I work for the MLB, WNBA, NBA G-League in-house and I work NHL and NBA for different networks. I got to film an NFL preseason game this season which got my foot in the door to join the union so I could work NHL and NBA games. I work as a utility and a camera operator but I had the opportunity to go into the Washington Capitals locker room pre and post game and got to help hold cables for the camera operator interviewing Alex Ovechkin.

I got to work the Caps game the day Ovi scored 801 and 802 goals, I got to film him arriving to the stadium the day after he scored 800 goals. I also had the opportunity to stand on the Caps ice during the National Anthem with the camera operator, I linked the picture below that I took

I just graduated college in April and I have gotten to work for so many teams and I am incredibly thankful for my opportunities.

proof of job

some of my work (Harvard Howard college football game)

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Technical-Bhurji484 karma

How did you get into the field(no pun intended) I suppose the work has some sort of apprenticeship program?

eiileenie844 karma

I got into the field because of college! I took a sports cinematography class fall 2019 and the course was taught by an NFL Films cinematographer and he mentored me and told me in 2019 that I had potential to work in the NFL and not even three years later I got to work a preseason game!

salsanacho107 karma

What kind of money can you make doing that job? Is it moderately stable where once you get your foot in the door, the work is pretty consistent?

eiileenie325 karma

So you can make bank if you work a lot but just starting out, I’m only working NHL and NBA if someone calls out and they need someone last minute. The work is consistent once you aren’t just starting out. I have many jobs now because I don’t want to be out of work so I do a mix of corporate events when I’m not working sports

Inthewoodlands115 karma

“Making bank” varies dramatically from one person to another.

eiileenie156 karma

No yeah I know lol but going from making $9 an hour in college to where I am now is definitely a large difference and I’m really proud of myself

Inthewoodlands102 karma

You should be, but people are just wondering what it pays since you brought it up. How much do you get paid per hour?

eiileenie263 karma

Some jobs I get $50 an hour one I get $45 an hour and another I get $29 an hour so theres a difference depending where you work more

Embryonico9 karma

Do you get enough hours at those rates?

eiileenie21 karma

Not all the time I have to work other jobs as well

Caca-creator18 karma

Had the potential meaning you were highly skilled?

Were there job interviews, or did networking with him help?

I'm not trying to make it sound like you aren't deserving of your opportunities or anything, just curious.

eiileenie76 karma

Yes! He told me I was one of the best in the class and that year I also won most improved in tech crew for an organization that I did

Networking in general helped, he definitely was a huge stepping stone on getting where I am today but I just met the right people

Anon_y_mous12 karma

What school did you go to if you don't mind me asking?

eiileenie69 karma

I went to Ohio University and majored in Integrated Media and specialized in Video Production

shabamon10 karma

Go Bobcats! Fellow alum. You mentioned above an NFL Films cinematographer taught one of your courses. I have an idea who that was.

eiileenie10 karma

He was an amazing mentor and has helped get me to where I am today and I will forever be thankful that I got to take that class and change the course of my career

__sonder__14 karma

NFL Films does amazing work. That sounds like the best class ever.

eiileenie8 karma

It was an amazing class and I am very thankful for the opportunities that it gave me. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I wasn’t offered that class in an email two weeks before the semester began

2313499232 karma

How do you track the action? Is there any tips or tricks to keep your framing while in motion?

eiileenie397 karma

A LOT of it is instinct and anticipating whats going to happen. A big trick is to give your subject lead room and give them space ahead of them when they are running. You get used to fluidly moving the camera with the motions of the game (I just edited in a YouTube link of my work)

audible_narrator175 karma

THIS ALL DAY. I run the truck for ESPN events and the number of times I have had to tell cam.ops to stay ahead of the ball/action...

That is 90% of it.

eiileenie116 karma

Thank you that means a lot hearing you say that! I’m very grateful to have the gift of framing because the game just makes perfect sense and I can make it look good for a replay shot

stockingsandbonds26 karma

How well do you know the gameplay of the various sports you cover? I would imagine that it would be harder if you haven't seen much before.

