I know this is a common condition so I wanted to share. I got two very differently sized implants to even me out. The doctor said less than 5 percent of women have my degree of asymmetry, which is considered moderate. My boobs are a very weird shape right now due to swelling and being compressed by the muscle, so I don't want to post a topless pic but I will do so in a few months as an update. I got silicone under the muscle, in the crease. http://imgur.com/07nca,euVFk#0 http://imgur.com/07nca,euVFk#1 (There are two photos, go up to the top and choose "second image") Thanks, please do ask me anything, I am very open.

EDIT: The first pic is topless, it is the before pic. The second pic is me 2 days after in a non padded, wire-free bralette.

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Chunkschubby170 karma

It's comforting to see you go 0-1 against Mother Nature only to become even again! I wish you all the breast

correctiveboobs43 karma

haha! Thanks. :) Happy cake day.

LieberDiktator67 karma


correctiveboobs24 karma

haha! I like that one. If I do pass on uneven boob genes, I will encourage my daughter to love herself no matter what and to do whatever makes her feel comfortable. I personally wanted to change mine but that is not right decision for everyone. We're all unique!

Gravy-Leg__55 karma

I think your bewbs look fine pre-surgery, but I understand your desire to level the playing field. What will you tell someone who asks why you look a little different?

correctiveboobs45 karma

Surprisingly, in clothes, they only look bigger if you're looking for it, and then it is noticeable. My dad actually had no idea I got 2 implants until he heard me complaining about being too big. He didn't even notice! I used to wear padded bras all the time to even me out. If anyone asks, I will explain to them that I got corrective surgery. I'm not ashamed, and I don't see why I should keep it a secret as long as the question is asked respectfully. :)

HypocriticalBastard343 karma

I think it would be kinda weird if your dad did notice.

correctiveboobs9 karma


explosivelemons6 karma

I'm actually in the same boat right now, but my difference is incredibly visible, and this gives me hope for it in the future. :)

correctiveboobs5 karma

Good luck! Make sure you do lots of research. :)

[deleted]3 karma

The new books look perfectly sized! You didn't go too big at all.

correctiveboobs2 karma

Thanks so much! They just take some getting used to!

TorsadesDePointe2 karma

  1. What was the cup in each before and what is it now?

  2. Did they look bigger right after the surgery versus a few days later?

correctiveboobs5 karma

Before, one was a small 32 B and one was a fuller 32 C. I wore a 32 C and stuffed one side or just let it gape a bit. Now, they are probably both a 32 DD. Luckily I have "childbearing hips" to balance me out and I'm 5"6, so not super petite. They looked huge right after surgery, I nearly had a panic attack haha. I have noticed that they're subtly shrinking. They're also getting softer and becoming more "boob-shaped" as opposed to looking like cinderblocks strapped to my chest from all the swelling and muscle compression. I still am adjusting to the size, it is bigger than I had anticipated but I'm hoping I'll learn to love it.

[deleted]2 karma

Hope you recover quickly then.

Are you in any pain at all or just have an uncomfortable feeling? Also what is your physical activity level right now? Are you paranoid about accidentally bumping into things and hurting them or can you move around freely?

Sorry if the questions sound dumb.

correctiveboobs3 karma

Just uncomfortable now. I have some energy but I went to the mall today and ended up getting really tired before I knew it. I feel pretty good so I need to be careful no to overdo things. I totally am paranoid, and in the car I had to hold my boobs when we went over bumps or around curves, because the bounce kind of hurts this early post-op. Thanks for the good wishes, and the questions aren't dumb!

sunderella1 karma

I'm a 32DD but I'm under 5' tall. I still love my boobs and think they're perfect on me. Hopefully you can think the same of yours now too :)

correctiveboobs1 karma

Thanks. My best friend is 5'2 and a natural 30G and she still looks proportional to me. I guess I'm just used to having itty bitty ones, so it takes time to adjust :)

sunderella1 karma

Mine went from a C to a DD in a very short time period (fall in love? new boobs for your man!) and it was very startling too. I was not used to them and wasn't happy about the change either. I like them now that I've had some time to get used to them.

Like others have said though, swelling accounts for a lot of growth, particularly if you're only 3 days post op. You may be back down to a D after the swelling subsides.

correctiveboobs1 karma

Thanks for this! I hope so. If I am not, at least the shape and hang will be more natural eventually so they don't stick out quite so much. When I look at them from the side they look really funny right now because there is a lot of upper boob fullness. This should settle down within the next few weeks, that I know.

khriys26 karma

Having inspected the before image closely, they appear to have been a normal, standard pair of breasts to me. Why surgery?

correctiveboobs15 karma

They were pretty uneven. You could tell in a bra or bathing suit. I remember I was trying on dresses with a friend and she (without meaning to be rude) commented that I should stick some padding in one side because one boob was overflowing and one was....well, just kinda chilling. Obviously I wasn't disfigured, but my unevenness made me feel really self-conscious and it was the only thing about myself that bothered me. Thanks for the question. :)

hectorinho24 karma

would people notice before your surgery or was it something that always bothered you? To me they didn't look that off pre-surgery.

correctiveboobs28 karma

People noticed if I was topless or in a bra. My friend even noticed when I wore a low cut shirt. I could never go braless (like in an American Apparel type of outfit) because they looked funny. I know they weren't horrible, but I gave it a whole year of consideration and they still really bothered me, so I went for it.

malvoliosf16 karma

How often were you topless?

correctiveboobs26 karma

In intimate situations.

safe_work_for_naught30 karma

Ever been called Nemo?

correctiveboobs15 karma


safe_work_for_naught14 karma

I think about boobs a lot, I guess.

