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If it makes you feel any better, I've wasted my life playing video games, too.

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Hi Jerry, I met you about 10 years ago, we went out to dinner and you forever changed the way I treat and respect "celebrities". I just wanted to say thank you for being such a cool, down to earth, friendly guy. That might not seem like much, but to me it was the world.

As for a question, with a giant catalog of DEVO demos and alternates and B sides, were there ever any songs that ended up on the cutting room floor that really upset you? Ones that were close to your heart but weren't deemed "marketable" or anything?

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Hi and thank you for this.

Most people’s concept of grief is based on media, and how “you’ll get over it and move on.” Or “cmon- it’s been a year. It’s time to move on”

Something I’ve learned after losing my father at age 17 (almost 20 years ago) is that the concept of loss, and grief, is forever. You’ll always miss that person. You’ll always have a hole in your heart for them.

An absolutely amazing tool in my healing was an HBO documentary called “Dead Mothers Club”. It’s about all these powerful women in media and Hollywood and how they all lost their mothers at a young age. I learned that if someone like Jane Fonda can live her life with every resource and surround herself with the best people, and she still grieves and mourns 60 years later... maybe that’s normal. Maybe I shouldn’t be ashamed of my grief.

As for a question, how do you feel we can normalize mourning and grief in our culture, and not have it be something to hide away or feel ashamed of?

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I have no real question. Just a thank you. I saw my first MP movie at the age of 3... Meaning of Life (back when HBO showed the shit out of it). It became the gold standard of visual styling and comedy that I still base my movie opinions on today. So I guess... Thanks for all the boobs.