Especially hockey. That mf puck flies

eiileenie38 karma

I know football, baseball, and hockey really well because I grew up watching those sports mostly. I never was a basketball fan before I started shooting it so I knew almost nothing when I first started but I still find it hard to follow the puck or ball when it goes faster than 100 mph

ameddin7311 karma

Does it feel like a lot of pressure for baseball and hockey? I can never see the puck/ball. And in football/basketball are you nervous about getting faked out? Do you think you could follow a golf ball?

eiileenie12 karma

So I haven’t really done a main camera for baseball because I don’t film the game for baseball I do hero camera but it’s difficult trying to follow the ball off the bat

Football I’m not nervous in getting faked out because I can tell when it’s happening

shortandproud10285 karma

I love how confident you sound. You know your stuff and aren’t overly modest about it.

Sky is the limit, and I hope my daughter turns out this way!!

eiileenie3 karma

This made me smile thank you so much! I hope your daughter gets to follow her passion as well

venuswasaflytrap79 karma

Have you ever filmed more eclectic sports? I'm a fencer myself, and whenever we get professional coverage, I often wonder who is the person filming.

eiileenie106 karma

I’ve never filmed anything else besides the “basic” sports but I did a horse jumping event one day and it was very different

GandalfSwagOff149 karma

I've seen you in r/newyorkmets

I like the pictures you've posted for us there! Are you gonna be doing any more Mets game this coming year?

eiileenie130 karma

Hey you’re the dancing eyeball dude!

I will be doing more mets games HOPEFULLY for broadcast this summer! I want to tell Gary that I actually am working for them this time. I just need them to come to DC and they need to put me on the schedule

ikbeneengans112 karma

Are there camera jobs that are considered more difficult or more prestigious? Like certain positions in the field or interviews?

eiileenie167 karma

I would say working a jib rig is more difficult + it makes more money this is the rig

I also think handheld camera work is harder because its more physical labor and you have to be in shape

tomdarch45 karma

Anyone interested should look up what’s involved in being a steadi cam operator. Pretty specialized and can be physically difficult.

raoulduke1232 karma

I was a steadicam operator for 12 years, including for nfl films when the rams were still in St. Louis.

I highly recommend NOT getting into steadicam op work lol. I have permanent nerve damage in my left thigh and my knees are pretty shot now.

It was fun though! Just not a lifetime career path.

eiileenie4 karma

Wow how did you get permanent nerve damage in your thigh from that?

JudgeJuryJncos7 karma


eiileenie14 karma

I swear its a whole ass workout I was sore for a week after I did a day of handheld it felt like I just went to the gym

KeberUggles21 karma

looking at some of those 'proof' pictures, you made it look so weightless hahaha. nice to see some female representation in a field where I (f) assumed most behind the camera were men

eiileenie11 karma

Thank you so much!

-Paramount52 karma

Golf and the main camera for hockey are the two most difficult positions to work. Following a golf ball 300+ yards in the air takes a lot of practice.

_oscar_goldman_50 karma

I've heard golf cameras invert the colors on the viewfinder because it's easier to track a black blip on dark orange than it is to track a white blip on light blue.

cutratestuntman29 karma

They crank the contrast of the viewfinder so it’s a bright white target on a dark background. At least that’s what they did 20 years ago when I was a utility for the PGA championship when some old guy drank my Gatorade and offered to trade me nudie mags for my press pass.

eiileenie13 karma

I heard they still do that but that’s hilarious

jumpup91 karma

what are the downsides you wouldn't notice/realize unless you worked as an operator?

eiileenie235 karma

Overtime SUCKSSS you can’t go to the bathroom during the game if you are working the network camera you have to drink as little water as you can pregame so you don’t have to pee often

_Driftwood_57 karma

lol- as a sometime sports photographer- YES. I did shoot a MAC college football game and in OT, they line up at the 25 yd line (or 20, not sure) and each get a chance to score. that was kind of fun.

eiileenie39 karma

Ayyy I went to a school in the MAC go bobcats!