I had an ex where one nipple was an innie, and one was an outtie. I told her they looked like the O.o emoticon; she just rolled her eyes.

correctiveboobs5 karma

Actually, I have the same thing. One was inverted and one was flat. Post-op, I think the implant pushed the inverted one out. Now they're both flat (they've always stuck out when cold etc though). Sorry if this was TMI haha.

TheKamazing145 karma

You're on reddit now, TMI is considered quality fap material.

correctiveboobs34 karma


anti-establishmENT4 karma

i think it makes intimate situations more fun when there is a topic like "the favorite boob."

correctiveboobs2 karma

Totally :p

hectorinho8 karma

I just read another comment and it said you were a whole cup size different! I hope you are happy with the results. Looks like the doctor did a great job. Enjoy them (ok that was a bit weird. Sorry)

correctiveboobs10 karma

Yep, a whole cup size. It was kind of funny in bras, one boob would be spilling out and one would be barely filling the cup. Your comment wasn't weird. Thanks very much.

sweetsamanth__13 karma

Hi there! I was also 19 when I had my incredibly asymmetrical boobies fixed! (22 now) It's pretty much the best feeling in the world, right? Mine were not only totally different sizes, but also completely different shapes. My doctor was happy to point out how bad it was. Thanks doc!

My question. Why did you decide to get implants on both sides, instead of just putting an implant on one side and evening the other side out with it? Is that even possible? Or is it just common practice to go with two implants?

correctiveboobs3 karma

I wanted an implant on one side, but several doctors told me it wasn't a good idea because in the future, one might sag more, their shapes wouldn't be identical, and on and on. I was disappointed and almost opted for a reduction, but my small boob was...well, pretty teensy. Congrats on your surgery!! What did you have done? Was one breast tuberous?

sweetsamanth__6 karma

That makes tons of sense. And I realize I totally forgot to say it to you, but yay congrats to you too! I get really excited when I hear other people have done this for themselves because it completely changed how I felt about myself and I can only imagine it does the same for everyone else who experiences it.

Yes, the smaller breast was tuberous and the larger one had a lot of sag to it. I have saline, though, not silicone. Too many horror stories and my mom (who helped me pay for it) wanted me to go the saline route anyway. But, honestly, they're beyond jiggly (like sometimes I can't believe how much they jiggle) and no one can tell that they're not real. Aside from the scars, of course.

I anxiously await to see the after pics! I bet they're going to be marvelous! /creepy wink

correctiveboobs2 karma

I love the jiggle! I have a bit already. I tried on clothes today and almost cried, I was so happy when I put on a bra and it looked perfect! (Too bad I'm not allowed to do underwire yet). Makes sense about saline. Thanks for your comment, it is great to hear from someone else who was in a similar situation and had a similar procedure!

yeehe7 karma

how much did the surgery cost and did you think it was worth it?

correctiveboobs19 karma

The surgery cost $6,100 with a discount. I think it was worth it. To be honest, I started crying right after surgery because I thought he went too big (I asked for modest and natural). They are perfectly even, though. I think I will get used to the size. Luckily I have bigger hips so I don't look unbalanced. I just wasn't expecting to jump so many cup sizes. I guess anything looks huge compared to what I had, especially my smaller boob. I am very excited to wear whatever I want without worrying about my cleavage looking weird!

queen_of_greendale10 karma

I'm not sure how long it's been since the surgery, but a lot of the size change is due to swelling. A friend of mine got implants several years ago, and the swelling was pretty drastic. I'm sure yours will be the size you hoped for once you've healed!

correctiveboobs12 karma

I am only 3 days post-op. I hope you're right, the size is really kind of freaking me out right now. Thanks for the advice. Worst case scenario, I can keep them for a few years and then downsize. I guess having big boobs isn't the end of the world, lol.

Aleriya7 karma


correctiveboobs2 karma

Thanks so much. This makes me feel a lot better. I'm just not used to having big boobs. I also didn't expect he'd go so big, so a bit of it was the shock of not getting what I anticipated.

nssone5 karma

Seriously, your boobs look nice. They're kind of in the Goldilocks zone now. You shouldn't be worried.

