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Twista worked at a call center i worked at way back in the day. People would always talk about that. I remember my sup would tell me he used to try hitting on her saying he was gonna make it big, but she was like yeah right lol

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Yeah he did leave stuff for his trip back. I heard him on a radio interview or podcast and he said he experienced pure joy when he found a candy bar or something on his way back. It was a great story!

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Ill never understand this with small restaurants or breweries or shops. They go outta business if people dont go there. It wont be your secret next year when it closes down.

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The girl who worked as a private chef on super yachts was a good one!

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Can you shed any light on that plastic pollution? I’ve read a few things stating that most of plastic pollution in oceans is actually from fishing crews and equipment than it is the bottle of soda i just threw away.