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It's the Warsaw Convention of 1929, not the Warsaw Pact of 1955. Much more benevolent!

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I think there is a difference between the kind of person who can commit a murder, and the kind who can hire it done.

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I don't see how Gamblers Anonymous will help me right now.

It won't help you right now.

But someday, all this will pass. Somehow, you'll get this debt behind you, make up with your fiancée, get back on track.

And then, unless you have made some very basic changes, you'll go through it all again.

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But not as good in bed.


+72 for an "I slept with your mom and your dog" joke? Seriously? I didn't think it was particularly funny and I wrote it.

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Radio-opaque sponge (that show up on X-rays) have been available since the 1970's. There's a nurse who's detailed to count the sponges. And it still happens.