Source: A straight guy that likes boobs.

correctiveboobs2 karma

Thanks very much. I think it's just a big change but I am getting used to them.

nssone2 karma

Do you think you've gotten any more attention now after the surgery? And how many people knew you were going in for this?

correctiveboobs3 karma

I have only had these boobs for 4 days. I went out to the mall today for the first time since surgery and no one looked twice. My sister told me you really can't tell they're fake, at least in the normal t-shirt I was wearing. At this stage I'm sure they'd look funny in something low-cut because the cleavage doesn't look natural to me yet. In average clothes I look normal so far, luckily. I'm pretty shy so I don't plan on showing them off even once they've settled. My immediate family and two closest friends know; all are supportive.

nssone2 karma

Well, I wasn't necessarily talking about attention from strangers, more so from guys that you know. Most likely a guy that knows you will notice the change. But also, I know you didn't go in for this surgery because you wanted more attention; you just wanted to look more natural. And yeah, they don't really look fake at all. They look like they belong with your body structure. It looks like they did a good job for you.

correctiveboobs2 karma

Thanks, I'm glad they don't look fake. I'm really wondering about guys I know, I'm not back at college yet. I'm pretty sure my ex-boyfriend will notice (obviously). We shall see. I plan to try and dress them down until I get more comfortable with them, so they may well go undetected except by people who have seen them.

nssone1 karma

Well I would say don't be afraid of having them. Get comfortable with them now. Also, small fashion advice that I think would work for you: try to find something (hopefully comfortable) that might help push them in together a little bit.

Source: I'm a straight guy that likes boob. :P

correctiveboobs2 karma

Thanks, they're kind of swollen now so they should come closer together in a few weeks. They were never close pre-op, and the doc can't do much to change your anatomy.

brekeke3 karma

Add the cost of new bras too.

correctiveboobs5 karma

Absolutely. I'm kind of scared to go bra shopping. I'm hoping I don't have some monster size now that can only be ordered online!

dbag_jar7 karma

I'm a natural 28 F and I can still buy bras in shops - but I have to go to specificity shops and they rarely have very cute ones. Ordering online isn't too much of a hassle and tends to be cheaper anyways :)

correctiveboobs3 karma

Believe it or not my bigger boob was a 28 E, but I wore a 32C because I didn't feel like shopping on brastop etc since I knew it would still not fit right. I will definitely measure myself appropriately again now that they've changed. My ribcage is just tricky because it measures 26 inches!

dbag_jar3 karma

My ripcage too. I used to try to squeeze into a 32E but they never fit quite right, the band was too big and the cup too small. Getting sized properly was one of the best things I did :)

freya is an amazing brand which you can find in some specialty stores or online, it fits great, goes up large, and lasts a long time!

correctiveboobs6 karma

Thanks so much for the advice. I measured my sister and found out she's supposed to be a 28 H. She's been wearing a 34 D/DD for years and she's almost 30. She didn't believe me when I told her. I'm going to buy her one as a belated holiday gift so she can see what a difference a good bra makes!

ooberviolet6 karma

You don't have to do online shopping, don't worry. My boobs are way bigger than your new ones, and I can shop just fine in stores. It will be more frustrating though-- all the cute bras are for smaller boobs, but as long as you don't go too far into DD range you still get cute stuff.

correctiveboobs5 karma

Good to know! Thanks :) I do have a sister who is a natural 32DDD so hopefully she can give me pointers as well.

TehNanor53 karma

Can you post a picture of her boobs as well?

correctiveboobs21 karma

ha. Nice try.

IamVeryLost1 karma

Be honest. You only started crying so you could get the discount. :p

correctiveboobs2 karma

haha. I'm such an ugly crier, I doubt that would work in any situation!

cdwboozell2 karma

It could work. "Oh God. That face! Turn away! Give her a discount so she stops that"

It's okay, I look terrible when I cry, the dripping snot doesn't help :/

correctiveboobs2 karma

haha yes, I am quite the snotty one in times of duress.

spacetug1 karma

I'm not familiar with breast augmentation surgery procedure, but I assume you were under general anesthesia. If so, the crying was probably a side effect of the anesthesia. The first time I went under, I was very disoriented and confused when I woke up. Like taking a long nap and waking up after dark, but far worse.

Anyway, I hope you are happy once the swelling goes down.

correctiveboobs2 karma

Thanks, I actually had twilight anesthesia. I was on a lot of pain meds etc. though and I have never taken those before, nor have I ever done drugs etc, so they really shocked my system. I'm not on them anymore and I do feel more clear-headed and less emotional. Trying to give myself time to adjust. :)

glatts7 karma

My GF is interested in getting hers done, especially since she's lost weight and has shrunk from a C to an A, so I have a few questions. What were the factors in choosing the type of implant (ie silicone over saline, etc.)? Why did you decide to go under the muscle vs over? How does that impact the look and feel of the "final product"? Do you know if other incision points (like the navel or armpit) impact ones potential for breastfeeding? When you have fully recovered, what are you expecting in terms of softness from where they were before?

