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So how does that proposition work? Especially for the shot girl. Is it just as blatant as the guy straight up asking? That seems like a shot in the dark even at a strip club.

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weed, sheep, and rape.

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Awesome you had a 2min version ready. Sadly, I can assure you that they did, in fact, have a predetermined line of questioning for you prepared. You were, as sad as it sounds, set up to fail. It sucks. TV producers are some slippery motherfuckers - I know! Some are good people but from what you have said I know beyond a doubt that you were totally played.

That said, the positive light is what you probably strengthened your fan-base who have rallied around you. I don't know how bad the clip is but the old adage 'no such thing as bad press' is absolutely true.

Play it right, have a response recorded and ready to publish on YouTube the night the clip airs and you can turn it into a positive. The response should be lighthearted 'I'm sorry you guys didn't get what we are doing and that is fine. Sucks you had to trash us like that but whatev's we are gunna keep on keeping on'.

There is a way you can turn this around and gain momentum. Again, you production value on your video is great and those people who would be your future fans will get you. Others, like Simon and Co obviously don't. Think what the reaction would be if Skrillex played BGT; instant buzz. Focus on your market, your demo and your style. People will either get you or trash you.

Anyway, wish you all the best!

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My comment in no way legitimizes what they did but, as someone who has worked in entertainment for many years, can offer a little constructive feedback on the song choice?

Obviously, I haven't seen the BGT clip so I don't know exactly how you played it. The song, once it gets going, is quite good (loved the video BTW). However, it is a song that takes 30+ seconds to get to the lyrics.

The opening is rather jarring and, especially if people are coming in with preconceptions about you, I can see how people take it as a 'weird' song.

I recognize that how they set you up was wrong - though VERY par for the course for TV producers. That said, air time is finite. A segment is roughly 6minutes long and from what I have seen the average BGT song lasts at most 90-120seconds. You song riffs the same refrain for the first 30 seconds.

My question is: In retrospect do you think you could have gotten fewer buzzes so quickly if you had trimmed the opening and gotten to the lyrics faster?

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I'll add by saying be sure you know what you want to get out of something like this before you start. You think TV producers are bad, you haven't seen nothing like a tabloid editor! :)

If you do this write up talking points and stick to them! Have the network in place to maximize visibility, sales, and bookings. Have a plan. Exploit them as much as they will you.