No but I never got to shoot an overtime OU football game cause they were so bad last year

Raisin_Bomber40 karma

Tell me about it. I was on cam for the Texas A&M LSU 7OT banger.

There was much clenching that game. Thankfully we were only stadium board crew, not TV, so I could dip for a few moments

eiileenie18 karma

Thats what I like about doing in house for baseball games I hate when I don’t have time during breaks cause we are the ones that have to film the fans but they let me lock my camera so I can go to the bathroom quickly

MightyMrFish85 karma

Do you ever pretend the camera is a rocket launcher or some bizarre sci-fi weapon and you're fighting off space aliens? Cause the one time I used a large camera that's the first thing I did.

eiileenie138 karma

Honestly I never have had that thought before but working the big box lens cameras for the first time I was absolutely terrified on breaking it cause the lens is $250,000

DandyLullaby17 karma

Haha, for my job i have build soooo many of them by now i don’t care what they cost anymore :’) Once you unload a LSM machine out an OB truck you think a lens is peanuts! Funny to read how different and yet the same the industry is EU vs VS ^ Good luck at the jobs! And may the cables be short and untangled!

eiileenie16 karma

I hate tangled cables more than life itself hahaha I’ve been doing a lot of utility work and I’ve had it get so tangled before it stresses me out when I can’t give the camera operator much slack on the court for a halftime interview

DandyLullaby14 karma

You should try festivals where singers decide to jump in the crowd… and operators decide to follow… great cable management skill required :p I now work as the RF camera tech. Doing short range (steadicam set-up) and long range (cycling races: moto cam, heli and airplane tech.) You would think RF needs less cables…. It does’t :(

eiileenie12 karma

I’m gonna cry now I’m working as an RF Tech for a GOLF event in March and I’ve never done this before and all I hope is that someone will be teaching me and giving me hands on experience with guidance on some things (I can over under very well but not as fast as others)

sneeps76 karma

How much are you pulling a year? What union are you in?

eiileenie130 karma

I am in the IATSE local union and I honestly have no idea how much I make a year, I am not on salary. I am technically a part time/freelancer so I am hourly/10 hour day rate + overtime if its longer than 10 hours

sneeps58 karma

Also, do you get crafty and/or catering or do you have to bring your own lunch?

eiileenie110 karma

Depends on the job. For network, I will always get fed. For in-house baseball, I get an allowance and I can buy the vendor food with the nats bucks and in-house basketball I have to bring my own food or eat before or after

sneeps22 karma

So how much is the hourly rate for your designation? I'm sure it can be found online in the master agreement

eiileenie60 karma

It depends on what position I work but mostly network gigs go off a 10 hour flat rate. My in-house jobs get paid hourly and one is 29 an hour and the other is 45 an hour

The_Running_Free4 karma

How do you file taxes without knowing your income?

eiileenie13 karma

I work like 7 jobs and I have a bunch of W-2s and 1099s that I’ll have to file for

EileenSuki60 karma

Hi fellow Eileen! What work are you the most proud of doing? And what would you like to do in the future, any sports games or outside of that?

eiileenie119 karma

I am really proud of myself when I worked my first NFL game because the director told me I was doing a really good job. I also filmed my first NHL game the other week and the director said “good job eileen you did really well” and it made me really happy because that was my first full game of filming hockey.

I am working a huge event coming up in March for golf and I get to travel to Florida for a week and I am really excited

watthehale1422 karma

I feel like filming the tee shots and long range approach shots will be hard. I'm sure you'll have a blast though, good luck!

eiileenie26 karma

I’m not the one filming it in March I’m assisting but I look forward to learning how to film golf

twoerd48 karma

Being new to the job, do you feel like you make a lot of "anticipation" mistakes? like when you are trying to follow the play and you are panning to follow a player or the puck but then you misread the play and are suddenly following nothing.