correctiveboobs10 karma

I wanted to be as natural as possible. Silicone honestly feels very close to a real boob. Under the muscle provides additional coverage. I was adamant that I would not have that bizarre half grapefruit look; I wanted a natural slope. Make sure your GF emphasizes this to her surgeon. In my photo, they don't have a natural slope yet, but they should when they settle. I always heard that fake boobs are rock hard and don't move, but mine already jiggle and bounce and they're still swollen! I think the crease is the best incision for breastfeeding. You can check out an earlier comment from a breastfeeding counselor who provides some awesome insight into implants and breastfeeding. I had pretty firm boobs before because I had "fibrous" or dense tissue. I am expecting my boobs to feel similarly, if not a little softer. You and your GF can ask to feel an implant in the surgeon's office. I would also recommend that she do a TON of research--there is never any harm in being over-informed. Don't let a surgeon talk her into going too big, or doing anything else she doesn't feel comfortable with. Let me know if you have other questions! I hope I helped.

DohRayMe2 karma

Also research your surgeon.

correctiveboobs4 karma

Definitely. Make sure the surgeon has 0 negative reviews, excellent credentials, great before/afters, and has a good beside manner in person. Also consult with as many surgeons as possible, it is usually free so why not keep all options open.

TheMajorNL1 karma

What about decreasing the size of the larger boob? Did you consider that option? What would be the procedure, and what would be the advantages or disadvantages compared to an implant in the smaller boob?

correctiveboobs2 karma

Procedure: unilateral reduction Disadvantages: much more visible scarring, reduced chance of breastfeeding, smaller breast wasn't fully developed so to match it would mean that my boobs would look a little small for my frame (I have wide hips and am fairly tall), longer recovery time Advantages: no foreign objects, as natural as possible with a surgery I definitely did consider a reduction but ultimately I was worried about being too small for my frame and about losing sensation and having a lot of scars. I think that if my boobs get a lot bigger as I get older, I will have the implants removed for sure and do the reduction. For now, this was the most effective way to fix the asymmetry. Good question! :)

terranproby424 karma

They look wonderful hon and don't you worry, no one will even think they're implants until they're half an inch away inspecting them ;) Don't worry about the size, you're what a lot of girls (and some guys) really want.

correctiveboobs2 karma

Thanks, I'm just pretty modest, so the size kind of shocked me at first. I am growing used to it.

DownsideOfComedy4 karma

Hey, I had a similar kind of operation around two years ago (although mine was reduction, not implants.). No question, just offering some support. Every single person who has seen my breasts since think my scars look bad-ass. Good luck with the recovery, they're looking good.

correctiveboobs8 karma

Thanks so much. Congrats on your own surgery! Are you still pleased you did it?

DownsideOfComedy3 karma

Thank you! I'm very pleased I did it. Having uneven breasts, even though I knew it was completely normal, felt really awkward and was seriously fucking with my self-esteem. Plus, I'm a sprinter, and running became impossible for me because they were so out of control and it was hard to find a sports bra that would hold them right. So yeah, thrilled with the decision. I hope you like your results as much as I like mine.

correctiveboobs5 karma

Yeah, they definitely messed with my self-esteem, too. I used to be a sprinter in high school! What a coincidence. ;) Well, thanks so much again for your comment and I wish you the best!

zerbey4 karma

They looked fine before, but congrats on improving your own self image. Since I know a lady who is considering the same surgery, what do you "wish you'd known" going in?

correctiveboobs9 karma

Thanks! I guess I underestimated how weird they would look immediately after surgery. You kind of expect them to look perfect, subconsciously. They don't look like boobs to me yet, but it's only 3 days out. It takes up to a year for them to soften and look natural. So I'd tell her to be mentally prepared for them to look hard/fake immediately after, but not to be discouraged because it does change! Even mine have softened up after 3 days...they already jiggle quite a bit!

Fudgefactor73 karma


correctiveboobs4 karma

Thanks! And I'll do that now, I forgot!

Gravy-Leg__3 karma

How did the surgeon insert your implants? I can't tell from the after photo.

correctiveboobs7 karma

Under the boob, in the crease. When the implants settle they should cover the scar because the breasts will have a bit of "hang." I asked for this, didn't want torpedoes on my chest. I chose the crease because supposedly you have a greater chance of breastfeeding down the road. I didn't want to risk losing that. So far I have nearly full sensation in my nipples, and it is supposed to only improve in the next few weeks.

HappyGiraffe19 karma

Breastfeeding counselor here!

Very, very good thinking ahead if you are interested in breastfeeding! It sounds like you did EVERYTHING right in terms of preserving as much of your necessary glandular tissue and nerve transmitters as you were able to increase the likelihood of breastfeeding.

A few notes, for the curious and for you specifically:

  1. Marked asymmetry is sometimes, in itself, an indicator of low milk production. Having seen your before picture, I would NOT have categorized your breasts as featuring marked asymmetry. Here is an example of breast asymmetry that may indicate a poorly developed glandular tissue problem, which could impede milk production. If you do choose to breastfeed sometime down the road, and you see some production issues, it's very likely that you will only see it in the smaller breast, and it may have more to do with your asymmetry than your implant. If I were to make a prediction though, I would predict that your asymmetry will not produce any milk production issues.

