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The point you insinuate is that they knew they wouldn't be able to pay their loans back. Who can predict the future? Should college be little more than basic training for a life in a cube or as some service functionary? What about the study of art, music, philosophy, the liberal arts which shape culture but are routinely denigrated as wasteful and "economically inefficient," which is a polite way of saying "no jobs." You know there once was a time when companies trained employees and valued candidates with liberal arts backgrounds as they would contribute to company culture in a way that training can't teach. Now they outsource it to colleges and universities convincing students that unless they study something with a sure career path you're likely to end up homeless or flipping burgers. All that said, no debt should be free from being discharged in bankruptcy. And no one who has the desire and ability to attend college should be denied because of how much money their parents make. Higher education should be considered a national security priority and invested in as heavily as we invest in the military.

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I like to sleep on my left side but my left arm is always in the way. I've long fantasized about being able to remove my left arm while I sleep and reattach it in the morning but alas, science has not quite caught up with my dreams. Could you tell me how nice it is to sleep on your side without an arm?

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So you're comfortable and more stable sleeping on your side. You're like the next phase of human evolution. At least if we're sleep adaptations.

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What did it sound like?

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Sounds utterly terrifying.