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Roomy9 karma

I don't watch the real show but I've seen little clipettes online and thought some of the acts were good that I saw. Then I saw the guy that said he loved that one spice girl before he sang, how amazing he was and how much of a huge personal moment it was for him to even be there, then she absolutely destroyed him ONLY because she was insulted that someone brought up Spice Girls and sang a song of theirs. She didn't give a god damn about his talent. Nothing about his act mattered. The instant he said Spice Girls, she wanted to destroy him, and I felt so completely sorry for him being crushed like that by his personal hero on national TV when I know it was hard enough already for him to just be there, let alone bear himself naked like that and show his emotions to the whole world.

Fuck her. Fuck her in the fucking ear with a powerdrill. And fuck that show. Never again.