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That just reminded me of a friend's dad. I stayed over with her when we were about 9 or 10. She warned me that her dad had a car crash and so sometimes seemed aggressive but not to worry as he didn't mean it. There was a door put to shut off the staircase, which could be bolted from the inside if needed for refuge. Apparently this was installed after he chased her up the stairs with a bread knife one night. :(

Being young,I didn't understand how a car crash would make you chase your kid with a knife. Now I know about brain injuries. Yikes, the brain is a complex thing.

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Is that natural or have you enhanced it in any way?

Also, does it make your balls look small by comparison? (no, I don't want a picture!)

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I'm guessing this wasnt during the winter?

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What effects do you use so your end of the call sounds realistic?

For example I know someone who took sex line calls in her house, she always had a thick mix of flour and water on hand so she could make gloopy noises with it when she said she was fingering herself... she also had ways of making slap sounds etc. We thought it was hilarious... do callers REALLY think shes getting off on them?

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Tip your head back as far as you can; lie like that so you're as straight as you can be between mouth and throat (almost like the way someone is positioned for mouth to mouth rescuscitation, even!) Then let him come to you in that position (but grab hold of his hips so he cant push himself on you any harder than you want). Helps if he isn't huge, of course. Practise makes perfect.