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anuqpants17 karma

man this is hard trying to sneakily haida pun in here.

anuqpants13 karma

tell them about PFDs. Another native eskimo still living in alaska reporting in.

anuqpants7 karma

just people trying to feel special. inuit is like interior native / canadian eskimos. there are: the yup'iks, the inuits, the inupiaqs and a few more i dont remember off of the top of my head. all have moderately different customs / beliefs. hard to believe but they even eat the same kind of foods just prepared differently even though they're all separated by miles and miles of barren tundra and ice.

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free medical is too nice being native. i get sick/hurt too much not to have it haha

anuqpants5 karma

honestly i just couldn't remember how to spell them off of the top of my head hahah.