Which sports are easier/harder to film?

eiileenie73 karma

YES it happens all the time. I was filming basketball on Friday and I was the game camera and I lost the ball for a solid few seconds but I found it and thankfully I still had the ball in frame.

Basketball and football are really easy to film in my opinion and hockey and baseball are a lot more difficult.

NeverEnufWTF47 karma

I have all the camera skills of an 8yo riding a skateboard inside a rolling tympani drum, so: how much do you rely on anti-shake tech vs your natural ability to move smoothly?

eiileenie48 karma

I’m honestly not sure how much anti shake tech is used but I’ve gotten used at moving the camera smoothly and same with zooming in and out

petitechapardeuse3 karma

gonna sound like a bone headed question, but how do you control the zoom? is it manual like turning the lens or is it robotically/electronically controlled?

eiileenie2 karma

So theres a zoom control on the tripod arm that you connect to the camera and you just use your thumb to control

natsak49129 karma

Thanks for the work you all do so we can watch the games. How did you get started in this industry?

eiileenie48 karma

Thank you!

I got started in the industry because of college and the opportunities I had to practice and learn. I went to Ohio University and my sophomore year fall 2019 I took a sports cinematography class and I got most improved in tech crew in the organization I joined to film high school football

My senior year (junior year was covid year) I got to film my colleges sports and I made connections there and it helped out of college after I graduated

fosiacat26 karma

ok the only sport I like and watch is hockey. I find that the camera often has a really hard time following the puck. are you folks watching/following the puck or are you hockey fans that know to follow where the play is going/where the people are looking?

eiileenie30 karma

So most camera operators for hockey do other sports as well as hockey and most operators try to look outside the viewfinder to see approximately where the puck is.

PaddyPat1214 karma

Do the pucks have microchips in them that show up on your display, sort of like what is shown in this clip?

Thanks for answering questions. I love to find out how things work.

eiileenie13 karma

I haven’t worked a box camera hockey game yet (I did booth camera where I had it go for a beauty shot) but I didnt get a larger monitor and had to see out a tiny viewfinder but that clip was super cool I’ve never seen anything like that but it would be super helpful for identifying players quickly

mercurly22 karma


eiileenie50 karma

I want to stay as a camera operator because I love being the one capturing the shot thats being broadcasted. I feel super prideful of my work and it makes me feel fulfilled when my shots are being used on the broadcast. I like doing utility at times because I get paid to watch the game.

I feel really accepted by my coworkers, they have taken me under their wing and they want me to succeed. I work hard to prove myself that I’m a hard worker and I care about what I’m doing

MeursaultWasGuilty20 karma

Which is the most challenging sport to film and why?

eiileenie46 karma

I would say hockey is really challenging and so is baseball. You can lose the ball/puck super easily because it travels 100+ mph sometimes. You have to have an instinct for it

4K_VCR19 karma

From what I can tell, one of the main differences between broadcast operating and traditional operating is that in broadcast you’re pulling your own focus. Is there much opportunity to practice operating/focus pulling outside of work or is it all on the job?

eiileenie34 karma

I had the opportunity to practice a bit in college when we broadcasted our games to espn+ but I haven’t noticed pulling my own focus to be an issue when I’m working different sports. There is opportunity to practice pregame when they are warming up

Exeunter17 karma

OK I always wondered, in sports like hockey and golf, how the hell do operators relocate and track the ball when the view is so tight that it zips off the frame in like 0.01 seconds? Are you guys using a wider view with framing guides or something?

eiileenie38 karma

So what I have heard from more experienced operators is that they invert the colors so that the ball/puck stand out and is easier to track. For example golf they would make it black and hockey they would make the ice dark and the puck white

Pylgrim15 karma

How many times per day you get to hear someone saying "Come on Eileen" with the smile of someone go thinks themselves very clever?

eiileenie24 karma

Not related to sports or anything but when I had tinder I heard so many come on eileen pickup lines

I heard some gross and some amazing but my favorite Eileen joke I ever heard is:

“Your name is what happens when you italicize I”

Because I

scrubtekke12 karma

Who scans the crowd for look a likes and fun spectators? Is that part of the job?

eiileenie18 karma

Thats the in-house crew that does that for lookalikes but the camera operator looks for fun fans

Goldfing11 karma

Bit of an inside baseball question (pun...eh, never mind), but I sometimes volunteer with local sports in my town so this thread is really interesting to me. In your experience, which video production software is most used? Tricaster? Livetext? Do you have any tips for other cam ops?

