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thelongernow14 karma

2 part question:

What would you say to doc filmmakers trying to find a good story to follow and get involved with? I’ve been trying to start with smaller projects, but would hope to get more involved with a long term or feature length project at some point. Just haven’t been able to find any great starting points.

Have you ever had a project you wanted to work on so badly but it just fell apart, for one reason or another? What did you do to learn from that?

thelongernow3 karma

For sure! I didn’t mean to generalize a story to be some big piece. I usually prefer slice of life approaches with story telling and letting others do their thing.

I’m over in Chicago so narrative/commercial stuff is dead in the water right now. Been trying to find individuals/groups to help with my work/tools. Usually the best stories unfold on their own and it’s always a pleasant surprise to be there when those surprises happen.

I appreciate your advice! I only hope for the best for your future work and success!