  2. Your chose the best possible implant: behind the muscle and with a crease incision. Implant placed in front of the muscle put pressure on the glandular tissue and can impede milk flow. Nipple incisions sever the glands and nerves that are required to nurse.

  3. I am not sure when you intend to have children, but you are considerably young, and the longer amount of time between surgery and pregnancy, the greater odds that you can effectively breastfeed as the ducts and nerves "repair" themselves even YEARS after initial surgery.

  4. Women who have implants sometimes experience more dramatic pressure feelings during engorgement: it will pass!

  5. Remember, even if you experience some production issues, many women with previous breast surgery are able to maintain even a partial milk supply and have very fulfilling breastfeeding relationships with their children, supplemented with donor milk or formula.

I am very glad you feel happy with your body and hope your recovery is as easy as possible!

correctiveboobs8 karma

Wow, thank you so so much. All of this information is so useful and fascinating. I feel so relieved that I have a good chance of breastfeeding. Your job sounds awesome!

HappyGiraffe6 karma

It actually is awesome! I had a very nice job as an English teacher, but one day I was just like, "You know what's better than Chaucer? Boobs." So I left and now I do private practice counseling plus volunteer counseling at a social services office. It's not enough to live off of (so I am also a book editor), but goddamn if it's not really cool and rewarding.

correctiveboobs7 karma

Wow! My dream job is a book editor. Sorry this is off-topic, but how do you get into that kind of work? I'm majoring in English at a highly ranked university but I have no clue what to do afterwards.

HappyGiraffe6 karma


I don't get to do fun stuff; I work mostly in academic publications, but that is a great way to start. If your university has research centers (and I am sure it does), see if you can offer yourself up for a project as a proofreader. I started proofreading grant applications for my University research center (which translated into a few nicely paying grant writing jobs), and then I got hired to work on two books as an editorial assistant. Both are academic volumes, so it's not as romantic as editing Harry Potter or anything, but it's hooked me up with the people I need to know in order to keep picking up these kinds of "freelancing" jobs that fit my lifestyle (as a mom and breastfeeding counselor).

If you want more of a publishing-house style job, get an internship. I worked at a parenting magazine during undergrad and it was AWESOME. The writing professors at my college were well-connected and could hook students up with the publishers they used to publish their work. I would start there: go find a professor who you know is well-published, and during a meeting say, "I've read your work. It's really wonderful. I especially love XYZ. I'd love to work with you more closely on any project you have going on because my dream is to work as a book editor."

glatts3 karma

Do you know if an implant that was inserted under the muscle via an incision in the underarm or navel cause issues with producing breast milk?

correctiveboobs2 karma

I've also heard that underarm/navel makes it really tricky for the surgeon to position the implants correctly because he has to use an endoscope. It isn't recommended yet, but may be more practiced in the coming years.

Lckychrmzz4 karma

I had corrective breast surgery after my first child. I went with silicone, under the muscle and in the crease. I am currently exclusively breastfeeding my second child. (At the moment actually!) I did battle low supply with both but it took some work and my baby is happy and healthy. Good for you for getting the surgery. Its the best thing I ever did for myself. Dont worry, the swelling goes down and then they drop into place. The first couple months they look really odd. I am 3yrs post op and LOVE mine.

correctiveboobs3 karma

Great to hear! Thanks and congrats on your second child!

raitch6 karma

Good for you for thinking about breastfeeding when you had the surgery. A lot of people don't, and it causes heartache down the road when they find out that their particular surgery affected their milk production.

correctiveboobs8 karma

Yes, I know I definitely would like to have children, and so I would like to keep my boobs functioning like they're supposed to! It's too bad that some people don't consider the risks.

mirrorball113 karma

I am sorry some of your responses are getting downvotes. Do what you need to do to be confident.

correctiveboobs7 karma

Thanks, it doesn't bother me much. The people down voting don't know me personally, so their opinion doesn't have much weight. :)

sydstap243 karma

I had a cyst on one of mine when I was around 13 and it hasn't grows properly since then. I've hoped to the same surgery to even them out. I'm glad everything worked out for you. How long is the recovery?

Ps the links didn't work for me.

correctiveboobs4 karma

The recovery is ongoing; I'm 3 days post-op. I feel fine, just tight and a bit uncomfortable. I was off Vicodin by the first day after surgery. I have to sleep propped for a few days, which sucks, but I was given a sleeping pill to help me out. I would say do a ton of research and make sure this is right for you. I am currently worried my surgeon went too big. Hopefully when swelling subsides they look less overwhelming to me.

matt8matt3 karma

They did a wonderful job. I would have thought that you were beautiful regardless...though I'm glad you seem to be happy with the results.

correctiveboobs6 karma

Thanks so much. I am pretty happy. Usually they look a lot weirder this early post-op. I told the surgeon I wanted to look completely natural.

