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Have you ever worn a dress? Years ago in high school, we had no AC and the school rules were NO ONE CAN WEAR SHORTS. But dresses were allowed up to three inches above the knees. The dress code didn't mention ONLY WOMEN (this was in the '80s...before everything became so damn politically correct). So...I went to good will and bought three dresses that fit me so I could protest the NO SHORTS rules.

Sent to the principals office 4 times in one day, each time being sent back because he knew I knew the student handbook like a lawyer -- and gave me a note after the 4th one that I could give to the teacher directing them to the handbook and not to bother him.

Long story made skirter, DO YOU KNOW HOW COMFORTABLE DRESSES ARE?????

Why the hell can't men have a fashion that is just as comfortable as these??? I applaud any guy wearing a dress because damn...its a comfort that the rest of us just aren't ready for. Being pretty is secondary to the comfort. He is a very pretty man in this dress, but damn...it looks comfy.

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This really feels like it is too much of a one size fits all solution.

I'm an extreme introvert -- but I have a lot of people / soft skills (I was a touring musician and then decided to study psychology before focusing on research). I need a way that I can meet with others -- I'm always in one of our conference rooms -- but I also need to retreat into my own space that is of my liking. I don't care if it is a closet, so long as it has a door and my name on the side that indicates "YOU -- STAY THE FUCK OUT".

Additionally, I have ADHD. I don't like to use it as an excuse for anything, and in a sense, it has pushed me into areas I wouldn't otherwise be comfortable in, but I get bored and the boredom overcomes the comfort. HOWEVER, when I need to be working solo -- I need to be working solo. This isn't intro/extra it is the fact that I need as little distraction as possible.

Given these two ideas...and when one looks at the national averages of I/E, especially delineated by educational levels, one finds that in the US, Introverts actually outweigh Extroverts. There are a lot of folks like I am that can model extroverts pretty well, because it is what is looked at as the preferred type in the us (and most unscientific guestimates at I vs. E come out at I is only a small fractions -- 20 to 25% of of the population) when it is actually closer to 55% I vs. 45 E. And the ration goes higher to the I's once you factor in educational differences.

Beyond this, ADHD is considered to be around 20% of the population. It has ALWAYS been about 20% of the population -- only about 12% are diagnosed though -- quite a few struggle with this and are lackluster performers because they've never had an environment to grow in (I've been entirely lucky in my life that my opportunities were almost tailor made for ADHD)...we are doing these people a disjustice that may actually be a legally actionable one.

There are too many designers wanting to show how smart they are by doing open floorplans with NO understanding of the human equation. These were the same people that championed cubicles in the past, regardless of how many human studies showed that it was bad. Companies love both ideas because it saves money and people are generally disposable. Then again, this is why companies are getting disposable these days because they don't do anything to promote longevity. This is all very short sighted thinking by designers and bean counters and if either one had any sort of integrity, they'd just say no.