Thank you - and go Caps. :)

eiileenie19 karma

Tricaster is used quite frequently, I don’t work in the truck or control room so I am not super familiar with the software I apologize I can’t answer your question fully!

My tip to other camera operators is to NETWORK yourself on social media. I got my first job through a facebook group crew call and I got a huge job through LinkedIn

declantee11 karma

Is there any sort of additional training for NBA court side camera operators in regards to players potentially colliding with you when scrambling for a loose ball?

eiileenie16 karma

If there is I don’t know about it they just threw me in and said good luck

Jk but they did just say be careful

porterbrown11 karma

Do you have to lug and setup equipment? Do you find being a female puts you at any physical disadvantages?

eiileenie25 karma

We have a push cart that we pile equipment on and push. I do find physical disadvantages, I am five foot four and I cannot reach some things cause I am too short and require help. I always ask for help setting up the box camera lens because it is over 50 pounds and costs around $250,000

charlie_xavier9 karma

Grats on working the 801/802 game! Did you get to meet Joe B and Locker?

eiileenie16 karma

Yes! I got to meet them they are very friendly and understanding!

I embarrassed myself because there was some miscommunication from directions that I was told versus what was actually happening and it pissed me off that nobody told me they didn’t have a hit during first intermission and their second intermission hit was the third segment

I was working utility last Tuesday when this happened its still fresh on my mind

charlie_xavier3 karma

don't quite understand what that means or how it was embarrassing...? is a hit like an on can appearance? did you show up to shoot them first int?

eiileenie10 karma

Just I got embarrassed because nobody told me what was going on

A hit is an on camera appearance for the announcers. I showed up to turn on a light but I was wrong but they were very understanding

YourReactionsRWrong8 karma

You ever thought about being on the field where the action is, with a camera on the shoulder? Similar to this guy running alongside and beating Olympic runners

eiileenie7 karma

My jaw dropped watching that tbh if I were to do anything like that I have to take working out seriously and work my arms, core, and shoulder

I love being on the field but I am five foot four and I am terrified of getting knocked over and either breaking a bone or the camera thats my greatest fear

shiffmeister8 karma

If you could do your line of work for a fictional sport, which would you choose and why? (Cool photos btw!)

eiileenie8 karma

Thats a tough question I will try to get back with an answer if I can think of one!

AudiRennSport56 karma

Isn't the answer quite obviously Quidditch?

eiileenie7 karma

That was my first thought but I’m not sure it would be easy to film the golden snitch is really fast and small!

westbamm7 karma

Super cool job.

Do you follow the game or a certain player or a certain area of the field? Or whatever it is that the director yells you to shoot?

What is the natural direction to grow/climb for camera operators? Is it the edit room, or literally calling the shots?

eiileenie20 karma

Hi! So basically, each camera for network is given assignments and you have your certain positions that you need to do. Sometimes the director does yell at you to shoot a specific player but they’ll take whatever shot gets them what they need first.

Most camera operators stay operators cause thats what they love to do but some people move up in positions in the truck. They give you an opportunity to shadow positions at times which I’m very grateful for.

lagunaisacoolguy6 karma

Any favorite NBA moments while shooting games? Also, any favorite interactions with pro athletes?

eiileenie10 karma

I got to see someone who was a basketball player at my college and graduated the same time as me on the clippers NBA team and he still had his college bagtag on his backpack which made me really happy

UgandanWarlord6 karma

How much camera knowledge does your job utilize ? Like are you messing with the settings before a shoot? And are you left to your own devices when operating, or is there some kind of communication with other cam ops?

eiileenie10 karma

The truck mostly takes care of the settings on your camera you are responsible for focusing, zooming in and out, and back focusing your camera.

