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Crazy. It's not like you're popular or anything ;) heheh

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Hi Immi,

Thanks for coming on to Reddit. It's great to see you on here. I'm being a bit greedy and have a few (too many) questions for you.

  1. With Sparks you've created the songs with a range of different methods, many times getting the fans involved. What song did you feel the experience with fans worked best and worst?
  2. Do you have ideas/plans for how to involve fans in your future albums and shows?
  3. The new boxset looks amazing (as a big fan I'm having to save up before my preorder, new house comes first unfortunately!), what is the bit that's most exciting to you?
  4. Cheeky one here. I privately came across an old Frou Frou demo called 'Sane Again'. Am I right in thinking that once it was removed from 'Details' elements of it became part of the Airplane remix? Just a personal theory I had after listening.


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Hopefully they don't go down this route, but having seen this happen before with a small company and dragon's den it's worth noting: If they try and withhold any footage from you point out the data protection act requires them to hand over all footage containing yourself on request.

The slightest denial means that you should get lawyers involved!

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Excited to hear it :)

As a huge fan of your music (I did the very quick sparkler app for the RAH gig) I love that you're doing these things. Desperately trying to save for a boxset but as life progresses other priorities kick in. Still want to feel part of the music though, something which you do so wonderfully.

(Oh btw did james show you the gig video from 98 that was found?)

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Hi immi & co.

Congrats on the gloves, they do look very cool.

Immi - bit of a tough question but recently you've gone down some exciting routes, but as a fan sometimes expensive (boxsets and gloves). How are you planning to keep the shows and sparks special to the fans who just can't afford the boxset or donating a large sum to the gloves? Are you planning those personal touches like you have in the past?

Hope that makes some kind of coherent sense!