is great advice! :)

THECapedCaper6 karma

I respect chip tunes music and sympathize with your treatment on the show, but I clicked out of the video after 55 seconds, too. :(

The cinematography of the video is very good though!

superpowerlessband10 karma

ahh that's okay, thanks for giving it a go though! :)

RyanSayHi6 karma

I watched the whole video :)

superpowerlessband1 karma

Thanks! :)

lackofbrain2 karma

As someone who's not really into chip-tunes, I really liked your track. Also that video must have been so much fun to make!

superpowerlessband2 karma

Thanks a lot! The video was a prize from a mtv/vodafone competition, it was an amazing experience!

darkxc322 karma

How do you feel about the recent success of I Fight Dragons (full run on Warped Tour 2012 and recently finished a full US headlining tour) and does their success give you hope that maybe chip tune bands may be starting to catch on?

superpowerlessband2 karma

I love I Fight Dragons and used to speak to Brian on Facebook. I even remixed one of their songs haha :)

It's also really cool that they're doing so well for themselves, they're really talented and deserve it!

It does give me hope for more chiptune bands breaking through in to the mainstream, tv talent shows will probably not be what does it though haha

trixter219922512 karma

I just want to watch the performance and interview.

superpowerlessband1 karma

Sorry, I think it starts airing around may-july!

The_Other_Olsen2 karma

X Factor is a crock of shit.

superpowerlessband1 karma


tennisgoalie2 karma

whoever was a cunt to you like that is an idiot.. i just looked up your music and love it!

superpowerlessband1 karma

thank you! :)


I wouldn't worry, its television for morons.

I hope one day that reality TV shows, soaps and quizzes die and never return.

superpowerlessband2 karma

thanks a lot! i do worry a little about how popular the show is though and how i could do without all of those morons thinking I am a moron as an individual. I'm sure I'll live through it though and it will pass haha

NeonDeathtrap2 karma

Being in a band myself, I can understand why you would want to take advantage of something like this. I think your music is pretty great, and you've made a new fan here -- this could have been a huge opportunity for you to further your career, and shittily it does seem like you got set up to make fools of yourself.

Keep your head up, and keep making good music!

superpowerlessband2 karma

thanks a lot! It's hard to tell which opportunities are going to work out and which aren't, I usually just go for everything - after going through as best I can to make sure it's worth it. Had so much correspondence to make sure it was going to be a positive experience and then it still backfired. Oh well, you live and learn! Good luck with your band too, thanks for checking out my music, glad you enjoyed it! :)

JNS_KIP2 karma

video of you getting made fun of?

superpowerlessband2 karma

Not available yet :( lol they'll be aired may-july time

Sympheria2 karma

No questions but i just want to say I just saw your video and I also agree on what you said about them not giving all contestants equal chances. I really hope it'll work out for you oliver, because the music is awesome. I really dislike these kind of shows because ive been there once and some contestant got laughed at because of his product (the show was a invention show, show your invention and win) anyway, im sorry this has happened to you.

superpowerlessband3 karma

thanks a lot! I really appreciate it :)

It's crazy because everybody figures that these shows are really bad and not reality at all... but behind that it's so much worse! I've been told some crazy stories about casting and producers from other shows as a result of this.

It should all be made a lot more public!

Sympheria2 karma

On TV all these shows seem amazing, everyone would love to participate in it. But in reality its really bad. It can help for some people (For instance Jedward, but they were lucky). Keep on making music. Ill be checking it out! :) best of luck you guys

superpowerlessband2 karma

Thanks a lot! that's the thing, they can edit these shows to be anything they want, contestants are just a necessary nuisance for the producers and they don't even see them... well, us, as people too. Will definitely keep on making music, thanks :)

snurga2 karma

This doesn't really have anything to do with BGT, but I was curious about your thoughts on the MC Chris diss track, "Little Man" that you worked on with MC Wreckshin. Were you surprised by the reaction from fans and other artists (e.g. MC Lars)?

superpowerlessband3 karma

Hi there! I don't know if MC Lars made any statements I didn't see - but I was recently quoting some of his lyrics on my facebook and I tagged him as we're good friends. He responded by saying i was alienating myself from mainstream nerdcore - which was really really gutting for me as he was one of my biggest influences! He's the reason I started producing by myself and wanting to make geeky music.

He said that he didn't feel comfortable working with me in future as he had strong connections to MC Chris, I understand where he's coming from, I totally do. It just did hurt a lot, so I was rather taken back.

Also I don't think it was a straight 'diss track', it was more based on actions and encouraging him to rethink his interactions with fans.

It was quite out of character for myself to get involved in something like that so I think I did upset a few of my own fans which upset me too.

I've always been one for voicing things I really believe in though - like this whole britain's got talent thing, even if it is embarrassing or has negative side effects.

jimmybrite2 karma

As somewhat of a (shitty) Trance producer myself, chiptune music isn't my thing even though I love the SID and square wave sound, but you guys did NOT deserve any of the shit that they put you through. To be honest I would never have accepted to go on a show like this, I consider that kind of entertainment a joke.

superpowerlessband3 karma

yeah i can see where you're coming from, I was a bit reluctant at first, but they really wore me down and sold it to me as a good move. life's too short to regret it though, so hopefully warning others will make me feel better about the whole situation

jimmybrite2 karma

Hopefully this experience will only make you guys stronger.

