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I pictured Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. I then thought "surely there is better than that", and added Margret Thatcher, and Lloyd George (as a rotting corpse). Finally John Prescott jumped in and the image faded... Fortunately

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I just want to wish you luck. I know how bloody hard it is to start a business, but I wouldn't do anything else! On that front:

How tricky did you think it would be to get this off the ground, and were you right?

What has surprised you most about the whole process?

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As someone who's not really into chip-tunes, I really liked your track. Also that video must have been so much fun to make!

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I thought it would be very difficult, and it turns out I was mistaken... it is extremely difficult. I have never been this poor in my life, and I was a poor college student.

That rings very true! I wish you luck, and the endurance to stick with it until it starts to get easier. You'll need both, but it is possible - you are clearly still excited about it and have a sense of humour, so you can make it. Repeat business is a damn good sign of that!