funkarama3 karma

I looked at the before pic and did not see anything to get excited about. Yeah, they are a bit different size, but clearly within the realm of random distribution. Did they look more different in real life?

correctiveboobs3 karma

Yeah, I think they did. Especially from the side. One looked pretty big and one looked really quite small. My cleavage always looked a little funky in pictures and in real life. I know they weren't terrible, but it certainly bothered me. They were over a cup size apart, so bras fit terribly. It just made feel abnormal and self-conscious.

funkarama4 karma

Yeah, when it is your problem, you tend to focus on it. More than other people do, I think. Now you are balanced!

correctiveboobs2 karma

That's very very true. I do feel balanced now!

marcus_annwyl3 karma

It's admirable that you made the change not because of peer pressure, but because you wanted it. Self-confidence is important, and it sounds like this is exactly what you needed. Congrats to you.

correctiveboobs2 karma

Thanks very much for the compliment. :)

bucksatan7313 karma

how old are you? At what age did you decide this was necessary? Did the doctors give any indication that they might "even out" over time?

correctiveboobs2 karma

I'm 19, 20 in two months. They've been uneven since they began developing (when I was 13, I noticed I had one little tiny boob, and one non-existant one!). I checked with my gyno and family doctor before getting surgery; both assured me they would never even out. Apparently it is genetic. Right now I'm a little worried that they're too big, it's kind of an emotional process. But overall I don't regret it.

bucksatan7313 karma

Thanks , I am a dad of 4, 2 boys 2 girls and really on a learning curve as to what to expect, my oldest is a girl, 11. I'm sure with something like this my wife would take point.

correctiveboobs4 karma

Yeah, it was a bit awkward explaining things to my dad. I think he's still confused, haha. My parents have always made me feel beautiful and I'm grateful for their support :) I'm sure you're a great dad!

coolbeaNs922 karma

Personally I think the pre-surgery pics are fine. Most women have one breast slightly larger/different to the other. But as long as you're happy and you feel better about yourself than that's all that matters.

TLDR; You have/had great breasts.

correctiveboobs2 karma


TECHCoalMiner2 karma

I wonder how many people stopped on this post just because it said, "(Pics)."

correctiveboobs8 karma

Alas, such is life. I think non-sexualized, informative pics are important for this though, because a lot of people can't really picture what uneven boobs/new implants look like.

Gravy-Leg__2 karma

What type of anesthesia was used during the procedure? Any pain post-op?

correctiveboobs4 karma

My doctor specializes in using Twilight Anesthesia for the procedure. This is safer and results in less nausea/grogginess post-op. I just remember the IV going in and then falling asleep. Next thing I remember I was in the car on the way home with my dad. No nausea or disoriented feelings whatsoever. I was in a lot of pain the first day, but it was managed with Vicodin. It is now the third day after surgery and the only feeling I have is a bit of tightness, and my incision kind of burns on the right boob. I think it's because the nerves are regenerating.

aky07312 karma

will your nipples lose sensitivity from the surgery?

correctiveboobs2 karma

They haven't. I think the right has lost a little bit but it takes several weeks for the nerves to regenerate so I'm not concerned. Nowadays most women retain full or nearly full feeling, luckily.

Sharra_Blackfire2 karma

How long did it take you to save up for this?

correctiveboobs14 karma

My parents paid for it; the plan is that I am responsible for my own spending money next year in college. I usually get $125 a week (I live in an expensive city/an apartment so have a lot of expenses) so over 8 months it'll end up about even. I plan to work a couple of jobs this summer. I have a paid internship lined up and I'm think of working at J.Crew, too (my fav store, haha).

mirrorball114 karma

No need to downvote her answer, we asked and she was honest about it.

correctiveboobs7 karma

Thanks. I don't take this for granted, I promise. I'm eternally grateful to my parents.

lacesoutdan2 karma

It's nice that they are so supportive. How long ago did you tell them that you wanted the surgery?

correctiveboobs6 karma

I told them about a year ago. At first they were kind of taken aback, but I finally showed my mom my boobs and she understood. They know me well enough to know that I wouldn't make a rash decision. The thing is, if I really hate these implants, they are easily removed. To me, it was worth getting them because I was so uncomfortable being uneven. The procedure is certainly not something to be taken lightly, though.

[deleted]2 karma


correctiveboobs5 karma

I think a unilateral reduction would be a similar price. I would say go for it if you are that self-conscious. There was a survey done (you can probably google it) and I think 95% of asymmetrical women who got surgery reported an increased quality of life/feeling of self-confidence. Just make sure you do your research!! I did 7 months of constant searching. I did consider a reduction, but I am pretty hippy and 5'6, so my smaller boob was a bit small for my frame. If it had been a full B or C cup, I definitely would have done a reduction. The scars fade pretty well and you don't have to deal with foreign objects in your body. Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions!

usrevenge2 karma

do you feel more confident?

Has your dating life been better since the surgery?

was it sore? if so for how long?

correctiveboobs2 karma

I just had surgery 4 days ago, so I can't comment on my dating life. Yes, I feel a little more confident, but I haven't seen the final results yet as they haven't fully healed. I think I'm going to be very happy. They're still quite tender and tight 3 days post op.