And good on you to get some positive exposure after the fact, hopefully reddit won't circlejerk this story into oblivion.

superpowerlessband3 karma

Thank you! I think it will make us stronger and some positives have already started to come from initially embarrassing stages of confessing that we'd just been screwed over.

waxfutures2 karma

Not really a question, but I've been a fan of your music for a while and it sucks to see these people treating you like shit. Best of luck with getting it all sorted bud.

superpowerlessband3 karma

Thank you! :) It'll all be over with eventually haha, i've got lots of new projects coming up, all good! :D

delario2 karma

Why would you go on Britain's Got Talent and make fun of AMA?

superpowerlessband3 karma

ahaha i see what you did there!

oyandake2 karma

So I just watched the IT crowd and I have to say you guys are pretty dope! Keep on doing what you're guys are awesome. Do you guys offer your music to purchase?

superpowerlessband2 karma

Thanks a lot! Yeah my music is available on :)

TFRthrowaway2 karma

I commented on this thread a few hours and your song's been stuck in my head since then! So I came back to buy your songs.

Thanks for the new music OP!

EDIT: Changed "download" to "buy". Support the artist, etc.

superpowerlessband1 karma

Thanks a lot! That's awesome of you! :)

mykchap2 karma

That makes me so mad. They seek out a talented act and invite them to the show so they can belittle them and present them in an inaccurate way. The person who wins the show will be an absolute muppet who nods and does what they're told, when they're told to and people will eat it up.

Makes me so mad.

superpowerlessband2 karma

Hopefully the more people hear about it, the less likely it is to happen again - the show needs acts to work - if we can stop acts from falling for it, their shows will suffer!

ProvenDantheman2 karma

I like your song, 'We Throw Shapes'. I'm going to purchase your album, 'Monsters', on iTunes.

Edited for iTunes.

superpowerlessband2 karma

That's really awesome of you, thanks! I hope you enjoy it :)

STaY_TUNeD2 karma

Fuck reality tv, you guys are great. Loving the youtube channel

superpowerlessband2 karma

Thanks a lot! Glad you're enjoying it :D

Azhrei2 karma

Fuck the haters, keep on doing what you love doing.

superpowerlessband1 karma

Thanks a lot! :)

anuqpants2 karma

i actually just watched your youtube video with your reading of the letter you sent them. it sucks that people scorn the shit out of you in highschool and then even adults in the real world still act like kids when people are different. keep your chin up guys if no one ever tried to be different we would all be the same, imagine how fucking boring that would be.

superpowerlessband1 karma

I totally agree with you, it was literally like being back in high school with the way Stephen was talking to us - pretty surreal experience!

kgb261 karma

Just checked out your song, I liked it. It reminded me of Beck's 8-bit remixes. Has your episode of BGT aired yet or did this just happen recently?

superpowerlessband2 karma

It happened on wednesday of last week, I think it's set to air may-july time, thanks for checking my music out, I love beck's work! :D

lmaurits1 karma

This might sound like a weird comment, but as a chiptune fan and as someone who thinks giant tortoises are super awesome, I just wanted to say thanks to you guys for writing the Lonesome George song. :) What an awesome way for him to be immortalised!

superpowerlessband2 karma

Thanks a lot! Lonesome George is awesome, glad you appreciate it! :D

acksed1 karma

Sorry about the shit you went through. At least we and you are wiser for the experience.

How long did the "Wasted My Time" video take to make and what did you use?

superpowerlessband2 karma

Thanks! it was actually the prize for an mtv/vodafone competition - was all shot in one really long day and edited for a few months after that :)

NiceCouchSir1 karma

I'm interested in 8-bit music, but I've never known exactly where to start listening. Got any suggestions? (Sorry about not talking about BGT, but they suck anyhow)

superpowerlessband2 karma

Hey man, there's a massive amount of it out there! My favorites always tend to be the bands that mix in vocals and guitar - I Fight Dragons, Math The Band, Horse The Band, Eqavox, Pornophonique. Hope that helps! :)

Squidlles1 karma

What ever happened to The IT Crowd? I want that show back, I submitted you guys to Pandora, we can only hope right. A whole 8-bit section on Pandora would be kick ass.

superpowerlessband2 karma

Thank you for doing that, that's awesome! The IT Crowd was an amazing show, I'm not actually sure what happened with that! :(

Doopz4791 karma

So do you know Area 11 and the Yogscast? I thought I recognised the name from something, it was this remix. And then I realised you did a collaboration with Sparkles*.

superpowerlessband2 karma

Yeah I do! they're awesome! Area 11 sometimes join me on stage to play my songs with me :) We're homies!

