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I have no question for you, sir.

But I like AMA's, and I read on because your journey sounded intense, challenging, and one of incredible introspection.

I am no man of God, and have a lot of doubt in the concept of throwing yourself over to the notion of an omnipotent, unknowable force. But I read your kind replies, your whimsical stories, and your delight in the small kindnesses you encountered on a journey far more daunting than anything I would ever attempt, and it fills me with hope. It gives me the sense that there is perhaps something indefatigable within us. Something that is eternal. And by the extension of love, we can help others find it within themselves.

That's what I took away from your stories, anyway. Your trip seems remarkable on a number of levels. I look forward to reading your blog. Know that you doubtlessly touched many lives on your voyage, and you have touched another one here on Reddit. Thank you.

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Also works: "Nooo. Nooo."

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I always enjoy AMAs, even when I have no idea who the respondent is, but whenever someone comes pimping a product, the high level of skepticism and cynicism that is endemic on Reddit comes into play.

However, when someone is pushing the idea of life altering change, or using phoney baloney claims to back up their ideas, I find it telling that a few things seem to happen:

Accounts come out, praising Op's spurious logic and methodology, responding to skeptics and deniers alike despite not being asked to white knight, and those skeptics grow extra downvotes.

I find this highly suspect. Even in entertainment AMAs, hardcore fanboys don't start shit posting to people with negative opinions. This seems a concerted effort to push an agenda to me, and one that would require a team effort. Maybe that's a /r/hailcorporate attitude to have, but the only time I really observe it happening is when someone is flogging balloon juice. Seems very unlikely indeed that the "fans" have all this time and effort to devote to championing dodgy reasoning.

Secondly, those that have data to back up their doubt for the OP's product grow those extra downvotes.

But some stay the course, and seem determined not to let fraud occur.

In this case, it's /u/blarghusmaximus . Keep fighting the good fight, Kind Redditor. I can only mitigate so many downvotes, but the fact that you've been so dogged in your pursuit of this issue has made me think that there is perhaps more here than lies on the surface. So thanks for making the community better.

No questions to add to the proceedings. Merely commenting to save my place, for further perusal and research at a later date.

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I just read an entire AMA about corn farming. The questions were good, but the answers were great. OP even told a corny corn joke.

Thanks a lot, /u/pillowpants4 . This was a very entertaining read. It's nice to see a different perspective.

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Your sound is vital, young, and energetic. Critics love to shit on things they don't understand. Keep doing what you're doing. You've gained a listener and an upvote.