Foxbat1005 karma

I'm usually late to these! When the TV switches to those in-crowd shots of famous people, the mascot etc. is that something someone upstairs actually requests or do you just have some time to loiter around point at things you're checking out, and someone switches to that angle to fill time? Cool job!

eiileenie6 karma

So in regards to famous people, we have a heads up from the director where we have to shoot so they can acknowledge them on tv/the scoreboard

AFull_Commitment5 karma

I notice in your 7th photo, one of your legs appears to be slightly longer than the other. How many times have you been told this joke, or asked why are your pictures askew?

Given it is a job, I imagine it is pretty difficult to enjoy a game because you have to focus on capturing the action over enjoying it. Does it dampen your enthusiasm for sports outside of work?

eiileenie13 karma

I have heard many jokes regarding my name it doesn’t help that theres a song named Come on Eileen

I have adhd so I am really good at focusing on the game but I will ALWAYS dance at my camera if theres a song I like

It doesn’t dampen my enthusiasm it actually heightens it. I have been watching so many more games on tv and I analyze it and try to imagine what the director is saying on the headset. I actually have the bengals ravens game playing on my iPad and the jets dolphins game playing on the tv while I type this

Lockerroom_dischord3 karma

jets dolphins game playing on the tv

That's brutal.

As a camera operator, does the quality of the game impact your day? I've got to think stadium energy makes it more fun, but I've never had professional duties during a big game.

E: Just noticed that I watched that Maryland football game. Boiler Up!

And thanks for the work you do.

eiileenie6 karma

Yes the quality of the game affects my day depending on what happened.

It would be nice if the baseball team I work for was better I bet the energy would be great then

I can’t believe my shot was the controversial offsides blocked kick

chase985845 karma

Do they provide benefits such has health insurance?

eiileenie3 karma

In the union I believe they do but you have to work a lot to get good benefits

suttonsboot5 karma

Have you heard of Dexys Midnight Runners?

eiileenie4 karma

Lol yes I know

They played come on Eileen on new years eve at the hockey game and it was very funny hearing it at work


In NFL games, how do you know which player to follow on a hand off (which are so frequently faked)?

eiileenie4 karma

Instinct tbh. I just know the game I can tell where the ball is. Sometimes its given on the way they stand

Kitchen-Hamster-15034 karma

Is the NFL scripted?

eiileenie7 karma

As a biased jets fan yes the refs rig the game

As a camera operator, this is an entertainment industry and the people in charge just want people to be entertained (and want their money for gambling)

InDankWeTrust4 karma

Do you enjoy getting paid to watch live hockey games in person?

I enjoy watching live hockey for free on my tv, getting paid to do it in person sounds like the dream.

eiileenie5 karma

Yes! The environment has been wild and I want to work more games soon its been so much fun and I fell in love with hockey again

stingrayerr4 karma

What's the dream in 10 years, career and personal-wise?

eiileenie3 karma

Filming major sporting events and getting to travel more for work

Personal wise in 10 years is hopefully I will be living in same area that I grew up in because the DC area is such a great market for what I want to do

Goesdownlikeh20_694 karma

So who decides to switch in between different cameras and video feeds, like the distance from the entire field to a close up of an individual player?

eiileenie3 karma

The director! Theres usually another person who is the technical director who physically switches the shots and add in the graphics.

ugh1684 karma

I just want to say congrats on being in a wonderful industry. I work in film and television production in my area and have done NHL shoots in the past. It also helped me get in my union.

Also just wondering what union are you in? IATSE?

eiileenie5 karma

Thank you so much!

