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Same. I am a Mac user, I don't like origen, and I find the "protection" awful.

I can no longer play my copy of sims 3 + multiple expansion because of the protection. The copies of sims 3 and expansions, which I bought with 100+ dollars FROM EA or another legit retailer. When I contacted EA support I was told it was probably because I had downloaded it illegally. AFTER I MENTIONED THAT I HAD, IN FACT BOUGHT IT LEGALLY AND OFFERED TO SHOW THEM RECEIPTS.

EA is getting notorious for being insane when it comes to "security". Physical stores accept that there will be some shoplifting/stealing. They understand that there is no way to cut shoplifting 100%, so they try to minimize it, but they still don't hire people to follow all of their customers around their store making sure the customers do not steal anything. They have a few security guards at the door and one or two roaming the store as discouragement.

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I just wanted to say that I find the fact that you performed a song called "Wasted my Time" at Britain's Got Talent (Which literally wasted your time) a pretty funny coincidence.

Anyway, my question is after this obvious disappointment and this bad experience, do you think there is a place out there for shows like Britain's got talent? It seems more and more obvious that these shows like to do exactly as you described (as it causes "drama") rather then actually give performers a chance. Do you think there is a way to make these shows a more productive and enjoyable experience?

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Sounds good