Wdl8842 karma


correctiveboobs1 karma

$6,100 includes all pre and post-op visits, implants, surgery, anesthesia, a surgical bra, and lab work to ensure I was healthy before doing surgery. Prices depend on where you live. In New York City surgeons charge closer to 9,000 dollars. In somewhere like Alabama, they might charge $4,500. Make sure she does a ton of research and that she is positive she wants this. I got a discount for being in university. I think a lot of surgeons will do a discount if you talk to them about it. I talked to 4 or 5 surgeons. I'm not quite sure about the health insurance, actually. That's something I really should have researched! Right now I'm covered by my parents' insurance until I'm 26.

Wdl8842 karma

Thanks for the info. You mentioned elsewhere that you may or may not have to have maintenance surgery done several years down the road - is that for cosmetic reasons, or medical ones, or both?

correctiveboobs2 karma

It can be a combo. If you have a complication, it can be painful and after a few years, unsightly. Hopefully I don't encounter a complication for several years. :)

TheGreatZiegfeld2 karma

Nothing to do with the subject matter, but...

Favorite movie?

correctiveboobs2 karma

Favourite movie is Gone With the Wind from the 1930s. Also love the book by Margaret Mitchell. I have every line of the movie memorized. I'm a nerd.

MoreSteakLessFanta2 karma

"My boobs are a very weird shape right now due to swelling"

That shape is also known as "awesome".

correctiveboobs3 karma

Well, thanks!

MoreSteakLessFanta2 karma

No problem. This is one of the few times in life where "swelling boobs" won't mean "children", so enjoy that! Speaking of which, will this affect breast feeding at all?

correctiveboobs3 karma

Most likely, no. I went under the muscle and through the crease to ensure my milk ducts were left untouched. I currently have full sensation in my nipples. So it should be fine! Fingers crossed!

rageingnonsense2 karma

Who keeps downvoting all this chick's comments?

correctiveboobs8 karma

I'm not sure. Plastic surgery continues to have a stigma in society, so that may be part of it. I'm just happy to provide info to those who have had genuine questions!

CanORiceSoup2 karma

Actually, it's possible that you aren't being downvoted. Reddit has a system that adds fake downvotes and upvotes to a post in equal measure. It keeps the overall score the same, but is supposed to help deter spammers.

correctiveboobs1 karma

Interesting! I didn't know that.

vlake4281 karma

I really think that some of your information is off. I don't want to say you are lying, but you commented on how your breast now are a C. But in another comment you said before that the bigger breast was a E..... I'm sorry but some of your information is not matching up.

correctiveboobs2 karma

To clarify: pre-op I was a 28 E in my bigger boob in UK sizing, but I wore a 32 C in American sizing and stuffed one side. Post-op, I think I'm about a 32 DD but I can't wear real, wired bras yet. I don't think I said I was a C post-op anywhere. I certainly am not :(

chilifacenoodlepunch1 karma


correctiveboobs1 karma

Good question, I qualified for silicone because my surgery was considered reconstructive/corrective. One breast failed to fully develop.

SeeU1 karma

how's the recovery been so far? I had the opposite surgery recently (reduction) and it's quite a weird feeling afterwards. I

correctiveboobs1 karma

Pretty good, thanks. I still have a lot of tightness and swelling, but pain is long gone. It is indeed a weird feeling. It's emotional, too. I cried when I first saw them. I thought I had made a big mistake and that they were massive. Luckily, I feel a lot better and they look proportional in clothes. I look like more of an hourglass now instead of a pear. My incisions are a little itchy but I'm told it's a sign of healing. Congrats on your reduction!

stargirl1421 karma

I've been thinking about getting some kind of cosmetic surgery for quite a few years now, some type of implant or lift etc... How is your recovery going? Also, how different do they feel compared to before?

correctiveboobs1 karma

They feel different right now because of the swelling. They take a few weeks to months to fully settle and feel soft. I felt the silicone implant and it was actually squishier than my natural, fibrous breast tissue! I couldn't believe it. My recovery has been really great, off pain pills by day 2. It's really not bad at all, and I'm a big baby so that's something coming from me ;)

superstarbri1231 karma

I had severe asymmetry since I was 12 until this past June. I had an H and a C bra cup size. My surgeon corrected it with reduction in the right and implant in the left, and honestly I have never felt so secure with my body image. Congrats on the surgery, it looks great!

correctiveboobs2 karma

Wow! Great to hear you feel better. :) Congrats.