Yes, I am in IATSE I got in because I worked an NFL preseason game with NBC Sports Washington in August and I finally got initiated in October

AncientSumerianGod3 karma

I never see these in time, but if you're still paying attention, do you have any plans to move into the truck and be a TD or director?

eiileenie3 karma

No I like being the one filming more than I want to be a director or TD I have a video camera tattoo on my ankle that I got in college

Funtopolis3 karma

Hey another utility/camera operator! I thought I was the only one on Reddit. Congrats on all the work; sports seems very hectic to me, I work in news. Are you NABET or IATSE?

eiileenie4 karma

I’m in IATSE but I love working sports I thrive in chaos

PlebS143 karma

This is the field I’d love to get into at some point (23y but currently live somewhere with no televised pro sports), since there are usually many camera operators on the field, do you get tasked with tracking something specific during each game?

eiileenie6 karma

So many of the camera operators on the field belong to different companies (news, nfl films, network) but yes you are tasked specific things but you have to sell your shot to the director so they take it

HarrietTubDan3 karma

I'm sorry if it's already been asked and answered, but I'm also a live sports camera operator and I have 2 companies that work me fairly frequently, but I'm still having trouble keeping a full schedule of work. I'm making enough to get by currently, but just barely.

Do you have any recommendations on how to get more work short of networking while I'm at games?

Are there any websites you can recommend for freelance camera work?

Thank you!

eiileenie3 karma

Hey! I recommend joining Lasso its a freelance company that sometimes gets you some work and helps you make connections for more freelance jobs

I also recommend joining the facebook page crew call I hope that helps!!

Digital-Bionics3 karma

Have you ever had to turn to your phone to capture images?

eiileenie7 karma

Always lmaoooo here is an example of my camera roll


NLJeroen3 karma

So, today I was watching some ice skating on tv. Basically dozens of laps around the rink. Camera operators can’t continously follow them, the wires would get tangled and you’d get dizzy I suppose.

When do you know it’s okay to pan back for the next pass of the athletes? Does the director tell you? Or do they just pick the next camera and always have one on screen that’s tracking the athletes?

eiileenie3 karma

Hey! I guarantee that there were some hard cameras there (large box lens cameras on a heavy duty tripod) here is an example, second pic is the tripod head itself

Theres usually multiple cameras shooting the same thing so they would switch between angles with whichever shot looks best

bball7083 karma

What’s the funniest thing you have caught someone doing on camera that would be embarrassing?

eiileenie6 karma

Omg over the summer I caught someone eating nachos and we put them on the jumbotron and they noticed and just kept eating faster me and everyone over the headset was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe

Burnin83 karma

I've always wondered about the special camera systems that can render lines or numbers on the field/court/rink or track and highlight the hockey puck:

Do you have to be careful not to move/bump/jerk the camera to hard so as to misalign the markings?

eiileenie3 karma

They impose that in the truck just dont do anything stupid when youre live and youre set

Blu3_w4ff1es3 karma

Do you think Ovi will do it?

eiileenie3 karma

Yes I do and its crazy that I got to be at so many games where he scored multiple goals each game it was wild!

When he got a hat trick on new years eve, I got to see them cart all the hats off the ice

LifeguardStatus76493 karma

I'm probably late to this but what did you do in high school to prep yourself for university and this career? I have a 14yo son who wants to be in sports media - I want to give him some good advice and help him find the path.

Great AMA, thanks for doing it

eiileenie3 karma

I took a professional television productions class in high school and i took that class for two years

SpaceNex3 karma

What's the most expensive camera you've worked with?

eiileenie3 karma

I have to work with a camera that has a lens worth $250,000 https://i.imgur.com/493ataH.jpg

buddyleeoo3 karma

What has been your favorite shot or moment so far?

eiileenie10 karma

Thats tough but I had a great time working the booth camera for the Winnipeg Jets and I got to listen to the Director and announcer call a historic moment live (Alex Ovechkin scoring 802 goals to make him the second person in NHL history to do that)

icanseeuseeingme2 karma

Have you thought about any drone camera work?

eiileenie2 karma

Yes it seems like a lot of fun

thelongernow2 karma

Do you do any narrative/documentary work outside of sports work? Anything in particular you like to film/work on?

