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What's the hardest class for you?

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Have you been to the Indiana Dunes yet? If so, how is it?

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Hey! Paleontology rocks! I have a Megalodon tooth back home the size of my palm of my hand (do palms include fingers? I am not?), and I always in awe of it. I'd like to believe in a different life I'd be studying it formally.

My question is: what part of the world do you think has the most untapped potential for fossils? I imagine it might be China, but I'd like to hear what your professional opinion. (also, bonus question, what does "Sant" in your title mean? Is that a name?) Thanks!

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I watched many of your videos in religion class in high school. How does it feel to have a vast reach through different kinds of media?

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What do you think of the name "Dorian"? I think it's awful.