zombra1 karma

i guess i just don't understand it. every woman's boobs are slightly lopsided. it's just more noticeable with smaller boobs. i think they look better before... but i'm more of a natural person >.< not to say that your after photo isn't just as lovely boob wise

correctiveboobs8 karma

Mine were over a whole cup size different. It made bra shopping really disappointing and frustrating, and it made me extremely self-conscious in intimate situations (guys always noticed). I'm more of a natural person too. When I told my best friend I was getting implants, she thought it was hilarious because I'm the last person you'd ever think would do such a thing. I personally believe natural boobs are lovely, but I didn't like my unevenness, and implants were the best option to fix them. Down the road, I may have them removed and do a fat transfer to the smaller boob to even them out. For now, I'm happy not to feel abnormal. (Only 5 percent of women have 1 cup size or more of asymmetry). Thanks for your perspective.

zombra0 karma

ahh. i couldn't tell it was that big a difference. TBH i have no boobs . >_< always wanted them though. so as long as you're happy that's awesome. i also didn't know they could do it without damaging your hopes of breastfeeding. so the more ya know i spose. :D

correctiveboobs4 karma

Yeah, I honestly feel like I'd rather have had no boobs than uneven ones. I bet yours are very cute. I was very worried about breastfeeding, luckily it seems technology has come a long way!

trac541 karma

Not sure if it's been asked. Was this something your doctor suggested at such a young age? I do understand puberty is completely different for everyone but I'm 25 and the size of my breasts do change.

I feel like 19 you wouldn't be full done growing. I also could be completely wrong!

correctiveboobs1 karma

My doctor said it was genetic and recommended I see a plastic surgeon since it bothered me a lot. She had another patient do the surgery (but a reduction) and feel much better. She examined me and I am done developing. Good question!

sporkasaurus1 karma

To be honest, it's nice to see someone being proactive about something they dislike, particularly in this kind of situation (where there is potentially a lot of stigma associated with breast implants). They looked fairly normal before hand, but congratulations and I'm sure you will enjoy the new you.

correctiveboobs3 karma

Thanks very much. I put a ton of thought into this decision, and I had a lot of people try to discourage me, but ultimately I think I made the right choice for me!

boomfarmer1 karma

What's a 'bralette'? I have little knowledge of women's undergarments.

correctiveboobs1 karma

It's an unlined, wireless bra. It's not meant to be super supportive, it's just very comfortable. Usually you pull it on over the head. It's usually made of soft lace or cotton.

techandchess1 karma

Looked better then a lot of boobs pre-surgery, but you're REALLY looking like a knockout post-op. Nice!

correctiveboobs1 karma

Thanks so much :) I definitely have gone from pear shape to hourglass. Luckily I'm fairly tall and have hips so the size, while bigger than I planned, doesn't look terribly unnatural when I'm clothed.

possumpaws1 karma

I had a breast reduction 6 years ago, and it was the best thing I ever did. I hope this gives you as much confidence as I got! From what I understand, implants need to be redone every 10 years or so. Is this true, and if so, are you starting to save funds now for that? What happens if you can't afford to have them redone? Is it still possible to have the silicone removed so that you don't have a health risk?

correctiveboobs4 karma

Thanks so much, and congrats on your breast reduction. My sister is considering one. She's a tiny little thing but a 32DDD, probably bigger if she would get measured properly. They don't need to be replaced unless there's a complication or rupture. The rupture rate at 10 years is only 10% or so, and it increases each year from there. Usually people have to get them replaced because of capsular contracture, where scar tissue hardens around the implant. So I could have these in for 1 year or 30, it all depends. I do plan on saving up money from my job when I am out university for revisions etc. Luckily if anything happens while I'm still in college, my parents will lend me the money.

possumpaws2 karma

Tell your sister to go for it (and from what I've heard, recovery is smoother than implants, too)! Thanks for the response! Wishing you several decades of health and happiness with your new chest!

correctiveboobs6 karma

Thanks so much, I will pass that on to her!

LaronX0 karma

Did you ask the doc if was smart to do that in your age?

Sure you feeling comfy in your body is 1# but you are still growing wich means you could end up with 2 diffren sized boobs just the other way around. Did they check for the possibilty of that?

correctiveboobs2 karma

Great question. I was really concerned about that. I had my gyno and family doctor examine me and they both confirmed I was done developing. If they change at all, they'll both get slightly bigger from things like weight gain, pregnancy, or birth control, but proportionally the difference will be the same between them.

Shibalba8050 karma

Have you ever thought it would be like 2 sets of Boobs in one package? Hmm tonight I want a smaller boob. Next day, I want a slightly larger breast, wait no, I had a good time last night.

correctiveboobs1 karma

haha, well that's the kind of thing that made me feel self-conscious actually. Some women say their SO loves the variety.

thirdrail690 karma

First of all, I would like to thank you for posting pictures of your breasts without even being asked, indeed of your own initiative. The internet salutes you!

Personally I think they looked fine. At your age though I can see how they may have affected your self image only because guys at that age can be ignorant assholes. They're perky and nicely shaped. If it helps your self confidence though, all the power to you.

correctiveboobs1 karma

Thanks. I did love their shape and perkiness, I lucked out on that front. Just not the size difference. Guys can unintentionally be assholes, yes, but it was also clothing and bra issues that seemed to compound the issue. Also, I personally didn't like the way they looked, so it was that, too. Thanks for your good wishes!