eiileenie2 karma

I mostly just do live events currently whether it be in sports or corporate events livestreaming events. I mostly am watching games so I can take notes on things I could do better

PmMeWifeNudesUCuck2 karma

What kind of film work would you like to do outside of sports? How do the skills you've learned in that space translate to other film work? How are they different?

eiileenie7 karma

So I also do corporate events and its a lot slower paced but working in sports has given me the ability to be more patient and focus better. I would like to work big network events as a camera operator one day

benisnotapalindrome2 karma

Would you like to film Olympic events?

eiileenie3 karma

Yes it would be so cool! I work with camera operators who filmed the olympics and it was so cool getting to talk to them about their experience with major sporting events

CDawgbmmrgr22 karma

Do you have a Shaq story?

eiileenie9 karma

I got to meet Keith Hernandez when the Mets came to DC one day and I got a picture with him and Gary Cohen


theothermen1 karma

Have other cameramen warned to stay away from one player in particular?

eiileenie2 karma

I personally haven’t heard of anything but I’m sure there’s something out there

wittyuser241 karma

How many sudden deaths have you witnessed on the playing field during your tenure as a professional sports camera operator?

eiileenie2 karma

If you’re referring to Monday, I actually know someone who was a camera operator on that espn crew in cincy and shes the one that got me into the industry and I can’t even imagine what she saw that wasn’t broadcasted to tv

redldr11 karma

Is it "whip pan" or "pan whip" ?

eiileenie1 karma

I do not have an answer for you but pan whip sounds more fluid to me

StNic541 karma

What kind of per diem do you get? I know camera ops have a strong per diem game.

eiileenie1 karma

$17 per game for baseball and I’m not sure how much it is for hockey and basketball but I do get a meal everyday

I’m doing a golf event in march for a week in florida and I think the per diem is $57 per day

StNic542 karma

Ok, when I worked with NBC sports cam ops a decade ago, they were getting $80/day per diem traveling 200+ days a year.

eiileenie2 karma

I’m working as an RF Tech for NBC Sports coming up in March but I assume a camera operator would be getting a lot more than me

OddGoldfish1 karma

How do you get a good view of the action when there's something in the way of the camera but you can't move your feet to the left or the right?

eiileenie2 karma

So most of the time the cameras are up in the stands on a platform or in a secluded place so theres not much of an issue with things getting in the way

OddGoldfish3 karma

Thank you so much for a serious answer to what was a silly question. The answer I was fishing for was "Eileen".
Do you get to input in where the camera is generally positioned, or do you have to work with whatever you're given?

eiileenie2 karma

Omg hahaha I usually am on top of Eileen jokes but I’m in the focused on job mindset so I didn’t even realize

We just have to work with what we are given, there are set positions where the broadcast cameras have to go

lordlemming1 karma

If you had to choose a piece of camera equipment to protect yourself in fight to the death, which would you pick?

eiileenie1 karma

I do not have an answer for you I have never thought about this before

GSturges1 karma

How does it pay?

eiileenie1 karma

It can be great pay but you have to work a lot

InGenNateKenny0 karma

Wizards fan here. I think I’ve seen you on the sidelines before - I got nice seats. Or maybe I’m making it up. Next game I’ll take a look for you. One of my neighbors, longtime classmate, recent college graduate, who does film for a nice D1 school, and he always speaks highly of this stuff. Very cool for you to do.

While it’s cool, I must ask, do you ever get bored filming games? I’ve seen a lot of bad Wizards games over the years, and I know I get bored watching them. Also, have you gotten hit or run over yet? I have seen many a poor camera person get bulldozed.

eiileenie1 karma

I will be working the wizards game on Friday this week for the Knicks but I am not sure I will be on the court!

I do get bored easily. I film the Nats and its long and boring but the conversations over the headsets make me laugh and entertain me. The music also helps when its good

OmgOgan-4 karma


eiileenie5 karma

I cannot get free tickets for anything