EpicMuppet1 karma

Holy Shit, I used to listen to you and Scrub Club records about 4 years ago. Holy carp man, just want to say thanks for making my 8th grade livable.

scrabblex1 karma

The Holy Carp Man!

superpowerlessband2 karma

ahahaha Holy Carp Man is an epic superhero name. That's awesome though - means a lot! The Scrub Club guys are brilliant - I met Madhatter - we played a gig together in london last year - he's such a legend!

driver41 karma

I've been a fan since the Trapped in Technology vids you did the music for, and I'm glad I discovered them/ the channels associated. Anyways, the uncalled for insults on BTA shouldn't be aired, it's wrong of them to trick people and do that sort of thing.

superpowerlessband1 karma

Ahh that's awesome, thanks man! I'm really proud of those, Rob is a great guy!

uippp1 karma

I had a quick listen to your stuff and really liked it. Hope this all works out well for you.

I'd recommend linking to the song you performed in your original post btw.

superpowerlessband1 karma

Thanks! I will add now :)

redpola1 karma

Anyone moved by this story should watch Robert Redford's excellent movie "Quiz Show" about the quiz show scandals of the 1950s to understand more of the mentality of TV production companies. There's an excellent article here too: Quiz Show Scandals

superpowerlessband1 karma

Thanks a lot - I will watch this and bookmark the article! :)

ArmyTurtles1 karma

I actually hadn't heard of you guys until you did Screw the Nether. Really good stuff, I have to say.

superpowerlessband1 karma

ahh that's awesome, the yogscast guys and area 11 are great! :)

livejamie1 karma

Just a small reminder that /r/chiptunes exists if you or anybody loves the scene

I crossposted this there to get this some more attention.

superpowerlessband1 karma

thank you, appreciate it! :)

AintNoFortunateSon1 karma

Honestly, I can't feel too bad for you. It takes thick skin to make it in the world. We can try to make it easier to just by but if you want to make it your going to have to be willing to take the criticism you get. Even if it is unfair and cruel. There is cruelty I the world. That doesn't mean you have to be cruel but it does mean that you'll née ski thick enough to protect you from the cruelty of others. You recognize that your decision to go on BGT was a poor one. BGT is a pop-music showcase and your sound is decidedly nische. I like it. I do dig it, it's a littch kitschy but that's fun. I hope you get some exposure from this stunt, good luck to you, I hope you find a way to make it.

superpowerlessband1 karma

Thanks a lot! I'm just hoping to spread the message that they lie and manipulate you to get you on the show and then there are no rules - I know it might come across like i'm just sulking about it and wanting sympathy, but I'm just trying to turn the whole thing around and spread info to people that might be approached by them in the future. It shouldn't be allowed to happen!

crazysnail1 karma

I bought your IT CROWD rap.

superpowerlessband1 karma

That's awesome of you, thank you! :)

dreikelvin1 karma

first of all: shame on these kind of tv producers. I hope this form of entertainment will either die or finally grow up and shift towards actually educating more people instead of washing brains with bullshit. I am sorry this happened to you but I hope you understand that you will be more successful on the right platform (such as: the internet). also: is there a clip of this watchable somewhere online? I want to see the faces of the subjects involved.

superpowerlessband1 karma

It's not airing till may-july thanks for the advice though! Will definitely avoid anything like this in future haha. Thanks! :)

OldZippo1 karma

Doubt you'll see this, but fuck them. Keep doing what you're doing.

superpowerlessband1 karma

Seen it, thank you! :)

OldZippo1 karma

No problem man. I'm only just cutting my teeth in the music industry, but I've already run into some of the bullshit people will try and pull on you. If I've learned anything from my instructors it's that you've got to say fuck peoples bullshit and keep moving.

superpowerlessband1 karma

Yeah definitely, in this industry you will see loads of corruption and people taking advantage, it's really bleak but if you love it you can power through and good things do happen! :)

Sophira1 karma

I'm so sorry you and the rest of the band had to go through this. :(

When did you appear on the show? I'd like to see if I can find the performance on ITV's site. (I live in the UK, so I would be able to watch it.)

superpowerlessband1 karma

it was last week, on wednesday - so not airing on tv till may-july! thanks though :)

potatoapocalypse0 karma

I'm American I watched your clip, you guys are cool!

superpowerlessband1 karma

thanks a lot! :)

slowtopcat0 karma

Please take this to some sort of paper and get your story heard. BGT And X-Factor are both utter Mind-numbing bullshit that need to be stamped out. See; the film God Bless america

superpowerlessband2 karma

I'll give it a shot, hopefully they will run it! Thanks :)

Will make a note of that film!

21000-2 karma

I support your hipster next level shit. Keep it up.

superpowerlessband2 karma

haha! thank you, I've never really been called a hipster before, except in regards to my neckbeard?

WindSandStars-7 karma

To be honest, listening to your music I'm not surprised you were ridiculed. Although that's a personal opinion.

You were invited to a show that, usually, consists of people who fight at the chance to get on. What were you expecting? To be heralded as gods as you spearheaded the new teen music craze?

superpowerlessband4 karma

no, expected to get buzzed off and not make it through, but was hoping to be treated fairly in the interviews and asked relevant questions - not about whether we had girlfriends and how embarrassed our families were - before we even had chance to get on stage!